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GG: “Can we dare believe? Queen B and Lonely Boy doing the deed? Even I have to admit it’s a novel idea.”
DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 5.04 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan

“Ulysses S. Grant”

Graphite on toned-tan paper, 2016.

Love of My Life

My first Tig fic.  We’re going back awhile for Tig so he’s a little out of character maybe.  I hope you like it.

Warning: character death

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You were 18 when you first met Tig.  Alex, as you liked to call him, somehow stumbled into one of your ballet performances.  You were the understudy for Cinderella and the original Cinderella was hurt from yesterday’s performance so you took over.  He approached you after and told you how beautiful you were.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of his ocean blue eyes to see the leather and general bad boy vibes practically radiating off of his 21 year old body.  He asked you on a date and three nights later, you found yourself waiting outside of your house.  You could feel your body shaking as you had made sure your parents were asleep.  You wouldn’t be leaving with him if your dad saw him.  Your converse toe swiped back and forth across the dirt in the driveway.  He told you to wear a jacket and jeans and you quickly figure out why as one headlight flashed at the end of your driveway.
“Alex, is that a motorcycle?”  Your eyes widened, taking him in on his bike.  He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and blew the smoke away from you.
“Yeah, doll.  That ok?”  The smirk on his face showed that he knew it was ok.  You were excited and he could tell.
“I’ve never ridden one before.”
“Hop on.  Let’s pop that cherry, huh?”  He winked and held out his hand.  He tossed his cigarette on the ground as you slid your hand into his and hopped on behind him, gripping his waist tightly and smiling against his back as he took off down the road.

Three years later, Tig was taking you out for your first drink.  You were excited but anxious.  Tig was leaving for training tomorrow morning and tonight was the finale of your first performance as the lead.  The main lead for the nutcracker.  Your hair was so tight on the top of your head and your toes had bruised and swollen but it was worth it.  Tig wanted to celebrate your birthday and your role.  You wanted to drink away your worry.
As you laid in his arms that night, he whispered that he would make it home fine.
“I’ll be back before you know it.  We can go on a road trip together.  Finally go out to California like you always wanted.”  His lips moved against your forehead as he whispered into the dark.  The tips of his fingers moved up and down your naked arm.
“I’ll meet you at the airport.”  You kiss his chest and run your nails back and forth lightly on his chest.
“You better.”  He pulled you tighter to him.
“I love you, Alex.”
“I love you too, (Y/N).  Don’t forget that, ok?”  He nudged his head against yours.

You jump on your tippy toes, looking over the heads of all the other wives or girlfriends waiting for their men to get off the plane.  You see your man walking over to you, his usually wild curls were trimmed so short you almost didn’t recognize him but his blue eyes locked on you and you broke into a run.
“Alex!”  You feel your eyes tingle as you see his smile widen.
“Shit, (Y/N).”  His arms fly open to catch you as you jump up and wrap your arms around his neck.  
“God, I missed you so damn much.”  Your head is tucked into his neck as he twirls you in a circle.
“I missed you too, Doll.”  He sets you down and steps back to hold your face, “did you bring my bike?”
“Of course.”  You smile as you kiss his cheek.
“Let’s go for a ride, huh?”  He picks up his bag and grips your hand in his, the smile never leaving his face.
“I had mom and dad bring my car down while I drove your bike, so we can put your bag in my car.”
“Sounds great.”  Tig wraps his arm around you to pull you closer.  You both find your car and stuff his bag and his hat in the car and lock it.  He slides onto the bike as you sit on the back, wrapping yourself around him.  He starts the bike and drives out of the parking lot and down the highway.  After a half hour on the highway, Alex starts to lose control of the bike.  You grip him tighter as you feel the bike tilt.  You slide on the ground to the other side of the highway.

Tig screams from his place on the highway.  People stop around him and start to call 911 but he knows it’s no use.


80s Kylux AU -As you walk on by

This is bit of self indulgent post. I was talking on Twitter about how my Kylux 80’s AU ‘As you walk on by’ art here had taken on a life of its own. So I promised to write up the plot I had about it as it spans from the 80’s to the 90’s. Like in the art it starts in 1996, the era of great music, fun films and frankly bonkers fashion.

Hux joins the school as a transfer from England, right of the back of his father moving his company to the States. Not knowing bugger all about US High School etiquette the snooty, geeky mod lover clashes with surly, new age rocker and general bad boy Ben Solo. It’s punch up at first sight. Principal Lei Organa reads the both the riot act. fed up of her son always staring trouble she forces them to either attend detention every day for a month. Or Ben has to show Hux round the school and town. Ben reluctantly chooses the latter, dragging Hux off behind him trying to ignore the taunts of 'friending’ the 'posh boy’. They slowly get to know each other and discover there’s more to their facade than they think. Hux is mad on sci-fi and engineering, he’s always talking about the stars and how one day he’ll be up there. Ben loves art and fantasy and slowly they create their own little world. And even more slowly fall in love. Though being the 80’s that’s not so easy to admit. Ben has a crisis and in a panic asks his friend Phasma to the school dance. Hux is not at all happy and they fall out spectacularly. Ben realises he’s an idiot and misses Hux. The night before the Dance he invites Hux to the football field at night. Hux turns up but he’s a mess and still mad. Ben begs forgiveness saying he loves Hux. He gives Hux a present and it turns out to be a telescope he’d sold his art equipment to buy. Hux’s father broke his last one because he wants Hux to take over his company not waste his time on petty fancies. Hux is over the moon and sees how much Ben really means it. They make up and finally go to the dance together. Dancing to heaven ids a place on earth.

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Ok. I saw this prompt and could not resist.
I had to do it!

I like to think that Ichigo would be a bit of a softy. So he would sneak their kid the cookie. Unfortunately, his stealth skills are not that great. So he can never pull one over on Rukia. 

And yes, Rukia is pregnant and Ichigo is being protective. But not so much that he smothers her. He just can’t help himself, he worries. 

The curry thing I got from The Honey Dish Rhapsody. Plus, we all know Ichigo loves spicy food. So it was quite the risk, ignoring her rules. 

Poor Ichigo. 

The prompt is here: 

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Fandom: Fantastic Four

Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon: Hey!!! If you can, could you write a thing with Johnny Storm (2005 version please?) where he falls HARD for the reader, who works with Reed and Sue and reader just rolls her eyes and teases him back whenever infamous playboy Johnny flirts with her, and she’s nerdy and a little awkward and he loves to make her blush by casually grabbing her waist or whispering things in her ear and one day he just snaps and pins her to a wall and kisses her hard and asks her out and she says yes and fluff???

Note:I haven’t watched this movie in a long, long time…soooo I hope I got his character a okay. Also it’s an excuse to put Chris Evans’ naked torso on the blog again. 

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so my mh crashed a couple of weeks ago but i’ve spent the last couple of days try to pull myself back out of it. by default i isolate myself when it happens because - well —- when my mh gets bad its lash-out central so

anyway i was gently reminded that people really enjoy my writing so i’m working myself up to going back to that honestly.

So I got my newsie tag names

Davey - tol smol boi
Jack Kelly - i drink paint water
spot - ill beat you up
jojo - express delivery
katherine - king of new york
crutchie - my child
Oscar delancy/ mike faist in general - bad boi
pulitzer - Mr Krabs
Medda - mumma
Les - smol smol boi
racetrack - smokings bad kid
sepcs - ballet boi
albert - alberto
henry - hoover
finch - bird boi
romeo - where for art thou
mush - potatoes
Elmer - i can read
sniper - shooty shooty
smalls - smols
kid blink - blinky
enesmble/not in broadway but in ‘92 - honourary brooklyn

EDIT - I forgot sarah! (yes i know she’s only in the ‘92 but she needs a tag)

Sarah - queen of new york

EDIT 2 - i fucked up and left out a few people out

Morris Delancy - bad boi 2

Wiesel - Mr weasel

Bad Kitty || closed


Adrien Agreste had been a good person… had being the operative word. He had changed when his mother disappeared. His cold and seemingly unloving father hadn’t done anything for him, so Adrien did the only thing he could to protect himself, he’d turned cold to.

While his indifference was mostly an act he’d taken his rebellion to the extreme. He’d given himself an undercut and dyed his hair. He got piercings, first it was just his eyebrow, then his ears, his lip, and finally his tongue. His father had initially disapproved, but had used Adrien’s rebellion to remake his look. The clothes that Adrien had destroyed to became a new brand, which only resulted in further rebellion from Adrien. He snuck out, ditched school, took up smoking despite the health risks he was more than wary of. He hung out with “bad” kids, made bad decisions, and was in general a “bad boy.”

That didn’t change when his father revealed that he was a super-villain and gave him a powerful artifact called a miraculous. The exchange was simple; Gabriel Agreste would let his son have freedom, he could do anything he wanted, short of arson or murder, and Adrien would obey Hawkmoth’s commands as Chat Noir and get Ladybug’s miraculous.

Adrien hadn’t much cared about Ladybug or the akuma before, they were a distraction, a thrill sometimes, the idea of fighting Ladybug intrigued him, but not enough to be condemned to servitude. That was until Gabriel revealed that the combined Miraculous could bring his mother back. Underneath all the rebellion and indifference Adrien still missed his mother. He was still hurt by her disappearance and would do anything to get her back. so he took the ring.

He had trained, and he’d waited, he thought he was prepared, he thought it would be easy. He could have his life back to the way it was before, his mom back… or at least that was what he was thinking as he watched Ladybug fight the akuma, planning to attack the moment he saw an opportunity.

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Can you give us a BTS family tree for the vampire series? I'm kinda confused too

I’m sorry I haven’t been explaining it well guys but if it makes sense, Namjoon is the father vamp, the original vampire who was first before any of the others and he’s a couple thousand years old. The rest of Bangtan, excluding Seokjin, are his children that he’s turned from human to Vampire, but so are Got7. They are his children as well, all of them. Joo a hoe.

I’ll try to explain down below the names and ages, maybe it will help. Seokjin will not be included, since he’s full on human and just there for Joonie anyways.

Family Tree ,

• Namjoon ; Father of All ; 340,000 years old -

Namjoon was put on Earth the same time the first ever human’s were. He stayed alone pretty much until he fed the blood of himself to his first victim. He loves all his children really but. Jungkook so. and his niece. and Seokjin. he has three soft spots in his heart for them.

• Junior ; First Turn ; 2,800 years old -

Namjoon turned Junior way back when and froze his growth at age 22, he’s old af, he’s wise af. He’s personally been through everything possible, he’s seen it all and now nothing surprises him, so he just sits back ya know. Laid back vampire.

• Yoongi ; Second Turn ; 2,295 years old -

Yoongi was turned around the same time as Junior, a couple hundred years later when he was also 22. He old as hell, grumpy as hell, bitter as hell but also very smart. Another laid back Vamp who just likes to chill around.

• Jackson ; Third Turn ; 900 years old -

Jackson’s young compared to the others but still considered to be one of the smartest. He’s more energetic than his older brothers, likes to go out instead of laze around. He not only has a child to take care of but his younger brothers as well, he has to be sharp 24/7.

• Jaebum ; Fourth Turn ; 830 years old -

Because of their closeness in age, vampire years, Jaebum and Jackson like to stick together a lot more than the others. They go to each other for everything they need instead of anyone else, besides Namjoon.

• Youngjae ; Fifth Turn ; 400 years old -

Despite their huge jump in age difference, Youngjae and Yugyeom are always together, always fucking shit up. Youngjae teaches Yugyeom anything and everything he can that’s considered morally wrong, or just wrong in general. They bad boys in Vampire form.

• Hoseok ; Sixth Turn ; 330 years old -

Hoseok likes Yoongi. Yoongi’s the only other quiet one in the house and they can work out together and go on blood runs together without any obnoxious arguing from the twins or whining from Jungkook. He was bitten by Namjoon, which makes him only half vampire.

• BamBam ; Seventh Turn ; 18 years old -

BAMMIE. okay. He’s great with the kids. He eats people and stuff but he controls himself exceptionally well around humans if interaction is necessary. Jackson’s child is literally in love with him and clings to him so damn much but it’s okay bc he loves her just as much. Jackson’s weary though bc the baby is only half vamp, being half human he’s worried Bam will bite her or something but no way.

• Jimin & Taehyung ; Eighth and Ninth Turns ; 17 years old -

The twins okay. They’re also half human, half vampire. Namjoon took a big juicy bite out of their necks and turned them half. They argue a lot like damn. We know you’re siblings but shit you know. They also get along very well, not only with each other but with the others. Taehyung has taken a keen liking to Jaebum and Jimin is attached to baby bro Jungkook.

• Yugyeom ; Tenth Turn ; 17 years old -

The minute he was turned, Yugyeom was glued to Youngjae’s hip. At first Yj found it annoying but eventually teaching Yugyeom his ways became fun. Namjoon kept him from getting into too much trouble while he was still living with him, but as soon as Yugyeom moved out, Youngjae took him to fuck shit up. He’s a huge ass trouble maker seriously.

• Mark ; Eleventh Turn ; 15 years old -

Mark and Jungkook are close in age but completely different, opposites. Namjoon doesn’t care for Mark as much, since the fuck ran out on him or something to be on his own, with his older brothers. He met you while he was staying with Jackson and Jaebum, instantly fell in love and moved into your place with you after a bit of seeing eachother.

• Jungkook ; Last Turn ; 2 years old -

Jungkook is Namjoon’s fucking baby, I don’t think I can stress this enough people. He’s very very young, Namjoon basically just turned him, vowing for him to be his last child and most protected. He rarely leaves the kids side, meaning he always knows what he’s up to. Call him an overprotective daddy but Jungkook is his toddler it’s a must to watch after him forever.

Hopefully this makes a bit more sense, let me know if it doesn’t !! xx.

Re: my experiment to see if people at the studio where I take drum lessons could guess what band Zayn was in from a recent tour photo.

yngvolkayno said:
I’m gonna say that at least two people think he’s from Bastille. One person says The 1975.

srslycris said:
I will be SO curious to know if anyone guesses right about that pic of Zayn. The only ones who would say 1D are those who know the band - so would they admit it? :D

I ended up asking 7 people, and here were their guesses (no Bastille and no 1D but The 1975 made it!):

  • 2 votes for The 1975
  • 1 vote for “I know it’s not Blink-182 but I can’t think of anyone else that looks like that right now so Blink-182”
  • 2 votes for Fall Out Boy
  • 1 vote for Hozier
  • 1 vote for “give me the Warped Tour line up and I bet I could guess it. It’s some obscure band, isn’t it?”

And the overwhelming response when I told them it was One Direction: “never would have guessed that in a million years.”  One guy asked if the other band members were wearing the same outfit as him and if that was their punk costume. The girl I asked said “when did they stop wearing pastels and varsity jackets?” Next week I’m going to play Fireproof for everyone and see how that goes.