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Orriculum’s Spell Masterpost

(because i did not realize i had this many spells lol) updated 3/04/2017


love-related spells:

undoing love spells:

communication spells:

friendship spells:


self care spells:

emotional self care:

healing spells

career/wealth spells

protection/defensive spells

offensive spells:

  • shock jockey vigor potion -  a potion to stun enemies, and make them more susceptible to baneful magic with lightning elementals involved
  • devil’s kiss vigor potion -  a potion that allows the drinker to cast a fire elemental on someone else (particularly a spurned lover)
  • undertow vigor potion -  a potion that helps shift power of advantages to you, whether in magical or mundane issues, offers you tactical advantages
  • possession vigor potion -  a potion that distracts your enemies from you, and brings their ill-attention to one another instead
  • murder of crows vigor potion -  a potion to summon fowl forces to protect you
  • nox - a spell to end a source of light or positivity


work/school related / everyday spells:

spirit work:

weather spells:


updated 3/04/2017

If the thought of not being ‘allowed’ to leash your sub or be leashed in the general public makes you feel robbed of an experience it’s really quite possibly because the attention you get from strangers- the fact that people are seeing and acknowledging your dominance/submission- is part of your excitement.

Literally you need the strangers to see you, that means they are involved without consent.

Stop. If playing in kink-consenting spaces doesn’t make you feel as good, it’s because you get off on forcing strangers to acknowledge you. Your kink is explicitly sexual in nature regardless of whether or not you’re getting off at the time or how many ‘deep’ poems you can write about getting fisted. Kinks cannot be compared to general sexuality, romantic attractions, or religious expression.

Do not. Do kinky shit. In public spaces.

💗 Valentine’s Day Spells 💗

💖 for feeling beautiful 💖

💕 for confessing 💕

💘 love spells 💘

💞 for past loves 💞

🖤 for unwanted approaches: 🖤

💔 for broken hearts 💔

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Placements for someone being extremely beautiful? Of course everyone is beautiful in their own way but I mean the kind of beautiful that most people would call the person stunning.

So, “conventionally or generally considered attractive”

- Ascendant in Libra / Taurus / sometimes Pisces
- Venus in the 1st / 2nd / sometimes 7th house
- Ascendant / sun in aspect to Venus

‘Over the Moon’ Love Spell ❤🌜

particularly potent when the moon is full and/or in taurus, a spell to attract general love and happiness to you

🌜 gather: rose quartz, full moon water, rosemary, and white thread, a sight of the full moon. 

❤ perform during the full moon, if possible.

🌜 kiss the rose quartz

❤ let it sit in the full moon water for a while. 

🌜 bind the rose quartz to the rosemary using the white thread. 

❤ hold the quartz in front of or above the moon in your line of sight as you bind it.

🌜 keep near your bed, or as a charm on your person

i personally think the split attraction model should be destroyed and i think it should be made so that -sexual suffixes could also refer to romantic attraction on its own, because:

-etymologically, -sexual suffixes refer to gender, not the act of sex itself

-people are insisting that -sexual suffixes only refer to sexual attraction when they can also refer to romance

- sexual and romantic attraction are closely related and they can be very hard to separate for some people

-some people, like me, don’t want to disclose the level of sexual attraction they feel

-i really hate being forced to call myself “biromantic” when id much rather use “bisexual” a term that, these days, is well known and understood to not just be about sex, but ones attraction in general

Ok, wait, hear me out:

How many of us could, reliably, recognize Prince Henry in public? Or, like, the Queen of Denmark? Not to mention high ranking politicians or royals from Africa.

Now, consider: T’Challa walking through New York with Sam and it’s late at night, they were at Avengers tower chilling but now Sam is being a Good Boyfriend and walking his boyfriend back to his hotel and they stop to kiss because, y’know, boyfriends –

And then some racist white guys start harassing them.

I’d say they’d get bailed out of jail by Tony but I’m pretty sure T’Challa has diplomatic immunity and no one wants an international incident involving Wakanda. 


if youre a boy and youre overweight and have a lot of body hair or in general are not conventionally attractive and every time you log on to this website you see people making jokes at the expense of people who look like you, im sorry, and im always here to talk if you need it. this goes double for trans boys. hang in there, love you all


Hajimari no Tabi, chapter 6

Wolfram: W-Why are you complimenting me all of a sudden?

Yuuri: Eh? Is it wrong?

Wolfram: It’s not wrong… It’s not wrong but…

Yuuri: You are beautiful*, Wolfram.

Wolfram: Yuuri…

Yuuri: Just kidding! It’s not like we’re lovers.

Wolfram: …! We’re fiances! If you’re going to compliment me, do it thoroughly, compliment me !

Yuuri: Eh?! Eh…?!? …You’re forcing me?

*Yuuri calls Wolf a pretty boy all the time, but saying that phrase: kirei da you it’s different. That means ‘I FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE’, not 'you’re attractive’ in general terms.

The image is only for illustration purposes =P This special scene happens at the winner’s party at the end of Caloria’s arc.

Fire Emblem Fates 31 day art challenge

Day 3 : Nohr or Hoshido?

Nohr for me

totally not because of the awakening babes and my gay husband

I’ve said this before in a lot more words but i spent a rly long time identifying as asexual until i was forced to rly stare down my queerness for what it was… And, like, the stress, the fear, the anxiety associated with that ALONE was so much more definitive and powerful than my general issues with sexual attraction & I dropped the label immediately bc the relevancy pales in comparison… & there are a lot of ppl who are “technically ace” who went down a similar trajectory. that’s all I’m saying :-) haha lol

hi everyone im a lesbian and i just want to explicitly say that its ok and great to be attracted to girls. like, ive seen a lot of positivity posts about being wlw and what it means to be wlw and all the great shit about loving women but like, personally, those broad positivity posts never do anything for me.

when i say that i want to explicitly say that its ok to be attracted to girls, i dont just mean the general idea of being attracted to girls. as a lesbian as well as a trans woman, i suffer from horrible, gut-wrenching disgust, fear, and guilt about the kind of attraction i feel towards girls. this is in no small part due to the fact that, understandably, not many wlw are broadcasting their nitty gritty sexual fantasies on tumblr, so i have no way of normalizing and accepting my own nitty gritty sexual fantasies (because, personally, i develop my own feelings and personality largely from outside influence). i and im sure many others have a sense of shame that defines and outlines our sexuality, and i think we really need to have an open conversation about it.

dont get me wrong, im not trying to get people to say their deep sexual shit, thats fucked up and weird. im also not trying to say that wlw have a weird relationship with of our sexuality exclusively because of the lack of open discussion and camaraderie in the struggle of how pretty girls are. many wlw have incredibly complicated relationships with their sexuality largely due to trauma and abuse, and i think we need to keep those women at the front of our minds when talking about the sexualness of sexuality.

but i think a lot of people would benefit from some safe, open discussions and pronouncements of our sexuality, me included ! i recently had a fucking liberating conversation with a friend about how safe we feel about calling girls “hot”. weve both been exposed to huge quantities of discourse about how wlw arent predatory, and we understand that intellectually. but we still cant get past that seed of terror in our hearts and minds. we need to move to unproblematize the ways wlw perceive women, and we need to actively distinguish those methods of perception from that of men that love women.

if any of yall are confused how this would work out in practice, heres what i plan on doing. i plan on considering my language, and how i externalize and express my attraction to someone. i plan on critically looking at the words and phrases i use in an attempt to mitigate and defer whatever predatoriness people might perceive (like saying “im gay” instead of “shes hot”). i plan on unapologetically letting myself wallow in how pretty a girls face is, or how nice her butt is.

so, personally, im resolving to give up on dancing around the subject. im not going to abstain from using strong words when describing a girl, and im not going to forbid myself from experiencing attraction to a girl. im allowed to think a girl is hot. im allowed to love boobs. who the fuck doesnt like boobs. boobs are objectively the best. anyways, im not going to let my fear of my own voice as a wlw and as a trans woman suffocate my attraction to and love for women. im allowed to want to kiss a girl. im allowed to look at a girls butt.

and you are too. 


just a pointless gif of an extremely hawt and attractive Kim Jongin walking off casually >//////////<

[ @mettatoniic. ]

             Don’t mind her making puppy dog eyes at him while sitting in her underwear, fidgeting restlessly with the dress currently in her grasp. There’s a few more on the floorM…Mettaton…? I need your help

Folks: “I hate when heterosexuals get all up in your face especially guys like maybe treat women as friends and not just prospective romantic partners”

Male character: *doesn’t act grossly attracted to a female character and is respectful*

Folks: “gay gay gay gay gay–look he’s just not interested in her at all!”

When it comes to fictional characters, I’m either attracted to the one that’s just too pure and too perfect for this world, or the one that’s a complete asshole with a tendency to just fucking DESTROY EVERYTHING AND LAUGH AS THE WORLD BURNS. 

There is no in between.