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Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan


Ok. I saw this prompt and could not resist.
I had to do it!

I like to think that Ichigo would be a bit of a softy. So he would sneak their kid the cookie. Unfortunately, his stealth skills are not that great. So he can never pull one over on Rukia. 

And yes, Rukia is pregnant and Ichigo is being protective. But not so much that he smothers her. He just can’t help himself, he worries. 

The curry thing I got from The Honey Dish Rhapsody. Plus, we all know Ichigo loves spicy food. So it was quite the risk, ignoring her rules. 

Poor Ichigo. 

The prompt is here: 

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Adrien Agreste had been a good person… had being the operative word. He had changed when his mother disappeared. His cold and seemingly unloving father hadn’t done anything for him, so Adrien did the only thing he could to protect himself, he’d turned cold to.

While his indifference was mostly an act he’d taken his rebellion to the extreme. He’d given himself an undercut and dyed his hair. He got piercings, first it was just his eyebrow, then his ears, his lip, and finally his tongue. His father had initially disapproved, but had used Adrien’s rebellion to remake his look. The clothes that Adrien had destroyed to became a new brand, which only resulted in further rebellion from Adrien. He snuck out, ditched school, took up smoking despite the health risks he was more than wary of. He hung out with “bad” kids, made bad decisions, and was in general a “bad boy.”

That didn’t change when his father revealed that he was a super-villain and gave him a powerful artifact called a miraculous. The exchange was simple; Gabriel Agreste would let his son have freedom, he could do anything he wanted, short of arson or murder, and Adrien would obey Hawkmoth’s commands as Chat Noir and get Ladybug’s miraculous.

Adrien hadn’t much cared about Ladybug or the akuma before, they were a distraction, a thrill sometimes, the idea of fighting Ladybug intrigued him, but not enough to be condemned to servitude. That was until Gabriel revealed that the combined Miraculous could bring his mother back. Underneath all the rebellion and indifference Adrien still missed his mother. He was still hurt by her disappearance and would do anything to get her back. so he took the ring.

He had trained, and he’d waited, he thought he was prepared, he thought it would be easy. He could have his life back to the way it was before, his mom back… or at least that was what he was thinking as he watched Ladybug fight the akuma, planning to attack the moment he saw an opportunity.

How do people make friends so quickly sometimes it’s like, did you pay them ?!! Did you brainwash them/?!/ do you hAvr an actual perSONALITY that people eNJOY???? I just don’t get it

Re: my experiment to see if people at the studio where I take drum lessons could guess what band Zayn was in from a recent tour photo.

yngvolkayno said:
I’m gonna say that at least two people think he’s from Bastille. One person says The 1975.

srslycris said:
I will be SO curious to know if anyone guesses right about that pic of Zayn. The only ones who would say 1D are those who know the band - so would they admit it? :D

I ended up asking 7 people, and here were their guesses (no Bastille and no 1D but The 1975 made it!):

  • 2 votes for The 1975
  • 1 vote for “I know it’s not Blink-182 but I can’t think of anyone else that looks like that right now so Blink-182”
  • 2 votes for Fall Out Boy
  • 1 vote for Hozier
  • 1 vote for “give me the Warped Tour line up and I bet I could guess it. It’s some obscure band, isn’t it?”

And the overwhelming response when I told them it was One Direction: “never would have guessed that in a million years.”  One guy asked if the other band members were wearing the same outfit as him and if that was their punk costume. The girl I asked said “when did they stop wearing pastels and varsity jackets?” Next week I’m going to play Fireproof for everyone and see how that goes.

anonymous asked:

Seriously. Someone isn't a "leader" when he basically just tells everyone they can do what they want unless they go against him. They probably followed him because he was the OLDEST there and showed that he will fuck them up if they don't go in line with his bullshit.

It was more like getting the control of the kids thru intimidation tactics, so no one would rebel against him. But again, in general after his “bad boy” phase we saw how good he was following orders. Which is the role he fulfills when he is not murdering ppl in their sleep.