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Stelliums In Each House

What does a stellium in a particular house in an individual’s natal chart indicate about that person? I hope this quick guide will be helpful in giving the basics! For more info about what a stellium is see my post here.

1st house - A first house stellium will make a person focused on their own self identity and how they project that into the world. They can be gregarious, boisterous and good at getting things done. These people know how to charm others and to convey the image they want into the world. The sign the stellium is in will indicate what image the person wants to show others. For instance, a Pisces stellium in the first house will make a person want to come across as sensitive and charitable, while an Aries stellium in the first house will want to come across as independent and a go-getter. The exception to this rule is a first house stellium in Libra. Since there is an opposition to the seventh house (Libra’s home) you may see the opposite effect here, where the native is obsessively trying to draw attention away from themselves to others. A lot of celebrities have first house stelliums, especially those who are in the public eye frequently.

2nd house - Second house stelliums are always out for security. Security has a slightly different meaning to every individual, so whatever sign the stellium is in will show us how the individual seeks out this security. A Libra stellium in the second house will find security through partnership, whereas a Capricorn stellium will find security through money or career. This will be a major goal in the native’s life. A stellium in this house in Scorpio will make a different result here, however. The opposition to the eighth house, Scorpio’s home, may make someone who seeks security through destruction of the very thing that makes them feel secure. This person may seem to make rash decisions, i.e. quitting stable jobs, ending relationships that seem to be going well, etc. Overall, all people with second house stelliums are focused in the material realm, and many like nice possessions, a well-kept house, and being in touch with their bodies through art, sports or dance.

3rd house - Third house stelliums are all about communication. They have a message and they want to get it out to the world. They tend to be social beings, or fascinated by writing, reading, storytelling, songwriting, etc. How do they go about sharing their message? Look at the sign the stellium is in! Cancer stelliums in the third house come at conversation and writing through using their emotions, and noticing others’ feelings and subtle social cues. Aquarius stelliums will have unique, devil’s advocate style ideas and will enjoy bucking the social norm as they communicate. Again, there is one exception - Sagittarius stellium in the third house will create a weird opposition here where communication might be a little tricky. The expansive energy of Jupiter will make it difficult for the person to teach or share their knowledge; instead they will continually be seeking information, not feeling like they are ready to communicate. The overall presence of a third house stellium is someone who is chatty with varied interests and a restless mind.

4th house - Fourth house stellium people are intensely shaped by their home environment, either in childhood or in adulthood (or both). Their motivation is to find an anchor point - a place to settle. This is one of the more complicated houses to find a stellium, because there are many factors at play here. First, the presence of outer planets can completely change the interpretation. Uranus here can indicate someone who moves around a lot, while Pluto can represent a very unstable home situation. Saturn will show a lot of responsibility in the home, or even someone who is not free to move because of obligations (i.e. having to care for a family member, or supporting an entire group of people). The sign the stellium is in will show the type of home base the individual is seeking out. A Taurus stellium here will show a person who wants a stable home with nice things in it, or possibly in nature. A Virgo stellium will show someone who seeks out perfectionism and organization through their home and family. Anyone with a Capricorn stellium in the 4th house will have an opposition of energy, and will tend to reject the idea of nostalgic, Cancerian values that typically comes with a fourth house stellium. Nostalgia in general, attraction to the past, and emotions are heightened for all fourth house stellium natives.

5th house - Theatrical dramatics are present in those with fifth house stelliums. Creative energy is heightened, and these people often love children and animals. Fifth house stellium’s motivation is to create and express. Whatever sign the stellium is in will show us what they are trying to express and how they go about it. Gemini stellium in the fifth house will show someone who creates through writing or through public speaking/communication. They will be more vocal about their need to create. On the opposing end, someone with a Virgo stellium in the fifth house would express themselves a bit more subtly, and would work very hard on their individual creative contributions. Just because someone has a fifth house stellium does not automatically mean they are an artistic, theater-type person. They may have a flair that shows up in their career, or perhaps they are occupied with their children. It more speaks of the way they do the things they do - with a big, all-their-heart-in-it gesture. An Aquarius stellium in the fifth house will manifest differently, with them wanting to share the stage with friends, family and basically anyone else. These people will often support others’ creativity over their own.

6th house - You often see sixth house stelliums in the charts of service industry types, like doctors, nurses, etc (this is especially true if the moon is part of the stellium). These people could easily be described as workaholics. They are perfectionistic and responsible, and do everything they can to help others around them. They often put their own needs last. So though they are “workaholics”, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are spending all their time on their actual career and ignoring their families too. Those with sixth house stelliums will find a way to juggle everything. Their goal is to serve. If you look at what sign the stellium appears in you will see what their focus is primarily. A Leo stellium in the sixth house would make someone who is perfectionistic in a creative venture, like a writer or musician who will practice their craft till it’s perfect… they may also be focused on helping their children or pets at whatever cost necessary. An Aquarius stellium in the sixth house will manifest as someone who is always there for their friends, or who works tirelessly to help humanity in general. Sixth house stelliums are detail oriented and notice everything. The exception is a Pisces sixth house stellium. These folks, with the 6th-12th house opposition in place, will have a much more relaxed attitude and may be more ‘go with the flow’ than their sixth house stellium peers. They might have their heads in the clouds, or could potentially be obsessed with religion or spirituality.

7th house - Seventh house stellium people are pleasant, stylish and chameleon-esque. They tend to be agreeable, and it is not because they are two-faced, but rather because they can easily see all sides to any situation. They may be artistic or enjoy fashion, design or other Venus-ruled activities. Since Libra rules this house, partnership is important to them. They seek out connection wherever they go, and while it may not always be a romantic partner they are trying to find, they still are looking for a “partner” in anything they do. They will come up with inside jokes with people they meet, will network, and find a uniting factor between themselves and any given person. Someone with a Pisces stellium in the seventh house might be more apt to connect through dreams, wishes, and spirituality so would look for partnership through those avenues. On the other end, a Capricorn stellium in the seventh would try to connect through more serious matters or would network for their career or education. The opposite end of this is an Aries stellium in the seventh house. This oppositional energy will create someone who rejects the idea of partnership and who will sometimes overcompensate by asserting their individuality at any cost. 

8th house - Eighth house stelliums are similar to fourth house stelliums in that they have a lot of factors to consider. Sometimes those with eighth house stelliums will have a lot of experience with intense change. Things might have been uprooted for them a lot, or they might have had a hard childhood or difficulty with relationships. They may experience a lot of death or tragedy around them, or just a lot of change and intense situations. The presence of Pluto, Uranus, Saturn or Neptune in this stellium could make this even more apparent. These people tend to be investigative, curious and sometimes very suspicious of the world around them. They are often intelligent and unusual, and sometimes intense. They may have interest in the occult or stranger sides of spirituality. They often have a powerful magnetism that draws people to them. You could not define someone with an eighth house stellium as mundane or dull. Look at the sign in the house to see what is drawn in to them. A Gemini stellium in the eighth house will manifest as a lightener for the Scorpio energy of the eighth house, and will allow the native to communicate their ideas. They will find themselves confronted with a lot of opportunities to talk about the things they experience. A Sagittarius stellium in the eighth will create a lot of occultism intrigue, and opportunity for travel. Those with a Taurus stellium will find an opposite reaction, in that they will hide and reject the “darker” parts of themselves and pretend they are simply not there, or become fearful of them.

9th house - A ninth house stellium often manifests as an innate curiosity about everything under the sun. The native here will enjoy learning, philosophy and travel as a means to discover new things. Novelty will be the main motivator, and loss of freedom the biggest discomfort. Often these individuals do better in a less rigid schooling environment, and may do a lot of studying on their own. They are usually optimistic, gregarious and a bit wacky or unusual. The idea of the unknown is overly appealing to them, so much so that a regular routine is unthinkable and binding in their eyes. Where do they look most for their freedom? Check the sign. A stellium in Libra will indicate a desire for freedom in romantic partnership. A stellium in Cancer will indicate a desire for freedom in living situations - they may bounce around a lot, or else they may fixate on the “perfect” home, one they don’t have yet. The opposite will be apparent in Gemini stelliums in the ninth house. These individuals will be more focused on teaching others and may ignore their own personal quest for freedom by giving it to everyone else.

10th house - Having a stellium in the tenth house will give you a solid foundation on which to stand. People with this particular stellium tend to enjoy being their own boss, or being independent from authority figures in general. They may have issues with a parental figure growing up. This house’s placement makes the native ambitious and no-nonsense. They get things done, and know the best path to take to get the most work done. This is the other “workaholic” house, after sixth house stelliums. Often you will see the person’s career show up in the sign their stellium is in. An Aries stellium, for instance, might be driven to be even more independent, and would perhaps excel in an arena that would bring the native fame. A Libra stellium would indicate success through partnership. You will see a difference when there is a Cancer stellium in the tenth house. This will create that oppositional energy I’ve mentioned above, and will result in someone whose ambitions are focused on their family. They may find it harder to excel in business or on a societal level. Overall, those with tenth house stelliums often do well financially and can manifest success in career with little effort (though they often work very hard).

11th house - A stellium in the eleventh house will equal out to be someone who is “everyone’s best friend”. These folks are the most social in the zodiac, and are always on the go. They try to please all their friends, and their friends become their family. They think about things in a big picture way, and enjoy projects that allow them and their friends to work together to make changes in the world. They could be involved in protests, or working to make changes in the community. Despite their love of socializing and meeting new people, they do have a hard time with consistent small talk. They like big ticket issues and enjoy thinking about things on a grand, Uranian scale. Someone with a Taurus stellium in the eleventh house would be all about living with friends, or maybe even starting a community living situation. They may get involved with art. A Pisces stellium in the eleventh house would often jive with others on a spiritual level. If a Leo stellium shows up, things will be different. The person will be much more focused on their own creative potential and could insist on working all alone. Every other sign combination will be a team player.

12th house - Stelliums in the twelfth house are behind the scenes type people. They are supportive, kind and spiritual. They may be a little out of touch with traditional reality, and take to daydreaming and mental exploration. Neptunian energy is strong here. Sometimes they may get in deep with spirituality or religion. There is a lot of healing potential for those with twelfth house stelliums. They may have unfulfilled dreams, but will help others reach their goals without question. Psychic ability could manifest here. Often twelfth house stelliums show areas of tremendous growth capabilities in this life. The sign of the stellium will show where the work needs to be focused. For instance, a Gemini stellium could indicate a need to open up and share opinions more, or to expand interests and horizons. A Libra stellium could show growth through partnership. In Virgo stelliums you will see more outward energy, and the person will be more rooted and less “dreamy”.

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Placements for someone being extremely beautiful? Of course everyone is beautiful in their own way but I mean the kind of beautiful that most people would call the person stunning.

So, “conventionally or generally considered attractive”

- Ascendant in Libra / Taurus / sometimes Pisces
- Venus in the 1st / 2nd / sometimes 7th house
- Ascendant / sun in aspect to Venus

simple love attraction spell 💕

a spell for attracting general love and romantic opportunities to oneself

💕 gather: a pink candle, rose petals and pepper

💕 dress the candle wick with the pepper

💕 carve a heart shape onto the candle.

💕 decorate the candle with the rose petals, offering them to aphrodite.

💕 light the candle, feel it’s warmth but be careful not to burn yourself.

💕 whisper softly the incantation:

As I watch the flame dance
I draw to me hopes of romance.
As it warms my face, I’ll warm others hearts,
Who graze the feathers of cupid’s dart

💕 blow out the candle, thank aphrodite for her influence. 

‘Over the Moon’ Love Spell ❤🌜

particularly potent when the moon is full and/or in taurus, a spell to attract general love and happiness to you

🌜 gather: rose quartz, full moon water, rosemary, and white thread, a sight of the full moon. 

❤ perform during the full moon, if possible.

🌜 kiss the rose quartz

❤ let it sit in the full moon water for a while. 

🌜 bind the rose quartz to the rosemary using the white thread. 

❤ hold the quartz in front of or above the moon in your line of sight as you bind it.

🌜 keep near your bed, or as a charm on your person

If the thought of not being ‘allowed’ to leash your sub or be leashed in the general public makes you feel robbed of an experience it’s really quite possibly because the attention you get from strangers- the fact that people are seeing and acknowledging your dominance/submission- is part of your excitement.

Literally you need the strangers to see you, that means they are involved without consent.

Stop. If playing in kink-consenting spaces doesn’t make you feel as good, it’s because you get off on forcing strangers to acknowledge you. Your kink is explicitly sexual in nature regardless of whether or not you’re getting off at the time or how many ‘deep’ poems you can write about getting fisted. Kinks cannot be compared to general sexuality, romantic attractions, or religious expression.

Do not. Do kinky shit. In public spaces.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I want to answer some frequently asked questions in this post! 

“How can i tell if i’m attracted to someone…” 

If we asked a hundred people how attraction exactly feels like, we’d probably get a hundred different responses. It can be hard to slap a definition on something like attraction because it’s such a individual thing, so for many people the answer would be “You just know” while for others it’s not as easy - and that’s okay! 

The definition i find most useful and understandable is: 

Romantic attraction is a desire to have a romantic relationship with that specific person. It’s looking at a person and thinking “I want to date you”. It’s different from a general desire to have a romantic relationship with anyone or your general opinions on things that are considered romantic. 

Sexual attraction is a desire to have sex with that specific person. It’s looking at a person and thinking “I want to have sex with you”. It’s different from a libido (”My body wants to have sex right now”) or your general opinions on sex. 

Even with these definitions, it can still be hard to be able to tell if you experience that, so i’ll answer some more specific questions below

“… If i’m not a very emotional/touchy person?” 

People of any orientation can happen to just not care about romance or sex much, or to dislike romance and sex. You can be attracted to people of one or more genders and just not really enjoy the thought of doing all that couple stuff. That can make it a bit confusing to tell if you’re actually not attracted to a certain gender (or any gender) or if you are just not into romantic stuff/sex. 

What may help you is to remember that attraction is not about what you do or don’t do, it’s about what you feel. You may like sex or hate sex or have no strong opinion on sex (and the same goes for romance) in general. Attraction is more specific than this general like or dislike of the thing itself (sex/relationships), it’s more about the little “spark” towards the other person involved in the thing (the sexual/romantic partner). 

“… If i’m mentally ill?” 

Simply put: It doesn’t matter. You may worry your mental illness is the reason you don’t feel attracted to a certain gender (or any gender) - but what if? Your idenity is just as valid and real as someone who has no history of mental illness. It may impact how/if you feel attraction or it may not but the validness and importance of your idenity isn’t measured by what “caused” it. 

And what if, during your journey to recovery/towards learning to manage your symptoms, the level of attraction you feel might change? Even if that happens, you have every right to use a label that represents how you feel right now. You can still adjust it if it does change someday. That’s okay! 

(And just as a side note, your mental illness and your orientation can be, and often is, completely unrelated. Being lgbt+ is not a mental illness in itself!) 

“… if i just don’t know and it’s all confusing and i just can’t figure it out?” 

It’s okay! You don’t need to know for sure. You don’t need to be able to pick a label or give any specifics of who you are attracted to in which ways. It’s okay to need time to figure it out. It’s okay to say “I don’t know for sure yet”, It’s okay to say “I’m somewhere on the lgbt+ spectrum”. 

You can always choose any label, specific or umbrella term, that feels right right now, there’s no need to drive yourself crazy with “What if’s”: Your label is meant to feel comfortable right now. You can worry about the what if’s when (and if) they happen. 

You’re welcome and safe here. Questioning is normal and questioning people are part of our community. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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Can you please create a love spell using just one candle since I can't get hold of many materials. I live in a country where I can't find much things required for spell casting. I read on the Internet about love spells getting backfired, what r the reasons of that? Please tell me a way to prevent that from happening. I mean any tips for a successful love spell

Love spells can be considered manipulative and kinda rape-y if you gear it towards a specific person, so it’s better to cast a general love attraction spell. Sometimes people feel these “backfire” because they get too much attention from too many people or from people they dislike, or from some really creepy obsessive people. Attention is not always good. If this spell does turn sour, there are ways to dispel it’s effect on the internet.

Now that you know what could happen, here’s a simple love spell.

simple love attraction spell

Carve a heart shape onto the candle.
Light the candle, feel it’s warmth but be careful not to burn yourself.

Whisper or think:

As I watch the flame dance
I draw to me hopes of romance.
As it warms my face, I’ll warm others hearts,
Who graze the feathers of cupid’s dart.

Blow out the candle.


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Summary: You were a junior and he was a senior. You were a good girl and he was a bad boy. It was so cliché, like every high school drama you’d ever watched, and you honestly did not want to be a part of it. 

Warnings: light bullying

Word Count: 2k+

When you’d entered high school you’d had your first encounter with the notorious Park Jimin. His best friend Jungkook had pushed him and he’d slammed into you on your first day as you wandered about, trying your best to find your classes during the too short passing period. Your schedule had flown out of your hand, feet shuffling it further away from you. You’d scrambled on your hands and knees after it, only to have a tan hand reach over you and trap it. You’d huffed out a small breath of air in relief, only to realize that the hand belonged to Jimin who was practically on top of you. He’d smirked, quirking an eyebrow as he stood up before extending a hand to help you up. You’d denied it, standing up and snatching the schedule out of his hand, walking away quickly. Your cheeks had been red and your heart had been beating fast.

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Hi, I was trying to write about a character who's a beautiful black woman. I'm trying to describe her wide nose in a positive light but I just can't think of a nice way to describe it. A lot of it comes from me because I'm a WOC that always hated her wide, flat nose. I feel like every time I read a description of a wide nose, it's always very masculine and animalistic, which is obviously messed up. I think wide noses are beautiful now but I don't know how to express it. Help!

Describing Wide Noses

I know what you mean about not crossing positive associations of wide noses. A shame since there’s no such problem with narrow, straight noses that I know of.

I hope we can reach a point where wide noses are normalized in the narrative without needing to be assured it’s something positive and attractive. I do think, though, if you note or describe her as beautiful, all the while mentioning her wide nose somewhere in a description of her, then you’d be fine.

As long as you’re keeping negative associations “away” from her nose so to speak and aren’t attributing it to masculinity (Black women being connected with masculinity is almost always rooted in misogynoir) or animalistic.

Otherwise, you could use a combination of positive and/or neutral words in your descriptions to imprint the idea that you’re describing her (and her nose!) favorably.

I’ll spin up a list for ideas, though all the following words might not apply to her as wide noses have a variety of appearances and can be short, long, pert, etc.

Adjectives for wide noses

  • Ample
  • Broad
  • Button
  • Full
  • Prominent
  • Round
  • Short
  • Short-bridged
  • Small
  • Soft
  • Wide

You could also pair positive adjectives with her nose or her face in general, such as attractive, cute, beautiful…

Just note those words are judgments, i.e. “Telling” description that do not convey a specific physical image and is also a matter of opinion (and imagination). Though probably best used sparingly, if you’re wishing to “direct” the audiences’ perspective as you are here, they could prove helpful!

Some example sentences:

“She was attractive; warm brown skin, even warmer brown eyes, a cute, rounded nose…”

“…Her short, wide nose centered prettily on her face.”

“She had a broad, attractive nose that went well with her delicate features.”

I hope this is helpful to you!

~Mod Colette

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life

This fic is for kazliin​, who is an incomparable goddess and responsible for the amazing Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, one of the best yuri on ice fanfics. It’s been a wild ride these past few months, and everything you gave us, we want to give back, in as many ways as we can. I hope you like this, and everything else we’ve made you <3 <3 <3 

i wrote this in between Chapter 13 and 14, so a lot of it got spectacularly jossed. but by the time chapter 14 came out i had already written 4k of it OTL. it seems a shame not to put it out, if only to show kaz that her fic has been pushing us to create and produce even before UMFB officially ended. 

EDIT: it’s kazliin’s birthday today, and i only found out! happy birthday kaz and thanks for everything in the rivals verse you are a gift. 

a quiet life, a lonely life, a loving life 

Summary: Morooka has been following Yuuri’s career. He doesn’t plan to stop.

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“they’re nonbinary/genderfluid they can’t have a orientation identity”

pansexuality/panromantic: attraction regardless of sex, gender, or appearance

demipansexual/romantic: attraction only after having known that person for awhile and are comfortable and fond of their presence

bisexual: attraction to more than one gender

queer: umbrella term for someone who is not heterosexual

demisexual/romantic: attraction only after you are used to and fond of their presence (appearance can have a role in this)

andro: attraction to masculinity, not necessarily men, but attraction to masculinity in general.

gyro: attraction to femininity, not necessarily women, but attraction to femininity in general.

a relationship that is not romantic but involves a close emotional connection (platonic) beyond what most people consider friendship. The commitment level in a queerplatonic relationship is often considered to be similar to that of a romantic relationship.

Polyamory: is typically the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships where individuals may have more than one partner, with the knowledge and consent of all partners

asexual: a person that feels no sexual attraction to anybody, or very rarely

(can still have libido, may be sex repulsed, may never feel anything sexual, it depends)

An aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others.

akoiromantic: someone who experiences romantic attraction, but doesn’t wish to act upon it or for it to be reciprocated

(this is a flexible term, akoiromantics can be in extremely casual relationships that aren’t labeled as romantic, and not feel trapped in that relationship)

i personally think the split attraction model should be destroyed and i think it should be made so that -sexual suffixes could also refer to romantic attraction on its own, because:

-etymologically, -sexual suffixes refer to gender, not the act of sex itself

-people are insisting that -sexual suffixes only refer to sexual attraction when they can also refer to romance

- sexual and romantic attraction are closely related and they can be very hard to separate for some people

-some people, like me, don’t want to disclose the level of sexual attraction they feel

-i really hate being forced to call myself “biromantic” when id much rather use “bisexual” a term that, these days, is well known and understood to not just be about sex, but ones attraction in general