The Surya Namaskar in the right way

Sun is the source of all energy.

Salutation to the sun or Surya Namaskar is thus a prayer to seek the energy or prana from it and vitalize the body, mind and soul.

Surya Namaskar has a deep effect idetoxifying the organs through copious oxygenation and has a deeper relaxing effect. It is a series of 12 physical postures.

These alternating backward and forward bending postures flex and stretch the spinal column giving a profound stretch to the whole body.

Source: Health Indiaf


Continue with our doing a sun salutatio between 3.00-500am . Remember that what really matters is not the picture, it is important to onternaloze the energy that is currently sctive during this hours!!!! seguimos con nuestro reto de diciembre, saludo al sol cada mañana para recargarnos de energía. ☆★☆
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Don’t go to bed with problems, oxygenates your ideas and make a little introspection before bedtime.

Closing your rational mind just for today, to give a way to your creative plane.

Sweet and big dreams!


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