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Why is the whole genosha a big thing? What is genosha??

Genosha has a complicated history with mutants, at different times playing both hell and haven. It’s an island nation, off the southern coast of Africa. It was originally a mostly egalitarian, post racial society, with Wakanda level wealth. The ideal of what Western society strives for. Except for one detail. The engine of their wealth was a mutant slave caste. All mutants were put through a process called genegineering, made into compliant beings, losing their original identity. They were tools of the state. 

This was the late 80s, early 90s. Chris Claremont was building on themes of slavery,and apartheid. South Africa was a big deal back then. Mandela was getting out of prison. They even made a Lethal Weapon movie about it.

The X-Men first ran into them while they lived in Australia. They didn’t get along well.

There were a few other interactions, with tensions rising. Eventually Genosha felt the mutant terrorist X-Men were a clear and present danger to their society, that needed to be removed

This was the X-tinction Agenda, and was a massive event for the time. The Genoshans attacked the school (everybody was living in the basement, because the mansion had been blown up), capturing Storm, Rahne, Warlock, Rictor, and Boom Boom. The X-Men went to war with an entire country to get their kids back. You could not have picked a worse moment for the team. The  X-Men didn’t effectively exist at the time. Storm had lead them to calamitous ruin in the Australian Outback, and they were scattered across the globe, after a trip through the Siege Perilous. More than one still unaware of their previous life as an X-Man. The capture of the Storm and the New Mutants drew many together again to rescue their kids.

The X-Men were victorious, but not before paying a terrible cost.

Warlock died early. Rahne and Ororo would go through the genegineering process, with Rahne’s transformation being ‘permanent’. 

Genosha was left a burning Shambles. Their military and government toppled by the X-Men. They had never all come so close to dying, but were made stronger by the event. The family of Xavier had been scattered for a long time. This included the New Mutants being estranged from X-Factor. This period for X-men began their transition to mega franchise, and the countdown to X-Men 1′s million sales.

Fast forward many years later.

Control of Genosha would later be ceded to Magneto by the United Nations, as a way of appeasement. It wouldn’t work, leading to Wolverine and Cyclops having to take him down again. Magneto did however create a mutant haven in Genosha. Then they had a bad day.

Selene would head that way later, to resurrect all those dead mutants to do her bidding, with the help of the transmode virus. Cyclops and Wolverine’s X-Force stopped her.

 Most recently, it was where the Red Skull kept his mutant concentration camp

It has been the site of much heartache and horror, filled with the ghosts of million of dead mutants. It is a place that once held hope of becoming a guiding light for what was possible. That light was snuffed, and it has reverted back to place of nightmare.I imagine the negative energy there strong enough to incapacitate some empaths and telepaths. Other than M Day, this is where the worst events in mutant history have taken place.

That’s Genosha.

Uncanny X-Men #272, ““X-Tinction Agenda (part 7): Capital Crimes” January 1991
Written by Chris Claremont. Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. 

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