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Ok but was it not just fucking adorable how "Aleks" & "James" kept sayin shit about how they were best friends and like Brett said that they should start new life for themselves and Trevor asked if they should get married like they all know how much real Aleks and James appreciate and love each others friendship and yeah i'm falling apart

asdfghjkl It was v cute honestly this whole video was a masterpiece and I loved it. They’re all such good friends it’s adorable


Snape and his sarcasm

Alan Rickman himself said about Severus Snape: “That people in general adore Snape. He is sarcastic, stubborn, etc, etc. But he is also fascinating. I have a lot of fun impersonating him.“

In fact, Snape has many layers. He’s sarcastic and scathing and yet has a heart. He’s strong and yet he’s vulnerable. Snape’s sarcasm and Alan Rickman’s way of playing make him well to a large extent of his fascination.

Scenes from: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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tell me all of your deacon headcanons. every single one. i know you have a soft spot for him (as do i) and i love to hear people talk about their favorite characters.

These are all the ones that were floating around my head at the time. If you want specifics, ask and ye shall receive. This also has a lot more angst than I intended, but it’s Deacon. 50% wit and charm, 50% sadness and regret. I make no apologies. 

General Deacon Headcanons: 

 - He’s not nearly as suave as he makes you think. All his disguises and codenames and secret handshakes? A cover. He uses the sunglasses and drawling accent to make people think he’s cooler than he is, when really, he’s inept. Des has him assigned to “intel,” and he plays it like he’s ‘going out to to recon and recover valuable information.’ What he really does is wander from town to town, and have a drink at every bar, and remember everything he hears. He tries to avoid fighting as much as possible, and inevitably gets involved in something ridiculous, just because he makes terrible choices. For example: Turning an old Corvega into the, quote, ‘Spy-mobile,’ and painting the Railroad symbol on the hood. And then driving said car into a building and jumping out at the last second to see it explode. Good times. Good car.

- His motto: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Anything that sounds fun, or interesting, or creative, he’ll agree to in a heartbeat. Regardless of logic or sensibility. Unless someone’s in danger of getting hurt or it’s just mean, he will absolutely do the last thing you expect. Whatever the situation.

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just in general though gay people making posts about male characters they adore isnt an invitation for yall to start crying about it and start this “am i staring shit with canon urls BY NOT BEING MAAAAAAALE ENOUGH :(:(:(” like cut that shit off before you even start

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Why do men with gemini mars always get so much shit? As someone with a gemini 8th house and a gemini mercury in the 8th house I adore mars in gemini dudes/people in general. If you have your mars in gemini and are feeing harassed I am a safe space for you. Come over here and I will giggle like a school girl at all your jokes and engage in witty banter with you for as long as you want and maybe hand stuff too, stick your silver tongue down my throat, w/e it's cool. 👌

Ahahah giggle like a school girl~
I love this, spread the love always❣️


The Performance from Alan Rickman as Snape

Critics, fans and Rowling was widely acclaimed from Alan Rickman’s performance as Snape. Entertainment Weekly listed Rickman as one of the most popular movie stars in 2007 for his performance as Snape, saying:  

“As the icy, humourless magic instructor Severus Snape, Rickman may not be on screen long—but he owns every minute.”

Alan Rickman talking about Snape: “Snape isn’t one who enjoys jokes and I strongly fear that his sense of humour is extremely limited… But in his defence, I will add that he didn’t have an easy adolescence, particularly during his studies at Hogwarts.”

Rickman also noted fans’ reactions; in an interview, he said he found “that people in general adore Snape. He is sarcastic, stubborn, etc, etc. But he is also fascinating. I have a lot of fun impersonating him.”

Judgement (Aqua Moons)

One thing i’ve noticed about Aquarius moons, is that they can get called judgemental but i’d like to clear things up.

Aquarius moons don’t trust easily. They’re careful of every new friendship they build. Or they’re just very analytical people in general who adore observing other people’s behavior.
So, this means they pick up everyone’s so called “flaws” and keep them stored in their brain, in case they ever let’s say, in a fight with that person etc..

The thing is, while they are still friends with that person or the person hasn’t done anything wrong to them, they DO NOT judge that person on their flaws. They pick out the good in them and either try to understand those flaws or love them anyway. But they do know that person is insecure about them which is why they know how to press where it hurts if needed

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I'm glad you told anon there's nothing wrong with being a cat lady 🐈 💓. It's awesome. There's so many different breeds now too. I have a grey Siberian Cat, he's so fluffy and chatty, really sweet . People misunderstand Cats in general, that's why they tend to look at people who adore them, a weird way.. Cats are not lazy, they love to play, they're really sweet and they love to go for walks. Not all cat owners keep their kitties up on the couch all day, with soiled litter boxes laying around.

I absolutely bloody love cats. If I was an animal I would be a cat because we can both be cute and cuddly and friendly when we want to but if someone tries to socialise with us when we aren’t interested we will scratch them up! I love their attitude. They can be so loving but they are really independent. You can pay £1000 for a really rare cat but if it decides to live with your neighbours then it will. I think there are much worse things than spending your life with kitties

the signs based on people i know
  • aries: VIDEO GAMES. odd temper. super good humor. loves old 80's music.
  • taurus: stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. simplistic. loves sports and family.
  • gemini: colorful ?? cute laugh. never displays anger. forgives easilty.
  • cancer: funloving. talented. takes things to heart. friends friends friends.
  • leo: pretty funny. can be a huge jerk if they want to be. independent. always right even when they're wrong.
  • virgo: loud. sweetest heart. very adventurous and super funny. always up for a good campfire.
  • libra: complainer. very intellectual. cries when frustrated. huge heart. always brutally honest.
  • scorpio: one of the funniest people i know. super weird but lovable. best sense of humor. uses humor to hide emotion.
  • sagittarius: freedom. independent. loves music. cutest laughs in the world. curly/wavy hair. always up for head banging.
  • capricorn: calm. all the time. hides emotion well. absolutely adorable. unorganized. huge huge hearts. loves people in general.
  • aquarius: selfish at times. smol bean. honest and brutal. very pretty but insecure. hates admitting/being told the truth.
  • pisces: loved by everyone. sporty. effortless. soft hair and soft eyes. can throw shade like a tree.

I knew I had to join tumblr sometime, but I didn’t think it would be to make an oc for a comic I sold my soul to. I wish I colored it better ggggh

This is my oc Basil, and she’s a forest demon! She’s a sheep herder of sorts, and her only weapon is her staff and her… pets.

1. She thinks her pets are the cutest things in the world, and she adores them. She likes cute things and people in general, and is prolly an avid Saffron/Ren fan.

2. She’s very tall and can be very intimidating, when she feels like it. But her bark is worse than her bite and usually she doesn’t kill, rather letting others off with a “you’re not worth the effort anyway.” (and a condescending glare)

3. She’s loud and can be rude af, unless the person in question is a cinnamon roll, and she becomes mama bear. Because of her general personality, she cannot get along with the hot-headed fire demons and prefers the company of her fellow forest demons.

4. She will speak her mind, often without thinking. She’s not trying to be insensitive (most times) but she’s just not very good at social norms (does Hell have these things) as she just recently moved closer to the city to sell guard sheep(?)

brief recap/thoughts on jennifer morrison's saturday ozcon panel!
  • firstly she looked absolutely stunning in person
  • she is very protective over her characters
  • loves emma and loves playing emma
  • she did a lot of research on the foster care system to prepare for playing emma and said she read a lot of memoirs and biographies of foster care experiences
  • she read that often foster care kids were starved and deprived of food as punishment and she took this on board for emma. as a result emma has a funny relationship with food which is subtle but she always keeps it mind!
  • she makes sure that whenever emma puts up her emotional walls it is for a specific reason because of emma’s history
  • someone asked her why emma’s ‘superpower’ of knowing when someone is lying doesn’t work on hook since he lied about eric and ariel finding each other. jennifer got a bit confused and then explained that emma’s 'superpower’ which obviously isn’t a real superpower, works best when she is not emotionally invested. when she is emotionally invested in the problem she can misread people and because she cares about hook she becomes blind to certain things.
  • she also talked about how emma is more vulnerable with hook and called their finale kiss their 'real first kiss’ because it was emma realising that maybe she can be safe with this guy and lets herself be vulnerable to him. she realises the sacrifice he makes for her by giving up his ship and his lifestyle as well as his need for revenge over someone he loved. emma understands the significance of this because she also often hides behind her past and knows how hard it is to overcome certain aspects of your past. she realises how much hook cares.
  •  the OUAT producers wanted jennifer after seeing her on HIMYM
  • the HIMYM creators actually switched the filming of two episodes in order to allow jennifer to leave and begin filming OUATA which is super cool of them :)
  • said her experience on HIMYM was amazing and it was very important to her career. she always wanted to try comedy tv and its a really great set!
  • one of the best moments was when a little girl asked 'how did you feel when you found out you were playing emma’ but jennifer misheard her and said 'who did what to my grandma?’ causing everyone (including her) to crack up. once she heard the actual question she cracked up again!
  • jennifer and ginny goodwin have been really close friends for years way before the show
  • years ago ginny gave jennifer a big book of the brothers grim fairytales so when jennifer was trying to work out a reasonable schedule between himym and ouat and everyone was freaking out she kept calm because she felt like it was all a sign especially since ginny was already cast as snow white.
  • at one point jennifer’s mic had some feedback and she waved it around for a moment so someone called out that it was like a lightsaber. she responded with a 'woosh’ and pointed it out like a lightsaber. she also joked that she is princess leia after all. basically jennifer was adorable as heck.
  • talked about her love of the princess bride and how much she loved it when hook said 'as you wish’ to emma because she felt like she had her own princess buttercup moment!
  • SPOILER FOR SEASON 4 in italics: she talked a bit about elsa and anna’s entrance to the show next season and how they impact storybrooke. she said there will be a lot of parallels between emma and elsa because both of them have magic that they didn’t ask for and don’t really want it or understand how to control it. she also said there will be parallels between emma and anna as well and we’ll see it all unfold. 
  • someone asked if neal will come back and she said probably not in present day but we will still have flashbacks of him next season
  • she still sometimes self diagnoses herself because of her experience in house but its mostly being able to tell when she isn’t dying where she previously might have panicked
  • she has correctly diagnosed a few cases of appendicitis!
  • she didn’t have a lot of sword training because emma hasn’t had training so it means she gets to use the sword as someone who never has before would try. but she’s glad she uses a blunt sword!
  • overall she was super precious and very very kind and eloquent regarding every single question. she gave really in depth answers and seemed to really know what she was talking about.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Aaron Tveit 10th June 2016

“Oh, no, [aliens are] scary! I made the mistake of watching Fire in the Sky when I was a kid…so basically for the three or four years after I saw this movie I thought I was gonna get abducted by aliens every night when I went to bed. And I used to actually sleep with my baseball bat right next to my bed, just in case. ‘Cause some part of me thought: an alien species that has technology to come to Earth was gonna be deterred by my baseball bat - which, you know, probably wasn’t the best line of thinking.”

Lots of interesting stuff in his late-night talk-show debut…! In addition to his fear of aliens, Aaron discusses being at the Tonys, BrainDead, and how he “might have” broken the law bartending alongside waiting tables at “20, 21.”

*We’ve swapped out our original video for the official full interview later uploaded by the Late Show YouTube - please watch the official video for viewcount! The only exclusions are the last handshake and soundless zoom-out where Colbert asks about his suit, which we’ve gif’d for viewing here.


JUST IMAGINE, just imagine Hoechlin working on these baseball movies and spending time on projects that were, can i say they weren’t blockbusters without having hell rain down on me but they weren’t okay. they were good projects with good people but not. not like huge productions, right? and now. now he is back. HE IS BACK. at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON and it’s not for a character that objectified his beauty (not that he won’t be a beautiful superman i just mean, i’m sure there’s going to be, you know, other things to the role) AND HE IS GETTING SEEN AND ADORED AND I’M SO HAPPY RN GOSH.