gene wojciechowski

Issues and Junk

I think it’s important, here’s a list.

1. I expect better from our journalists. I expect them to be cynical assholes, who hang out at bars drinking scotch, their ear perked up to some whispered conversation in the corner. I expect them to pick at sacred cows until the skeletons start falling out. There’s a reason we hold them in such contempt/esteem. They’re supposed to be the people who get at the truth, no matter how ugly. Now it feels like they spend most of their time being a wing of public relations for “Real American Heroes.” For every reporter that had questions about the Lance and Manti narratives, there were a thousand who turned a blind eye, so enraptured in their true blue stories of heroism that they failed to fucking do their job. Unforgiveable.

2. I mean what is ESPN for anyway? What’s the point of having a billion journalists on retainer if you’re not going to use them? They want the aura of respectability I suppose, but other than injury reports, transfer notices, and puff pieces, they serve no purpose. 

Gene Wojciechowski, an espn reporter, had a chance to do some serious fucking journalism. With all of his resources, he couldn’t find a death certificate, an obituary, hell, a fucking picture of this famous linebacker’s recently deceased leukemia girlfriend anywhere. Instead of letting the beasts of his journalistic nature loose, he said “Fuck it.” and rolled with it. 

And yeah, I would’ve done the same thing, whatever. 

Here’s something to consider. If Wojciechowski figured it out, would he have had the time and network backing to run with it? One thing you’ll notice about ESPN lately is their reticence to target a sacred cow. Basically, the entertainment wing is fearful of the skeletons the investigative wing can uncover. This is understandable. You know, capitalism? These coaches, athletes, universities, teams, leagues… they hold grudges, and there is way too much money on the table to push around the big daddies. They gain a lot more by being second to the story than they do by rocking the boat.

Again, understandable. But if you’re doing that, maybe you should just give up on hiring journalists? Just make yourself a 24 hour talking head gabfest. A loyal servant of the empire.