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hamilton characters as club penguin bans
  • Washington: Stop screaming children it will be over soon
  • Jefferson to Lafayette: I could kill you right now, no one would hear you scream, I could go back and pretend to be you, they wouldn't even realize you were missing
  • Hercules: Fashion police, you're definitely under arrest
  • Aaron: You're tearing this family apart, god damn why can't you do it right
  • Alexander: 911 what is your emergency, what do you mean you're being murdered, people can't do that.
  • Jefferson: Put it on the menu
  • Alexander: You should jump cos no one likes you lol
  • Angelica: When I see stars I think of you, because you're only beautiful from a distance
  • Peggy: I heard you like the bad penguins, I don't want to brag but, I didn't sign up with my parents permission
  • Alexander: Help I can't swim
  • Angelica: Your point
  • Alexander: I'm drowning
  • Angelica: And I'm reading
  • Hercules: I live a hard life and work a dangerous job, i work as an officer for the fashion police
  • Angelica: That's not a good thing
  • Seabury: Thank you all for coming *no one is there*
  • King George: Have you ever heard of stranger danger
  • Aaron: Girl r u trash bc I want to take you out
  • Alex: I poisoned one of our glasses but I forgot which one
  • John: The way this dinner is going I hope it's mine
  • Madison to Jefferson: What the fuck purple
  • Eliza: Magic mirror, will I ever find love
  • Mirror: Ask again later
  • Alex: I like you
  • Ang: Me?
  • Eliza: No he meant me
  • Hercules: Dora your never going to get there with boots
  • Maria: I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch
  • Hamilton: Can I pay you in swag
  • Eliza: What the flipper
  • Peggy: Why would you swear like that
  • Maria: Was abandoned, is alone and sad
  • Washington: Locked up because my eyebrow game was to strong
  • Jefferson/Aaron: Smooth as butter

We are living in a world where children will grow up wanting to read a 800 page biography on an immigrant who founded the financial system for America and a 1200 page Russian novel that is the center of world literature. Do not tell me hip-hop and pop music is unimportant or a waste. And especially do not tell me they ruin the culture of music theater, or culture in general.


You gotta love the First lady

Martha Washington was an incredible women, during the six years that Washington was at war, every winter she would travel the hundreds of miles to meet him at his camp. Washington and Martha were madly in love with each other, the couple sadly never had children but, I imagine that Martha would be a huge animal lover, adopting hundreds of strays, and the feral tomcat Hamilton would no doubt follow around it’s namesake and interrupt his work.

Shout out to  @xbroadwayrosex for all the awesome Martha Washington fun facts!

  • hamilton: and in the face of thomas jefferson i wrote financial systems into existence!
  • washington: ??
  • hamilton: ignorance and resistance. mainly the first part.
top 10 anime antagonist

as requested by a couple of anons and @littlemisskage here are my top 10 anime antagonist 

none of these are in any particular order

10. kyubey from madoka magic

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9. harime nui from kill la kill

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8. the undertaker from black butler

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7. junko enoshima from danganronpa

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6. croix meridies from little witch academia

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5. light yagami from death note

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4. general esdeath from akame ga kill

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3. koro sensei from assassination classroom

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2. Alexander Anderson from hellsing

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1.  Black Hanekawa from monogatari

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let me know what top 10 you want to see next because i will now be doing an anime themed top 10 once a week