The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) by Wes Anderson

A Genius film made by a genius about geniuses (in my opinion). If you haven’t seen this film the narrative falls along the lines of this; an estranged father tries to rekindle his relationship with his children after he is asked to leave the hotel in which he stayed for 22 years after his divorce. He has financial troubles and claims that he has 6 weeks to live to gain the respect and sympathy of his family. This character by the name of Royal is played by Gene Hackman. A very selfish but likable man. As cynical and absurd as this character is you cannot help but love him. He is sarcastic along with witty  and provides comedic relief throughout several instances within the film. 

The Royal Tenebaums is a type of film in which most people would say they feel rather than understand. Provided with the perfect aesthetic elements to do so throughout the film. The film in shot in what appears to be some what of a simplistic way where every shot is composed beautifully and rendered with warm colors.  The deep reds, browns, and yellows. Displayed mainly in the house and the streets. Giving the audience a sense of warmth, a feeling of home and comfortability along with stability. Although it can be interpreted that this house is a warm environment and is a place where memories are recollected and a place where the characters are all finally reunited after quite sometime. However it can also be seen as a place where many conflicts occur and the family dynamic is really brought out and challenged. The Orange and yellow tonality through out the house can also represent distrust where we see this in the relationships of the characters. An example being the color most shown through out Eli and Margot’s love affair.The color red instead of meaning passion it could also stand for chaos and anger. This being shown in Chas’ character where we as an audience find him to be very hostile and negative. He also wears a red jump suit through out the whole duration of the film. Also Margot’s and Ritchies wardrobe tones seem to be very much so alike in the sense that they both wear light brown and beige and seeing as they are both secretly in love and very much so in sync with each other it only makes sense that they would have this similar attribute. Connecting them and making them appear to be on the same level and having the same sort of mind state. You can also see this in their mannerisms. She is a middle aged woman suffering from depression and they have this in common. They seem to feed off one another and almost appear to be too perfect for each other. Who ever said opposites attract was not taken into account in this film. Eli Cash’ is another character whose predominant color is beige. He is Ritchies best friend and at the same time having a secret love affair with margot. However his outfits consist of more than just neutrals displaying that him and margot are not on the same page and in fact this will not be a long lasting love.  

 Within this film the characters are very well defined and the acting is incredible. There does not seem to be one flaw. The actors are all natural and fill the roles of the strange characters perfectly. Each of them is very well defined and has particular attributes that are very important to carrying out the plot line. Even when introduced as little children, they wear the same outfit through out the film. These outfits become their uniforms and can be defined as their personality. Their personalities do not change in the slightest from when we are first introduced to them except for Royal. I think this is done to show a contrast and to be very noticeable that the character is changing for the better. Although the character wasn’t terribly bad to begin with, we need that extra emphasis to really define and enhance the characters change. This being done so that the character himself is not completely transformed keeping it realistic and natural along with not making the plot line and personality of this person corny. It keeps the audience engaged and keeps them locked in that cinematic experience also feeling sympathy and empathy for the character. Every one of the characters within this story lead very different lives and deal with very different issues. Wes Anderson took these issues, which are very common and in no way comedic and displayed them very lightly in a way that the film was not too heavy and mentally draining. This was done by using extensive high key lighting where the palette of color overall could be appreciated enhancing the colors making them bright and warm. I found the lighting to help relieve the intensity of certain scenes and remove any tensions making it very easy to watch and get lost in. The issues were addressed in a way in which the audience could relate and understand but found to be amusing due to th lightness, the sarcasm and the mise en scene of the film. This film being tragicomedy where all the misfortunes of the characters are presented in a comedic and very relieving way. An example being the death of Royal where at his funeral his two grandsons have the BB gun solute wearing matching black adidas jump suits apposed to red which they normally do. Another aspect of the film I noticed was the soundtrack that fit perfectly with the images on the screen. Each song has a meaning behind it and fit the meaning of what was being displayed in front of us. I have downloaded the soundtrack a few years ago and I suggest you do too! I got a little carried away with this film analyzation but it is my favorite and I have watched it way too many times. 

Another film I highly recommend :)


This has to be my favorite movie of his… He’s just cute as a button this whole damn movie! I just wanna eat him up!