if Eevees can adapt to new environments super fast, then what happens when they meet multiple conditions?

Laceon are generally found in alpine biomes, like Snowpoint and Snowbelle. their coat is blue-grey in the Winter months and cream in the Summer. the long, ribbon-like frills are used for intimidation and attracting mates.

Joltbreons roam around suburban neigbourhoods and near power stations. they are nocturnal and skittish creatures, so despite their large population numbers they often go unseen.

Esporeons are one of the most popular domestic eeveelutions, combining the even temperament of an Espeon with the stamina of a Vaporeon. they are also the most likely breed to be used as service Pokemon for this reason.

trainers often mix finely crushed up everstones into their pet’s food once they reach their desired form to stabilise the Eevee’s genes and prevent further mutation.

Scientists Discover Clues to Altered Brain Wiring in Autism

Autism is an agonizing puzzle, a complex mixture of genetic and environmental factors. One piece of this puzzle that has emerged in recent years is a biochemical cascade called the mTOR pathway that regulates growth in the developing brain. A mutation in one of the genes that controls this pathway, PTEN (also known as phosphatase and tensin homolog), can cause a particular form of autism called macrocephaly/autism syndrome.

Using an animal model of this syndrome, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered that mutations in PTEN affect the assembly of connections between two brain areas important for the processing of social cues: the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with complex cognitive processes such as moderating social behavior, and the amygdala, which plays a role in emotional processing.

“When PTEN is mutated, we find that neurons that project from the prefrontal cortex to the amygdala are overgrown and make more synapses,” said TSRI Associate Professor Damon Page. “In this case, more synapses are not necessary a good thing because this contributes to abnormal activity in the amygdala and deficits in social behavior.”

The study was published on November 15 by the journal Nature Communications. The study also showed that targeting the activity of the mTOR pathway shortly after birth, a time when neurons are forming connections between these brain areas, can block the emergence of abnormal amygdala activity and social behavioral deficits. Likewise, reducing activity neurons that project between these areas in adulthood can also reverse these symptoms.

“Given that the functional connectivity between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala is largely conserved between mice and humans,” said TSRI Graduate Student Wen-Chin Huang, the first author of the study, “we anticipate the therapeutic strategies suggested here may be relevant for individuals on the autism spectrum.”

Although caution is warranted in extrapolating findings from animal models to humans, these findings have implications for individualized approaches to treating autism. “Even within individuals exposed to the same risk factor, different strategies may be appropriate to treat the symptoms of autism in early development versus maturity,” said Page.

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Hey so I've seen a lot of posts about high quality vs low quality phenotypic reptiles (esp like leopard geckos and ball pythons) and I was wondering what high quality vs low quality phenotypic Kenyan sand boas look like/how to tell? :)


I have very little experience with leo morphs and genetics, so I’ll make comparisons to ball pythons.

So comparing breeding quality in BPs and sandboas is like… difficult. They could NOT be more different. Not because a quality difference doesn’t exist, but because with sandboas, we are talking about two separate gene pools: Homo/Heterozygous mutation phenotypic traits and locality phenotypic traits. The two are VERY separate, can be combined, and are bred for or against based on the goals of the specific breeder. 

Let’s start with mutation traits. The main, singular heritable traits found in sandboas are:

Anery (most common)

Albino (second most common)

Paradox (third most common)



HGW (High Genetic White)

Hypo/Ghost (this is VERY new)

The main, heritable LOCALITY trait in sandboas is:

ALL variations of stripe (wide stripe, granite stripe, pepper stripe,etc.)

ALL variations of reduced pattern EXCEPT HGW

The main, line bred/selectively bred traits in sandboas that are NOT locality specific are:


Locality traits:

Yellow ground color (Egyptian locality)

Rufescens (Smaller size, brown/black, very little orange, tiger, possibly gray belly scales)

Dodoma (reduced pattern of varying degrees)

Many of these traits can be combined. 

In mutations, the degree of quality is relatively objective. Let’s take a look at the first sandboa color morph: The Anery.

(From Sand Boa Classifieds FB Page, Patrick Smigocki)

(From Mason Dixon Sandboas)

(From VMS herp)

Look at these three examples of anery. Which would you rather breed?

There is really only one quality example of anery here: The one on the bottom! The top sandboa is VERY dirty, a trait usually avoided with anery animals. The middle animal is… just okay. Still pretty dirty, and that disrupts the stark contrast between the black and white. The bottom, on the other hand, is minimally dirty and has decent contrast. Unfortunately, as inexperienced keepers and breeders scoop up anery sandboas (you can find one for 40 dollars at shows sometimes) the quality of anery has tanked. You see a lot more animals that look like #1 and 2 than #3.

You can see the same muddied traits in albino. For example:

(From GazPythons)


Now, if we ignore the fact that the second sandboa is a paradox albino, that the second boa is on a blue background that makes the orange pop, AND I think albinos are ugly anyway, we have the following color difference:

The second sandboa has MUCH more contrast. If you bred the first animal, you’d be left with muddy, low contrast albino and het albino animals. You find this kind of thing in every sandboa morph.

On the other genetic pool, you have locality traits that can be isolated, line bred, improved, and combined with morph traits.

Let’s look at a very dramatic locality: The Dodoma.


Note: The above snake is a high content Dodoma cross. Pure Dodoma locality snakes are very rare and kept almost exclusively by Warren Treacher and a handful of others.

The Dodoma sandboa is named for the Dodoma Valley where they are found in Tanzania. These sandboas have bred together over time to have an overall reduced pattern. This trait is genetic, but is a TENDENCY toward a specific pattern, not a morph. Dodoma crosses (usually with normal patterned KSBs) are called California Flames (Cal Flame) and look like this:

(From Russo’s Reptiles)

This Cal Flame has the almost bald Dodoma head, the soft orange/peach color, and low black markings. Dodoma animals of varying content and expression are combined with morph mutations and result in some incredible animals.

(A Dodoma Anery)

We should also understand that an animal can have Dodoma CONTENT, or exhibit Dodoma traits, but an animal CANNOT be “het” Dodoma. Dodoma is not a gene! It is a specific, naturally line bred look.

Rufescens sandboas are another locality morph. According to Warren Treacher’s The Sandboa Book, the Rufescens sandboa is a naturally occurring locality within Ethiopia. They first arrived in the US in 2002, and when bred, produce a plethora of crossed appearances. 

(Hamburger, my pure Rufescens sandboa)

(A Rufescens from Scott Miller’s line)

(Rufescens female from Mason Dixon Sandboas)

When bred to other sandboas, Rufescens crosses produce…

Tiger sandboas

ALL versions of stripe



Interestingly, in Rufescens content animals, stripe is a dominant trait, but when the various types of stripe are combined, they begin to get muddy like a mutation would. Tigers, though a decidedly Rufescens trait, are NOT heritable in the het/homozygous sense. They are heritable as the Dodoma pattern tendency is heritable.

So, what makes a good breeding quality locality animal? Unlike mutation color morphs, the markers of quality are less clear cut. It depends on what you are breeding FOR. It could be a new Dodoma combo, with high contrast. Perhaps a new kind of stripe. Maybe you want to create a Rufescens cross Tiger that is also an albino. If you have a PLAN with locality animals, and your animals exhibit or produce offspring that exhibit the traits you find desirable, you are on the right track.

So: In short, with morph animals you should use similar criteria that you would use with ball pythons. Is the patterning interesting? Is the contrast high? Does the animal express its color well? Do the combined genes compliment one another?

With locality and locality cross animals, you should consider how an animal fits into your plans. Does it exhibit traits you want to breed toward? Can you combine this with other traits you find interesting? Can you safely breed animals with the same traits while limiting your inbreeding coefficient? Is the animal labeled with its correct locality? (For example: ALL stripes are Rufescens crosses, but rarely labeled as such.)

So, uh. Yeah. I hope that was at least a little helpful. It’s really late and I’m going to bed.

Capable of Change - 5 (Savitar!Barry/Reader)

Imagine, remnant Barry getting asked out by you and he decided to say yes…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

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“That is not true!” He smiled as you stood up holding a dvd in your hand.

“I can’t help that Monty Python is over quoted and over done.” He told you.

“But this is the Holy Grail. Everyone likes the Holy Grail.”  You shook the dvd case in front of him.

“I’m not everyone.” He smirked.

“Fine, what movie is the best to you?” You crossed your arms. He opened his mouth to speak but the sound of someone at the door stopped him. You moved to go answer it but his legs stayed stretched out resting on the table in the way, “Dude…”

“Pay the toll.” He smirked as you nudged his legs again.

“There’s someone at my door. Move.” You smiled at him.

“Pay…the toll.” He said slowly his face not changing as you rolled your eyes, “They’re going to be waiting a really long time…”

“Oh my god, you’re ridiculous.” You leaned down giving him a kiss. He let you pass walking for the door.

He leaned his head back watching you. After a few days of getting somethings in order for his plan to work, he’d taken you to dinner. He had concluded that he was a god, he should be able to get what he wanted.

He felt happier than he had in many years. In the cage, he had been so consumed…He shook it off when he heard you speak, “Dad? Hi! What are you doing here? Did I miss a call?”

He watched you hug an older gentleman as he stood up listening, “Oh I was in the area and thought I’d stop by to catch up, but I see I’m interrupting.”

“Right…no you’re fine. I actually…I want you to meet him.” You smiled looking over to Allen, “Dad, this is…uh…well this Bartholomew Allen, and this is my dad, John.”

“Bartholomew, don’t hear of many of those.” John reached out his hand to him.

“And that’s why everyone calls me Allen.” Allen took his hand, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah…You must be the mystery guy she’s mentioned, but never reveals.” John smirked and it was then that he could see the resemblance.

“Dad…” You blushed a little shutting the door.

“What? I gotta embarrass you when I can. You’re always so busy now.” He walked over to one of the bar stools in the kitchen taking a seat.

“I find it hard to believe that Y/N gets embarrassed.” Allen crossed his arms smirking at you.

“Please don’t get him started….” You whispered scratching your forehead.

“You know I might be old.” Your father looked at you both, “But I still can hear.”

The next few hours were spent in good conversation and laughter. He’d gotten you to laugh before but the way your father made your eyes crinkle, it was something special. The more time he spent with you them more he realized how much he’d forgotten how to live.

“I love you peanut.” John whispered kissing your head as you lingered holding onto him.

“I love you too dad.” You smiled letting go finally.

“It was really good to meet you sir.” Allen held out his hand.

John took his hand firmly, “You seem alright Allen…take good care of my girl.”

“I’ll do my best.” Allen smiled stepping closer to you noticing your cheeks flush.

“You two have a good night.” John turned to the door opening, “Oh and Allen…”

“Yes sir?” He stood up straight as John looked back at him.

“It’s the Holy Grail…” John smiled a little, “Sometimes watching it with the right person gives you a better perspective. Have a good night.”

Allen looked at you smirking at him, “So I take it…”

“We are totally watching that movie.” You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck, “Thanks for not running away.”

“He’s your dad, it was bound to happen. Though I do wish I would have had a little prep time.” He said placing his hands on your hips as you leaned up kissing him.

“Well you did great.” You moved your hands to his chest give him a pat, “You get comfy, I’m gonna make some popcorn.”

He pulled you back to him as you stepped away. When you looked to his face you saw him biting his lower lip in a mischievous way, “So I know of a few places that I can get comfy here, you’re going to have to get more specific.”

“Oh well…I mean…we could go about anywhere you want.” He smirked drawing closer to him, “Did you have a favorite place in mind?”

You yelped as he scooped you up into his arms heading for the stairs, “I do.”

You smiled a while later you moved resting your chin on his chest staring up at his face. He smiled at you before reaching over brushing hair from your face, “You are so beautiful.”

“Thanks.” You blushed a little leaning into his hands, “You know, I could get real used to this.”

“To what?” He asked letting his thumb rub against your cheek absently.

“Waking up next to you.” You watched him smile more. You moved to your knees looking at him for a moment before swinging your legs off the bed.

“Where you going?” He moved with you letting his hand trail up your bare back as you searched for something to put on from the floor.

“I am going to make us something to eat. We never had dinner.” You looked back him.

“It’s midnight…stay in bed.” He stared at him.






His stomach let out a loud low rumble, “Uh…”

“I’ll be back.” You pulled on your robe before leaning down giving him a kiss, “Just relax.”

Relax. He sighed watching you disappear from view letting his head rest against the pillows. Yeah…he could get used of this too.

You came back with some hefty looking sandwiches. He took his as you set yours on the bed walking over to the small tv, “No…really?”

You looked back at the whining man, “This movie is happening…even if we fall asleep watching it.”

He sighed before taking a bite thinking back to what your father had said to him, which got him thinking about her father in general, “Hey can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can.” You sat down picking up your sandwich.

“Your dad…” He looked at you as the movie started in the background, “He’s…sick?”

You took in a breath nodding slowly, “Yeah…cancer.”

“I’m sorry…” You looked at him as he put his sandwich on the bedside table, “It’s bad isn’t it?”

“He’s doing okay, but…doctors aren’t hopeful.” You told him frowning, “You could tell?”

“I’ve been around sick people…” He told you, “He seems like a healthy guy…is it genetic?”

“Uh actually no.” You picked at your sandwich, “You’re right he’s really healthy…was…but three years ago he was at work and that …thing blew up. You know the science thing STAR Labs.”

He listened as you went on, “He was affected like those special people, but…instead of getting fast or…cool powers. His genes mutate too fast I guess. The doctors have tried radiation, surgeries…it always comes back.”

He shut his eyes frowning, “Y/N…I don’t…”

“It’s okay.” You looked at him, “My brother and I we’ve come to terms and so has my dad. Doesn’t make it much easier but…well…you can’t change it.”

“Y/N…you know if you need anything…ever.” He trailed off.

You smiled scooting closer to him looking at the tv, “I know…”

He put his arm around you. The pair of you fell silent watching the film. He smiled every time you started to mutter some line.

Your dad was right…sometimes perspective can change with the people you’re around.

so I’ve thought about why Sam and Tucker probably would have died if they were the ones stuck in the portal and here are the things I’ve thought of:

-mutated genes from both of his parents (generations of ghostly exposure on Jack’s side and probable radiation mutations from Maddie)

-his body already had a small tolerance to ectoplasm from ingesting it since birth. kind of like how one could build a poison tolerance by taking very small quantities over a long period of time

-Danny was already dying before the accident from an illness, maybe a terminal cancer. (if the illness was known then his parents believed that the radiation from the accident killed the cancer cells. [they built the portal because if he was gonna go they still wanted to see him - even as a ghost] that’s why Danny had no problem going into the portal - what was it going to do kill him less painfully? that’s why he had no friends at school [too painful to be around a kid dying and he was always out of school] but the ones he did have were so fiercely loyal - they never knew how long they had left. that’s why jazz was so into therapy and counseling - to handle the grief. okay i need to stop)

-because of the way the machine was designed, Danny’s height and body type were just right that the majority of the energy released didn’t hit him, but instead went mostly around him with only a little actually going through him (Sam is too slight and wouldn’t get enough energy to change her, Tucker is built slightly more than Danny and would get too energy and die)

-BH really just wants people to stop making everyone a halfa because there’s no way it would happen in canon so stop it (don’t actually stop please)

“Wounds” - LokixReader

Prompt :: Imagine you and Loki are on a mission as a part of the Avengers team and just as the bad guy is defeated, the building you’re all in collapses. As Loki runs to your rescue, he twists his ankle, but doesn’t let that stop him from getting you to safety. Once you two get home to [ the tower ], you return the favor by taking care of his injured ankle.

Features :: Avenger reader, mutant/immortal reader, female reader, Avenger Loki, slight AU, Loki is not a villain anymore

Warnings :: Violence, wounds/injuries, death (minor character)

Word Count :: 4073

Additional Notes :: Request for @marril96 !  It drifted a bit from the original prompt along the way, but I think it worked… enough.  This story took a lot out of me, aha, but I hope it was worth it.  Sorry for the long wait!

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Scientists track down possible new treatment for epilepsy

Increasing the concentration of specific fats in the brain could suppress epileptic seizures. This is evident from ground-breaking research carried out by the research groups of Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven) and Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The results of their close collaboration have been published in the leading trade journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Professor Patrik Verstreken specializes in brain research, focusing on synapses. These are the junctions between two nerve cells where electrical signals are transmitted. In various brain disorders — such as Parkinson’s disease — there is impaired communication at these synapses.

Professor Wim Versées examines the processes which take place in our cells, right down to the level of individual molecules and atoms. By figuring out the three-dimensional structures of protein molecules, he tries to obtain crucial information about their role in the cell and the mechanisms which underlie various disorders.

The key role of TBC1D24
In earlier research involving fruit flies, Professor Verstreken had already demonstrated that a protein known as ‘Skywalker’ plays a crucial role in maintaining communication between brain cells. An almost identical protein operates in the human brain under the name ‘TBC1D24’.

Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven): “Genetic mutations of the protein TBC1D24 cause a deviation known as the DOOR syndrome. Alongside deafness, deformed nails, brittle bones and mental retardation, this serious genetic disorder is characterized by neurodegeneration, movement disorders and epilepsy.”

Analysis with atomic precision
By joining forces with Professor Wim Versées at the VIB research center for structural biology, the scientists were able to figure out the three-dimensional structure of Skywalker, making it possible to study the protein in microscopic detail.

Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Looking at Skywalker in this way gave us completely new insights into the precise function of this protein, and therefore also the function of the human protein TBC1D24. Among other things, we discovered that it connects with specific brain fats. And more importantly, this connection is impaired in over 70% of patients with a TBC1D24 mutation.”

Suppression of epileptic seizures
On the basis of this discovery, the scientists increased the concentration of specific brain fats in fruit flies with a Skywalker mutation. What happened? The epileptic seizures in the sick fruit flies were completely suppressed.

Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven): “Our work shows that increasing specific brain fats at the synapses of patients with a TBC1D24 mutation is a possible strategy for preventing epileptic seizures. And although our work focuses on people with TBC1D24 mutations, we think that our findings could be relevant to various forms of epilepsy.”

Scientific cross-pollination
Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Our two research groups will now continue to collaborate in order to seek out strategies for increasing the concentration of specific fats in the brain to prevent epileptic seizures. This research stems from cross-pollination between structural biology, biochemistry and genetics, so we will certainly continue down this interdisciplinary route.”

a/n: because of this new song i’ve discovered today, i actually plotted this headcanon and wrote it out in three hours. i know, i know. yet another zombie apocalypse – i can’t help it!!!! but this is going to have a fluff twist to it, i hope. enjoy please?!

jikook; zombie apocalypse au + your world’s black and white until you meet your soulmate au. side taegi (only mentioned).

no warnings because it’s sort of fluffy, i think. 

  • Frankly speaking, Jimin’s forgotten about the fairytale dream everyone once had before the apocalypse hit. Right before the mutated genes started infesting everyone and turning them into the undead, everyone had been so fixated over finding the one.
  • •The idea’s nothing but a dumb one right now to Jimin but back then — it had been something beautiful to look forward to, to be able to meet your soulmate who’s going to actually bring colors to your life (literally in this case).
  • Then the apocalypse hit, and Jimin’s already black and white world got even duller.
  • The once beautiful dream left everyone’s mind, or at least for Jimin’s, because he’s not going stick around and picture the day he will finally meet his soulmate when he has other things to worry about constantly (to make sure every day isn’t his last, to make sure he has food, to make sure no one spots him because humans are actually starting to fight each other for ammunitions now).
  • The idea’s only put back to his mind when Jimin finally finds people he trusts enough to travel with — Yoongi and Taehyung who actually risked their lives to save a stranger like him the first time they met — Taehyung’s always the chatterbox, filling up silences in between them whenever they have to take long walks so to reach somewhere safe.
  • Taehyung speaks Yoongi’s soulmate (if Jimin’s surprised that Taehyung isn’t, he doesn’t show that he is).
  • Yoongi was halfway through the woods with Taehyung when he saw someone lying on the ground, dirty with mud and blood with his eyes slowly losing life due to the wound that’s bleeding profusely. Taehyung had approached the stranger then, already drawing a dagger out to put the other into peace and to prevent him from turning into a walker.
  • Yoongi hadn’t said anything then, but he stopped Taehyung, only because he wanted to be the one. It was only after a week that Yoongi admitted to Taehyung over his soulmate who he had met for less than fifteen minutes. The colors surfaced as quickly as they left with his soulmate’s last breath.
  • Jimin thinks his soulmate is dead already, by now.
  • He’s wrong.
  • Yoongi picked the lock of a cabin they had thought to be empty as they tried to hide away from walkers who were starting to follow them after Taehyung accidentally dropped the cans of food he found from the neighborhood in his latest supply run, the sounds attracting quite a number of them over. The instant Yoongi managed to open the door, all of them shoved themselves into the cabin, ready to sigh a loud breath out in relief until Taehyung hears the safety of a gun unclipped.
  • Yoongi’s fast to react, immediately whipping his own gun out to point at the stranger who’s literally glaring at them, letting them know that their presence’s more than just unappreciated. The tension lingers thickly in the air as Taehyung gulps visibly, knowing Yoongi’s definitely ready to shoot if any of them is in danger (so let alone now when Taehyung’s the one the gun’s pointed at) and remains oblivious to the way Jimin’s frame stiffen after a brief eye contact with the younger male.
  • “Don’t shoot, hyung. Lower your gun.” Jimin glances over and presses Yoongi’s gun down himself when the other doesn’t listen. “Hyung, don’t.”
  • “Jimin, what are you doing? He’s going to—”
  • “He’s not going to shoot.”
  • “How do you know?”
  • Jimin can’t find it within himself to answer, and simply glances back to the younger male who eventually lowers at his own gun just to look at his own hands as if in awe. Taehyung and Yoongi exchanged a confused look briefly, but Jimin understands. Of course he does.
  • He’s seeing colors.
  • “My name’s Jimin.” Jimin says quietly after a long while, and proceeded to step closer to the younger male despite Taehyung protesting. The other doesn’t seem like he’s going to raise his gun any time soon, he just seems… confused, really confused.
  • “This doesn’t mean anything.”
  • Jimin agrees, but he can’t say this isn’t the reason why he convinced Yoongi later to let a stranger who pointed a gun at them to follow them. They never allowed people to tag along with them anymore after almost losing their lives over people who ultimately only cared for their own survivals — but whoever this person is… he’s not just anybody.
  • He’s actually Jimin’s soulmate (god, just by registering that alone is so fucking weird).
  • Jimin doesn’t tell Taehyung and Yoongi anything about it, simply keeping that odd status a secret because they can’t even behave naturally around each other. Jimin’s pretty sure soulmates fall in love with each other immediately or something yet with his very own soulmate, everything’s pretty much the opposite. The only thing Jimin’s known so far about him even after spending weeks with him is his name. Jeon Jungkook.
  • It’s a weird thing knowing this is the person that’s actually meant for you when you barely even know him. What first seemed like a romantic idea before the apocalypse only becomes a bizarre one to him now as he cares for Jungkook’s wellbeing (because the colors have to say something) and yet he doesn’t even feel close to him.
  • But things just happen naturally (maybe this is why they are soulmates). It’s hard to not open up to someone who you’re slowly spending every day with, going through life or death situations and taking risks together. It does something, it does a lot. Not just to him, but Jungkook even smiles at Taehyung’s jokes now and shares little stories about him to Yoongi.
  • Now whenever they take a small break, Jungkook sits himself beside Jimin and that alone is strangely comforting enough. They just sit with their shoulders pressed together, fingers almost brushing. It’s not close enough for them to lace together, it’s too soon, but Jimin’s slowly forgetting since when the idea starts to be something he doesn’t feel so awkward over anymore.
  • But maybe here’s the thing why Jimin had been so hesitant to get close to Jungkook. Maybe he knows Jungkook’s supposed to mean something, and that maybe he knows he’s supposed to give a shit if anything’s going to happen. He’s afraid of losing, too afraid and the afternoon Jungkook actually got shot by a group of people who was trying to raid their food and weapons when he’s trying to protect Yoongi, everything hits.
  • He’s scared shitless just at the thought of losing Jungkook. Just a year simply isn’t enough — he’s not supposed to lose his soulmate just like that.
  • So he doesn’t abandon Jungkook even if the other’s almost too heavy for him to carry alongside with his other bags, and blinks back tears as he tries to think of ways to patch Jungkook’s wounds back and find Yoongi and Taehyung who were forced to take a different route with them when trying to escape the gun fire that got way too messy.
  • He’s going to survive, Jungkook’s not going to die on him — Jimin’s going to save him.
  • Jungkook’s consciousness is literally fading in and out by the time Jimin’s piggybacking him (more like just dragging him, because Jungkook’s boots are just scrapping on the ground) across a shallow river, and Jimin realizes — so are the colors he’s looking at. He’s almost losing Jungkook, and the colors are the first sign.
  • God, he’s scared.
  • Jungkook—”
  • “I know, me too.” Jungkook’s voice is rasp when he speaks, sounding breathless as he groans over the pain. “Guess my time’s up.”
  • “No.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had met before all these shits happened? I could’ve asked you out for dinner, maybe even cooked for you. Could’ve bought you flowers, could’ve brought you to pretty places and knew you in a normal world without all these… fear and chaos. Fuck, Jimin. Things would’ve been so nice, wouldn’t it?” Jungkook croaks bitterly, and Jimin tries his hardest to not cry as he grits at his teeth. “I could’ve loved you properly.”
  • Jungkook’s not even able to answer him by the time Namjoon actually spots them, losing his consciousness entirely as Namjoon tries to convince Jimin that he’s not trying to hurt them, and that he’s just a recruiter who wants to take them back into a safe shelter. Jimin hadn’t thought of saying yes until Namjoon looked at Jungkook and said “We have medical supplies over there and a doctor, even. Your friend can be treated there.”
  • When Jungkook finally comes to two mornings later, Jimin almost shoved him back into a coma by nagging at his impulsiveness a week ago nonstop. Jungkook’s left confused about the sudden change of environment he’s in until Namjoon finally comes in explaining everything, pacifying Jimin who definitely has brightened up (despite the hostility he’s been hurling at Jungkook) before passing Jungkook a few stalks of flowers. Jungkook can’t believe he’s at a place that flowers get to be grown.
  • “We have to find Taehyung and Yoongi-hyung,” Jungkook says the instant Namjoon leaves, looking at Jimin who catches his meaning immediately. “I know this place’s great but… I can’t stay here knowing they are out somewhere.”
  • “We’ll find them. Just rest more — Hoseok-hyung, I mean… the doctor said you still need a week or so before the wound fully wounds. We’ll leave then. We’ll find them, and we will bring them back here.”
  • “Guess our normal days will have to wait. How long more till I can finally bring you flowers myself?”
  • Jimin finally smiles then, pinching lightly at Jungkook’s arm as he feigns to be annoyed before he seems to slip into deep thoughts, pondering for a long while until Jungkook gathers enough strength to locate where Jimin’s hand is so he can give it a light, reassuring squeeze.
  • “I don’t need flowers… movie dates, fancy dinner or a normal life, Jungkook.” Jimin murmurs softly, and as their eyes meet again, he’s briefly reminded of how they looked at each other the first time. Right now, at this moment, it almost felt the first time when Jungkook had brought colors into his life. “Just this is perfect.”
  • Jimin laces their fingers together tightly, finally like how he always wanted to before kissing lightly on top of their hands.
  • “Yeah, this is perfect.”
Purple | Taehyung, You

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Warning: Tae is a cute nerd in this AU, get ready

Why do you have to be different?

Tori was 14 when she realised the power she possessed. At first, it was hard for her to understand the simple things. Why everyone would keep insisting that her eyes were brown when they clearly weren’t. Why she would be able to hear people’s thoughts when she looked them directly in the eye. Why the boy she had had a crush on for 3 years, the man who had never talked to her once in his life before, asked her on a date the second they spoke.

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i have more ideas about mutant worldbuilding and they’re all allegoric. ok what about….. non-mutants pressing for person-first language. “you’re not a mutant, you’re a person with a mutation!!” bad organizations that claim to be pro-mutant but are actually pro-“find a cure for being a mutant.” foodies saying gmos and food dyes cause mutations. “i’m gene-blind! i don’t see you as a mutant!”

Breaking the One Damn Rule (Pt. 6)

Read Part 5

[A/N: Second job has started, almost officially have my promotion at my regular job, applied to grad school and waiting for a response, and wedding planning has me pulling my hair out]

Constant monitoring and bed rest is what the doctor ordered. With the fate of yours and cel mic’s health in Bruce’s hands, and growing boredom, you need a distraction. Nothing like a Netflix marathon to pass the day and quell the cabin fever. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of dying

Words: 1, 648

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ofekma  asked:

Max and Sabrina "can you solve it?"

“Can you solve it?” Sabrina asked, leaning over his shoulder. “Chloe will be heartbroken if I don’t get her homework done in time.”

Max scoffed. “Of course I can solve it. It’s a rudimentary equation at best.” He moved his stylus efficiently across the tablet screen. “The real question is why you have put yourself in the position to be responsible for someone else’s work.”

“You do Kim’s work all the time!”

“Correction: I assist Kim in completing his homework. I never simply do it for him,” Max sniffed.

“Chloe is very busy and she’s my best friend. I’m happy to help her out however I can,” Sabrina replied, fidgeting with the hem of her sweater vest.

“If that’s the way you want to look at it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Max sighed and looked up from the tablet. “Physically speaking, you are an attractive female. Your hair alone is an indicator of a mutated MC1R gene which is interesting in and of itself. Despite how you act, I have seen that you are mostly brilliant and could do much more if you would only apply yourself. When not influenced by outside personalities, you are kind and thoughtful. It’s shame to see you debase yourself to human lackey is all.”

Sabrina blinked behind her glasses. “You think I’m pretty?”

“If you want to boil it down to single out one of a long list of qualities,” Max huffed.

Sabrina slid the tablet away from Max and set it to the side. He looked up at her, confused. “Tell me more about this MC1R gene.”

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Somehow I’ve never written Sabrina or Max before now so thank you so much for the prompt, @ofekma! Thanks for taking part in the 200 Followers Celebration Prompts!

I’m no longer taking prompts from the 2FCP list but I have started a new prompt list here. :)

After thousands of years as a crusading chapter the Flesh Tearers eventually settled on an extremely hostile Death World known as Cretacia. A lost colony of primordial humans proved perfect recruits for the chapter, being pure of taint and extremely strong. The world lies deep in the galactic west.

The chapter has since become more and more dependent on the easy access to recruits, as their gene-seed mutation gradually worsens. More and more marines succumb to the Black Rage, with few marines older than two centuries. As of late M41, the Flesh Tearers only have 4 full Companies of marines, less than half of the normal number. If the degradation of their gene-seed continues at the same rate they will count no more than 200 marines within a millennium.

Over the years several Imperial bodies have questioned the combat doctrines and sanity of the Flesh Tearers. Many have refused to fight alongside the chapter, disgusted by their savagery in combat or fearing they would get caught up in the bloodshed along with the enemy. The chapter has been under Inquisitorial investigation since the Kallern Massacres of M36

So evolutionarily speaking in the HP universe, which came first; the muggle or the wizard?

Were the ancestors of humankind non-magical, meaning that even the purest of pure blood wizarding families must have originated from a muggleborn? Or was magic the default state of early man, meaning that all muggles are technically squibs?

Which gene was the mutation? I want to know the genetics behind this!

“What’s some deathly warping without a little flare?”  - Wilford Warpstache ~

(click the thing because tumblr and blurring ugghh)

I got inspired to draw this guy after re-watching some of @markiplier Subnautica episodes. The tentacle bow has no real function other than to make this Warper look more fabulous than the other ones (because like Mark and Warfstache, this Warper is also a dramatic dork).

I also came up with a sort of research log because I can’t help myself when it comes to lore… ( * ̄∇ ̄ )

Research Log #%̷̴҉&̵͜@͟(̷̛͢)̷̕͢

Data corrupted…

Attempting Data recovery…

System has recovered 23% of entry…

- Research indicates that this Warper somehow developed the decorative appendages itself through a form of rapid gene mutation. Extensive testing has revealed that it has no functional purpose for attack or defense. Theories within the lab speculate the possibility of a personality-gene mutation in our bio-engineered Warpers, despite the extensive control the lab has of their development. It seems it is inevitable for mutations to occ̸̸̵͘͜u̢͜͡r҉-̛͟-̶̛͘-̸҉!͢͡@͏́͜$̶͟͝^̷͏̢͜*̢̀͠%͟͏̧̛̀$̶̡͟͢͡{̛͞}̴͢͡{̷͢͡~̷̶͟͡|̡̡͢͡

Hp 8.

The reason for the gene mutation in Tonks and Teddy? The black bloodline up until them had been so perfectly preserved by inbreeding and pure blood pruning that the moment that the genes combined with Miggleborn bloodline it reacted by creating the new gene that presents itself in the decedents of the Tonks bloodline. This very gene is magically preserved and duplicated throughout their DNA. Therefore the bloodline never produces a child without the gene present again.

Scientists Keep a Molecule from Moving Inside Nerve Cells to Prevent Cell Death

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a progressive disorder that devastates motor nerve cells. People diagnosed with ALS slowly lose the ability to control muscle movement, and are ultimately unable to speak, eat, move, or breathe. The cellular mechanisms behind ALS are also found in certain types of dementia.

A groundbreaking scientific study published in Nature Medicine has found one way an RNA binding protein may contribute to ALS disease progression. Cells make RNA to carry instructions for making proteins from DNA to protein-constructing machinery.

The culprit protein, TDP-43, normally binds to small pieces of newly read RNA and helps shuttle the fragments around inside nerve cell nuclei. The study describes for the first time the molecular consequences of misplaced TDP-43 inside nerve cells, and demonstrates that correcting its location can restore nerve cell function. Misplacement of TDP-43 in nerve cells is a hallmark of ALS and other neurological disorders including frontotemporal dementia (FTD), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases. Studies that characterize common mechanisms behind these diseases could have widespread implications and may also accelerate development of broad-based therapies.

To find the misplaced TDP-43, the researchers viewed nerve cells donated by people who died from ALS or FTD under high powered microscopes. They discovered TDP-43 accumulates in nerve cell mitochondria, critical structures responsible for generating the enormous amount of energy nerve cells require. By physically isolating the affected mitochondria the researchers were able to pinpoint TDP-43’s exact location inside the subcellular structures. They were also able to characterize variations of the protein most likely to get misplaced.

This important work was led by Xinglong Wang, PhD, from the department of pathology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and a team of scientists from his laboratory.

“By multiple approaches, we have identified the mitochondrial inner membrane facing matrix as the major site for mitochondrial TDP-43,” explained Wang. “Mitochondria might be major accumulation sites of TDP-43 in dying neurons in various major neurodegenerative diseases.”

The researchers discovered that once inside the mitochondria, TDP-43 resumes its RNA binding role and attaches itself to mitochondrial genetic material. This disrupts the mitochondria’s ability to generate energy for the cell. Wang’s team was able to precisely identify the RNA in mitochondria that was bound by TDP-43 and observe the resultant disassembly of mitochondrial protein complexes. This finding provides much needed clarity on the consequences of TDP-43 misplacement inside nerve cells and opens the door for deeper studies involving a range of neurological disorders. Although the study focused on ALS and FTD, according to Wang “mislocalization of TDP-43 represents a key pathological feature correlating strongly with symptoms in more than half of Alzheimer’s disease patients.”

Mutations in the gene encoding TDP-43 have long been linked to neurodegenerative diseases like ALS and FTD. Wang’s team found that disease-associated mutations in TDP-43 enhance its misplacement inside nerve cells. The researchers also identified sections of TDP-43 that are recognized by mitochondria and serve as signals to let it inside. These sections could serve as therapeutic targets, as the study found blocking them prevents TDP-43 from localizing inside mitochondria. Importantly, Wang’s team was able to keep TDP-43 out of nerve cell mitochondria in mice using small proteins which “almost completely” prevented nerve cell toxicity and disease progression.

“We, for the first time, provide the novel concept that the inhibition of TDP-43 mitochondrial localization is sufficient to prevent TDP-43-linked neurodegeneration,” said Wang. “Targeting mitochondrial TDP-43 could be a novel therapeutic approach for ALS, FTD and other TDP-43-linked neurodegenerative diseases.”

Wang has begun to develop small proteins that prevent TDP-43 from reaching mitochondria in human nerve cells, and has a patent pending for the therapeutic molecule used in the study.

There is no treatment currently available for ALS or FTD. The average life expectancy for people newly diagnosed with ALS is just three years, according to The ALS Association.