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Idk a lot of people are doubting I’m Asian but as you can see, I am 100% Asian (mostly Manchurian Chinese). I do live in Canada and experience first-gen issues. Some FAQ:

Name? Kelly 😄
Age? 18
School? I’m in uni
Race? Mostly Manchu, a little Japanese
Languages? Mandarin, English, French, German (not fluent)

I just remembered that I told cheriiart I’d draw her OC’s when she started posting her comic rockandriotcomic … which started like two weeks ago.

This is Gene (left) and Clyde (right) who have only just been introduced but Clyde has been my fave since before the comic even came out SO I’M EXCITED TO SEE MORE OF HIM YUS. 

Go read rockandriotcomic!

I am so tired of groups, talented groups, having to disband because they’re not popular as other groups. It makes me so sad that they work so damn hard, and it’s like they’ll never be recognized because everyone is too focused on just one group. They’ll never get the chance to show how much talent they have because so many people won’t give them that chance. They deserve as much love, support, and recognition as others. It’s okay to stan more than one group, it’s okay to love and adore more than one… and it’s totally okay for someone to have their bias group. I know not everyone will feel the same way I do, and I can’t (and won’t) force anyone to like other groups… but please, please, please, PLEASE, give other groups a chance. Please don’t let their talent go unnoticed. 😔

15 really good “male bands” nobody actually listens to + 1 song pt.1

1. 24k - Hey You

2. A.cian - Ouch 

3. AlphaBAT - Tantara 

4. Boys Republic - Video Games 

5. C-Clown - Let’s Love

6. Cross Gene - Billion Dolla

7. HALO - While You’re Sleeping 

8. Legend - I Wanna Know 

9. Lucky J - Can You Hear Me 

10. My Name - Just Tell Me 

11. N.flying - Awesome 

12. Speed - What U 

13. TimeZ - Awaken (Chinese Version)

14. Topp Dogg - Arario

15. UNIQ - Celebrate

tbh I think there are more good bands that need more respect and deserve more love, all of them are really talented that’s why there will be more parts and I know Lucky J is not a male band since there is Jessi too don’t judge they still deserve love

Calling all Kpop Fans

There’s this really awesome group named Cross Gene. They just had a comeback with Black or White. The MV is a little graphic, but they do amazing concept work and in 2012 they came out with the really awkward (but it looked so good when they did it) sitting choreography with La-Di-Da-Di.

Anyways, they had their comeback on Feb. 7th and if they don’t do well this comeback they are in big trouble of disbandment. If you love Kpop, please help Cross Gene, don’t let their fans lose their band. It happens to so many talented groups they don’t deserved to be disbanded and neither to their fans. Please help out!

Today I learned that one of the toxin gene names (mcf) of the bioluminescent insect pathogen Photorhabdus luminescens stands for “makes caterpillars floppy”


I feel like some (boy)groups don’t get enough attention when their everything is on that good good…… I HIGHLY suggest looking into all these guys ^^ 


History - Might Just Die / Ghost / Psycho / What Am I to You

Toppdogg - Arario / Top Dog / Follow Me / Open the Door 

Hotshot - Take a Shot / I’m a Hot Shot / Watch Out 

Uniq - EOEO / Falling in Love / Luv Again 

High4 - Baby Boy / Headache / A Little Close / Day By Day 

My Name - Just Tell Me / Too Very So Much 

Madtown - Yolo / New World 

Cross Gene - Play With Me / Amazing Bad Lady 

SPEED - Why I’m Not / Don’t Tease Me / What U  


Seriously? Why do the admins continue to let C- and W- single handedly ruin the economy with selling genes? Is anyone else fed up with their scripts/bots? I don’t think we should have to compete against bots in order to make some treasure, and now it’s not even worth it anymore. 

DISCLAIMER: this fic was written when Gene and Clyde just had their first canon kiss, buy it goes a few weeks into the future. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, so if you’re reading this later then I’m sorry if its inaccurate to the plot.

All the characters belong to @rockandriotextras​ (I don’t know your main blog sorry) from the amazing comic @rockandriotcomic​ !!!!!

I had to write something short after the new page.

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There can only be one Gene in the Commonwealth

Ą̮̭͇̬͜n̺d̠͖̮̲̯͇͕́ ̨̛͇̬̰́o̼͎̰̘̳̻̕͜n̢̺ę̴̪̻̜̱̬̲̙ ̶̸̪̩͍m̮̥̪̖̼̰̪͙ͅè̷͎͈̀m͉̖͚e͕̝̱̹̞ ͉͈̯͈͙̣̻ț̸̙̗̳̞ͅo̟͉̼̹̭͍̗̫͜͝ͅ ͈̘̟̘̣͟r҉̧̹ͅu̖͎̬̙̥̠l̲̪̗̳̱̙̕e̦͔̮̖͓̮̥ ̺̣͍̖̦̯͍̀͘t̶͚̙̀h҉̖̗̣̟̦̣ḛ̸̬̹̥͚̮̕m̤͖̤̳̕͜ ̧̨̟͖͔̗̼̳̩̜̰͡a̴̛̯̘͘ļ̠̬̻̝l̫̪̯


ALSO i found the fire gen 1 i was searching for, look how fucking cute she is. someday i will gene her up. and name her?? i don’t know what her name is yet though. she is a pyrotechnician (she make fireworks which is a really exciting and nuanced profession in a world full of magic.)