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Quick comic I wanted to make based off of the wedding Gene and Piper have(like the doodle I made yesterday) and also something that was brought up when I asked you guys a few days ago how a wedding would go in the wasteland.

BASICALLY if the “cake” was a big thing of fancy lads snack cakes, all the damn synths will go after it. And Shaun is pissed off as you can see XD 

Meanwhile Gene is like “I wanted fuckin leftovers dammit…..”

Alicia Moloc Chapter 1

Very few people in the Imperium were granted an audience with the High Lords of Terra.

Very few Adeptus Astartes ever met one of the High Lords of Terra, or even met one of the Adeptus Custodes.

Asterion Moloc, Master of the Minotaurs,  Satrap of the Daedelos Krata, Bringer of Wrath, Spear of Judgment was one of these people.

Asterion was tall, even by Astartes,standards.  Nearly eight feet of gene forged muscle and bionics encased in an an ancient suit of Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armor.   A  Storm Shield of a pattern unique to the Minotaurs  and a Power Spear predating the Terran Unification Wars was mag-locked to his back.

The spear’s name was the Black Spear.  It was not a weapon of war,but a weapon of execution.  It had drank the blood of many brothers before he came to wield it and it would drink many more when it was it was pried from his cold dead fingers.

Kalim Varanor, Captain General of the Adeptus Custodes  led him deeper into the Imperial  Palace.  Asterion  had been to the Palace many times but never beyond the Senatorum chambers.  The awe he felt overwhelmed him.  His eyes took in every detail.  

The passed by a statue of Tribune Aella Hypatia Enyo.  The two walked through  hallways that the Emperor himself had strode ten thousand years ago.

They stopped outside a door.  It was quite large.  Made of solarite and dull adamantium and coated in a mixture of bronze, silver and gold.

“Master Molec, do you know where I am taking you?” Varanor asked.

“No Captain-General.” Molec said.  He felt a stab of annoyance.  Kalim knew he had never been this deep in the palace, so why was he asking him? Was this a test of some kind? If it was, it was definitely testing his patience.

“This door leads to the gene-laboratories of the Emperor himself.  Here is where members of the Ten Thousand not born of women are created.” Kalim said.

Moloc took a second to  digest this information

“Why are you bringing me here?”  

“To reward you.  Your chapter has served the High Lords of Terra and the Emperor well.”

The doors opened.

Inside was various laboratory equipment, test tubes containing the embryos that would eventually become Custodes, and other esoteric devices that Molec did not recognize.

Custodes and gene-wrights in surgical uniforms milled around the room.  Servitors carried crates of supplies and servo skulls hovered like overeager hounds.

The Captain-General beckoned, and Moloc followed.  After a few minutes they stopped in front of a small coffin like device. The Captain-General pressed a few digits on the keypad and it opened with a hiss of escaping steam.

Inside was newborn girl.

He hair was auburn and still quite short.  Here eyes were a soft brown and they regarded him with the innocence of one recently brought into the dark and unforgiving 41st millennia.

“This is your daughter.” Kalim said.  “ She is a hybrid of your chapter’s gene-seed and the genetic material of the Adeptus  Custodes.”

“What am I supposed to do with her?” Moloc asked.  He was at a loss for words.  This was the last thing he expected..

“Raise her, train her. She is our gift to you ”

Moloc remained silent.

“If you do not want her, I understand.  This is a rather unconventional reward for an Astartes.” Kalim said. His voice reeked of sympathy.

He reached for the girl, and with a gentleness that shocked Kalim, picked her up with both hands.  

Moloc had no idea what he was doing, but he was a Chapter Master.  He commanded one of the finest Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium.  He had slain Renegades,Xenos and Heretics in the billions, he had destroyed entire sub sectors and survived events that would have slain a lesser Space Marine.

He could raise a little girl.


-My drawing for Inktober day 29-

I believe after helping to get the cure for Duncan, he would get healthy again and MacCready would bring him to the Commonwealth. 

And I think synth Shaun and Nat would like Duncan as a new friend to hang around with! MacCready is very happy about this, and he can’t thank Gene and Piper enough for all the help. 

Little doodle I did of where Gene, Shaun, and Nat go on a mini trip.

I can see where Piper gets busy with her paper or something, so Gene takes the kids exploring for a few hours. Gene would take them to safe places, but the younger Wright sister has other things in mind haha


I ended up finishing the comic today. So it’s based off of that one quest in Far Harbor to get into The Nucleus you have to drink the water and follow the Mother of the Fog. I definitely imagine drinking that crap would not be good for your health…

Anyways, in my game I wasn’t going to side with the Children which is why the Mother of the Fog is giving Gene nightmares. The nightmare scared Gene, she thought about it for a few days, and decided maybe it’s best to make sure no one dies on the island… XD

I listened to a lot of Silent Hill ost(mainly from 2), but the song that inspired me and listened to on loop while working on the nightmare part was this!


“So Gene, *ahem* describe what happened that one day at the park.”


Happy one year anniversary Fallout 4!!!

I’ve had a ton of fun with the community, making new friends, sharing things. It’s been amazing.

So I decided to draw my sole Gene during her moments with all the companions whether, happy, sad, funny, etc. You can say with all the companions combined it’s one crazy family.


Sole Party 2.0

Day 2-The party has started and your sole just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and what did they bring?

Since Gene is quite into fashion she’d go out to buy any nice dresses for these occasions(if she can, kinda hard a little now in the wasteland lol). 

Gene takes a bit to get ready since she likes to fix her hair and such, but will take even longer to get supplies. She has the idea to go and grab a lot of nuka colas and find any leftover holotapes containing different music. At least to bring more variety in songs rather than simply listening to the radio. Codsworth helps her around with gathering everything and they go on their way to the party!

Piper went ahead to go to the party and have idle chit chat while waiting. And Hancock, don’t judge. If Gene wants to bring all these things for the party then let her be! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was late getting all the chems for the party to himself though….