Updates to Nakata’s studio (S&R Oct. 2016)

TOP: Nakata ditched his PC and is now running off an Apple Macbook Pro. He replaced his long-used Yamaha Motif X7 keyboard with Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE KONTROL S61. He also replaced his audio I/O with Universal Audio’s Apollo Twin. The speakers remain unchanged, and his second mounted monitor has been moved to the right (not pictured).

BOTTOM: The most major change to how Nakata has been making music is his newfound interest in creating outside of his private studio. This is his mobile setup: the aforementioned Macbook Pro, Apogee’s Apogee ONE USB I/O, two Genelec 8010A speakers, Shure SRH840 headphones, and two M-AUDIO Keystation Mini 32 MIDI keyboards. He apparently created COSMIC EXPLORER mostly using this.

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