let’s be real guys

It’s really the best thing for Seo, Soo and Fany to be free from SM and to have control over their activities and free time. We won’t see SNSD promote professionally like they used to but come on!!! Three of our girls are finally FREE from their oppressive company *without owing them royalties* !!! How is that not something to celebrate!!!! 

Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany have so much potential to accomplish even more than they already have and we can all agree that they have the drive. What SM fails to provide them time and time again is the OPPORTUNITIES

Our unnies know what it is best for themselves, even if they may disappointed by the outcome like us. Let’s trust and support them and hope this helps others see how horrific SM’s management of their talent is. If this empowers other idols to leave SM or other tyrannical companies, only good can come from this.

SNSD fighting! Seohyun, Sooyoung, Tiffany fighting!!! Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yuri and Yoona fighting!!!!

Team 7 & The 3 vices of a ninja


How could Naruto be so irresponsible to drink and get himself wasted right before his most important day of his life, the day he achieves his life long dream. It’s made even worse when Hinata mentions he knows how weak of a drinker he is so him drinking it’s just idiotic , I mean if Lee the lightest drinker that can get drunk from chocolates with a bit of alcohol in them was completely sober then it shows the difference between a responsible person and a complete imbecile. and makes Naruto look like he has a serious drinking problem, it also makes this scene in the Boruto movie :

Take on a different meaning, he didn’t miss his daughter birthday out of over working and exhaustion but because he was drinking and he passed out, that is why his clone disappeared and dropped the cake. 

Naruto not only didn’t listen to his mother about women (as he did marry the weird one) but also about drinking as he is definitely overdoing it.


Shizune tells Sarada that Sakura fainted a lot ever since she was a child (but we know that is a lie). It actually shows how stressful Sakura’s life has become, no husband around, raising a child by herself and on top of that financial difficulties, which forces her to take loans to pay for a house, she probably couldn’t afford to begin with.


Sasuke would be very OOC if he is shown hitting on women (like his RTN version) but let’s see what Suigetsu says here, he doesn’t say I had no idea Sasuke was a pimp or such a pimp, he says that much of a pimp meaning he thinks Sasuke is a pimp just not to the extent of having a child with another woman.

But what really shows that Sasuke does break the third vice is Naruto’s reaction, the guy that is supposed to know Sasuke best, his best friend, instead of saying Sasuke would never do such a thing, it’s not in his character, there must be some mistake. He says: “Sasuke that god-damned *beep beep*!!! so either Naruto is OOC as fuck here or Sasuke really is a pimp that both Naruto and suigetsu think so, later in the story Sarada blocks Ino (a married woman) from a approaching Sasuke her own father, that she should trust won’t cheat on her mother but she doesn’t, that goes a long way to show how Sasuke is viewed as someone untrustworthy that can’t keep it in his pants. Seems Sasuke being similar to Jiraya is true in more ways than one.

you know what?? it’s not like i can’t belive that Chris Cornell died, because everybody dies. it’s a kind of thing we have to get used to at a young age…

the point is, that this man is a real icon.
i mean he raised a generation of people who love rock and grunge music. he has made many theme songs for movies, tv shows.
even if you didn’t know who he was, you had to recognize the voice.
voice of the geneartion.
all of the young musicians nowadays should take him as an example of adult rockstar life because he actually lived it.
and i thought he will never leave.

but death takes us all.
rest in peace Chris Cornell 🖤