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pina-fiesta  asked:

I've considered a master's in Library Science for a while now, among other things, but I wanted advice on it from someone who actually works in a library. Do you like your job? When I mentioned it before to my family, they all said "Everyone just uses libraries for computer work now, so you'd just be helping old and poor people use the internet." Is it really just that all the time, or do you do other things?

I love my job. Deciding to go to grad school and getting my MLIS completely changed my life for the better.

The thing about people only using the library for internet is a massive myth. Yes, lots of people use our internet because they cannot afford it at home or don’t use computers enough to buy one & have a regular internet connection, but that’s not all there is to libraries. Additionally, most large or mid-sized libraries aren’t going to have degreed librarians working the computer lab.

A short list of some of the things I do as an adult services librarian:

  • Reference questions. Ask me anything. There’s literally a sign hanging above the desk that says that. I cover everything from helping college kids find sources on obscure artists to stock market quotes to driving directions to newspaper articles to getting you the pope’s mailing address.
  • Reader’s Advisory. Not sure what to read next? Can’t remember the name of a book? Need to know the next book in a series? I’m your girl.
  • Managing holds & equipment requests. I’ll put you on the wait list for the next James Patterson the second you hear about it. I’ll also get you booked in our study room or get you one of our roku devices so you can have free netflix for a week.
  • Technology training. Bring in your device and I’ll teach you how to get free ebooks, digital magazines, and downloadable audiobooks, and access our huge collection of streaming movies and music.
  • Buying books. I love this part of my job. The library gives me money and I buy books to fill our shelves. Of course there’s a lot of research that goes into picking the books people will actually read and what we need to fill holes, but still, I get to buy books. Other librarians get to buy ebooks, music, movies, etc.
  • Programs. At least at my library, we always have something going on. This includes a lot of things: cooking classes, new technology training, resume workshops, genealogy, learning a language, hearing a concert, watching a movie, book clubs, etc. Librarians are the ones who organize these so you can have something to do for free that is both enjoyable and educational.

That’s a short list of what I do and that’s just me. Other librarians do things like story time, early literacy classes, parenting classes, technology classes, databases, design libraries, cataloging, outreach, and so much more. Libraries are here for you at any point in your life and for just about anything you need. We are so much more than books and internet.