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It’s Always Been You.

Anon asked: Possible a Soulmate!AU with Poe x Reader, where you all have those soulmate timers, and Poe wonders why the hell his timer doesn’t display anything as you still ponder whether or not to get one, until you decide to and visit the Med Bay with Leia as she comforts you, until it gets installed and you realize it’s Poe?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Oh, this one was such a cute request I absolutely HAD TO do it!)

Soulmate AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Plot Summary: Poe’s timer had been blank from the day it was installed when he first enlisted in the Resistance. You’ve been his friend ever since you both enrolled at your teen years, yourself opting out of the Timer Placement Initiative because the General was in dire need of a right-hand, and worrying about soulmates distracted from the work that needed to be done. When you have the time to think about the timer, you decide to finally have it implemented. When it’s installed, you can’t help but wonder why the clock that showed up has only two minutes left.

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Blank. Not even a display of numbers showed up on the screen as Poe looked down at his wrist, dissatisfied.

Another day where he doesn’t know who the hell he’s supposed to be in love with. At first, it seemed nice, having the freedom to love whomever, but everyone had their timers and was waiting for their soulmate.

And at this point, he wanted his so very badly, praying that his soulmate was the person he already wanted, but the timer proved otherwise.

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Self-Ship Commissions

I love self ships and I fully encourage other people to let themselves enjoy them too. So I’m opening up commissions for art and fic of your self-ships!  


Sketch of you +1 character: 5.00 USD base
Each additional Character: +2.00 USD
Add Simple Background: +1.00 USD

Line of you +1 character: 7.00 USD base
Each additional Character: +2.50 USD
Add Simple Background: +2.00 USD

Flat Color of you +1 character: 8.00 USD base
Each additional Character: +2.50 USD
Add Simple Background: +4.00 USD

Full Color of you +1 character: 10.00 USD base
Each additional Character: +3.00 USD
Add Simple Background: +5.00 USD


General: 0.01 USD per word, topic and/or genre of your choice, min. 500 words.
Plain Text Love Letters (One Character): 2.00 USD
Paper Texture Love Letters (One Character): 3.50 USD

Writing Research: +1.00 - 2.00 USD per character outside of my fandom knowledge, depending on source material and character complexity. 

No NSFW; No Underage Ships*; I reserve the right to refuse uncomfortable content. 

*If the commissioner is underage, I’d be happy to draw or write about you and your favorite character in a more platonic context. 


It seems, in addition to the literally world-changing revelations they had dropped on them, and the potential obligation of helping rebuild humanity and stuff, they had to take care of their own stuff money wise. May could definitely handle that, she’d been quite independent, especially since she had been travelling by herself for the past year or two before this, but she couldn’t help wonder why. What purpose was there to making them do this thing? She supposed they had to keep the general, capitalistic, scheme of things, from a certain point of view, in order to not throw people off for a bit, but still, there was probably a better way they could have set things up if humanity was going for a clean slate.

That (pondering Gay Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism) aside, she decided to check out the Market District, as it was called. ‘d be a good reason to get about town, as well as maybe check out some potential purchases, for now or for future needs. She wasn’t above some impulse buys from time to time, though she was generally a frugal gal, especially since their funds were currently limited.

The young woman was currently looking through a clothes store, eyeing over some of the cuter numbers. She generally leaned on the tomboy end of the scale, what with her jeans, sneakers, and penchant for band shirts, but she liked looking more Girly Pretty from time to time too. In the process, she spotted a girl with a distinctive red scarf in the area. And May was increasingly getting better at telling people like her were probably either Masters or Servants. Her empathetic nature simultaneously easier and more difficult to come to terms with this whole ‘NPC’ concept; just disregarding someone’s potential personhood was not something she liked to do, really.

“Yo!” May called over, casually strolling over to her new potential acquaintance. “You seem like you got a pretty fly sense of looks, if that scarf is anything to go by at least! Maybe you could help me, or maybe vice versa, ey?”


DAY 01: General aesthetic of your sim style

“ This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom. “  -  Sailor Ripley

Tops | Ombre Tights  | Boots  | Glasses | Earrings | Necklaces
Hair | Skin | Eyebrows | Eyelashes | Eyebags | Nose shine | Brush
Pose 1 | Pose 2

I’ve decided to try to @enablefreebuild ‘s “”20 days OOTD” challenge. I love to see everyone’s ootd challenges. So I junped in!