“I don’t like this new sjw argument you are not allowed to roleplay certain topics. As a writer I have always firmly believed no topic is off limits. When you go into a book store you’ll discover hundreds of fictional books about dark themes/topics but the argument being made now is that some topics you cannot write on tumblr because it could offend or trigger someone. I’m sorry you get triggered by dark fiction but the entire fictional writing world cannot censor itself just for you.”

@ new Kpop stans | Don’t come at me and say you know everything about Kpop, telling me who I should and shouldn’t stan when you don’t know; Sorry Sorry, Mirotic,Haru Haru,I Don’t Care, Tell Me, Nobody, Gee, Into The New World,Bubble Pop, Ring Ding Dong, Fiction, IGAB, Abracadabra, Electric Shock, Roly Poly, or Genie. Thanks you very much, educate yourself about this genre before trying to belittle and disrespect your faves seniors

Rogue is a surprisingly good singer, the best one of the group. She often makes up words to sing along with Fish’s guitar tunes, or teaches him songs from non-apocalyptic timelines. She always sings in English, of course, so the others can’t always understand her (the mutants’ understanding of the language has dwindled from disuse), but despite this, her and Fish’s occasional ‘concerts’ are always bright spots for all of them.

Have not. Will not. - mongoose_bite - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Yuri knew perfectly well that Victor hadn’t always been a moron; he’d looked up to him for years. As far as he was concerned all of Victor’s problems stemmed from a single source.

Determined to learn from Victor’s mistakes as well as his successes, Yuri took the simple vow not to follow in his footsteps.

No matter what happened, he wouldn’t fall in love.

“I think a fair few RPers on this site could do with reminding of one thing: no one is above anyone else. Just because you have a lot of followers, just because you write a particular type of character, just because you’re open to more ships, just because you get more asks. None of that makes you better than anyone else. We’re all here for fun, we’re all regular people writing together. Stop thinking you’re better than Joe Bloggs because of XYZ reason; I can assure you, you’re really not.”

Writing With Color – General Topics

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MBTI types as Child

ISTJ: very responsible, goes in a silent room for peace
ESTJ: bossy but very friendly, and talk to all classmates
ISFJ: sweet, want to be with his/her friends in all activity
ESFJ: popular in class, always take care close friends
INFJ: stay alone in their room, probably think while watching outside the window
ENFJ: what to partecipate in adult conversation and get along with everyone
INTJ: pretty quiet and always with a book in hand
ENTJ: leader in group games and friends, or in charge with other kids
ISTP: laid-back, partecipate in activities if with friends or interested
ESTP: impress others and break rules everytime they can
ISFP: shy, but unrestrainable when with friends
ESFP: hyperactive, want to experience things, some times way too dangerous
INFP: play alone with toys, imagine fantastic stories and get lost in them
ENFP: active and energetic, always exploring and snooping around the park
INTP: already misunderstood, distracted by thoughts and inattentive
ENTP: talk for hours, or make some jokes with group of friends

“I see a lot of posts, both confessions as well as PSAs put out there, stating how roleplaying is a hobby and not to be sorry for not writing, it’s not an obligation, etc. I completely agree with that kind of statement - for OTHER people. But hobbyists need to understand and respect that, for some of us, RP isn’t ‘just a hobby’. It’s more than an escape or stress relief; it’s a lifeline, a dependency, or even an addiction. It may just be a way to pass the time for you, but for me it’s a kind of self-therapy. Roleplay is an outlet that has practically saved my life, so I can’t help but take it seriously.”

There is no such thing as an untalented or undeserving idol/group member.

Competition to get in a group is tough and we often forget that these people work extremely hard to be in a group’s lineup and to eventually debut.

If they do get to debut, it’s because they have something, they bring something to the group.