gene manipulation

Special Part 2

“Once somebody told me that Ichiji, Sanji and I are the result of a gene experiment.

We were supposed to be strong soldiers, brutal assassins, killermachines without feelings who will one day take over the North Blue.

But I have the feeling

that something


went terribly wrong.

The experiment was a failure despite the superhuman strenght Ichiji and I received.

Partially lack of certain emotions, infertility and an expected shorter lifespan in general was diagnosed as side effects of the gene manipulation.
If this affected Sanji too is unknown.

I always blamed this as reason for my unhealthy life style with swinging between one night stands, missions and visits at the bar…

…and I never ever cared for stupid things like ’falling in love’.

I think.

more info about the heith dads au

sthat no one asked for

It takes place 10~15 years in the future (canonverse, because I’m weak). Keith and Hunk have already been in an established relationship; even tho they’re still a little shy about it.

This kinda turned into an au explanation/mini-fic so I’ll put it under a read more thingy

Moral of the story: if you wanna talk about this au, please message me I am in so deep;;;;

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Not to be that person....

You know what annoys me in mystreet/pdh verse and majority loves to ignore but the MCD presents:

Nearly every main Shadow Knight shown in MCD is somehow connected to Laurance.

• Zenix, a character who has an intense fear of dying (again) and abhors following others orders (i.g. why he’s so willing to rid of the Lordship system… this mf nihilist), is willing to follow and heed Laurance’s words. This wasn’t some easy feat– literally before s3, the last we heard of him, the dude was mass-murdering shadow knights under Gene’s reign and turned against anybody… we better get backstory how Laurance manage to get Zenix to pledge his loyalty to him 🤔

• Sasha and Laurance were friends before her deaths– even closer than that, they were like siblings and Laurance looked up to her, and you know from the way she’s unable to look him in the eyes whenever they reunite/come across each other, she feels that closeness. Sasha felt although people abandoned her, manipulated by Gene to believe all her old friends did so… and frankly Laurance is the one who set her free at the end of season 2, for what reason, we don’t know but he did and that counts.

• Vylad and Laurance first met in the nether, and their relationship (while doesn’t get a lot of screen time) is close in season 2.

• Gene and Laurance are two at odds, and honestly I feel like are good foils to each other. Gene is a possibility what Laurance could’ve been if he let the anger consumed 🤔 and though I’m not sure why, but Gene badly wants Laurance on his side. Why? Laurance is an underdeveloped Shadow knight and by all means should be the weakest, but lore wise, known to go toe-to-toe with folks… as well as his unique situation of being a shadow knight without actually dying (only other person who managed this is when Zane turned Alexis into a shadow knight).

Don’t exclude Laurance from Shadow Knights narrative. He’s an important part of that story line, he’s not Garroth or Aphmau’s stepping stool/lackey 😒😒😒

PDH Ep. 21: Gene was talking to Ein on the phone!

The conversation Gene was having on his phone in “An Omega Is Chosen” (ep. 21 PDH Season 2) caught my attention. He was talking to someone about “pictures” and “hair dye”, and I immediately thought of Ein…Gene has stated that he wants pictures of Aphmau, and it just so happens that in Mystreet: Emerald Secret (Ep. 13 “I will always love you”) Ein HAS pictures of Aphmau from high school at PDH. A LOT OF THEM.

Also, just listen to what Gene said in the conversation:
“Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good….Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?…Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care…Mhmm…Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice….Wait–gah! I don’t care about whatever you’re talking about! Just do what you said you’d do. Now, Bye!”

Now, if I were Ein at the end of the line in this conversation, then I can fill in how the whole conversation went…
Gene: “Seriously, it’s been so long. These pictures you got better be good.”
Ein: “They are. Trust me.”
Gene: “Perfect! Then give them to me and then I’ll give you more of the dye. Fair trade, no?”
Ein: “Yeah…Oh, did I tell you that I just got picked to be the new Male Alpha of the school?”
Gene: “Cool. Congratulations. I don’t care.”
Ein: “I wouldn’t have become the Alpha if it wasn’t for your advice. Having everyone walk all over me to get her to feel sorry for me actually worked.”
Gene: “Mhmm.”
Ein: “Do you mind if you could give me more advice?”
Gene: “Yeah, I’ll give you some more advice.”

That’s how I think the convo went if I’m right about Ein being the one Gene was talking to. It fits so well, especially after knowing what Ein did in Mystreet: Emerald Secret. Gene knows how to manipulate Aphmau since he used to do it all the time when he still went to PDH. I don’t know how Ein would know Gene personally, so this is just a theory that makes a lot of sense to me. 

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Also how are(if so) genetically different the artificial half ghouls and and those born one eyed like Eto. How does the kakuhou change the structure of the body, other than regenerated tissue being basically ghoul tissue

This is your second part of the previous question, answered here [x].
I had to resort to Genetics to answer your first question. To answer this one, as promised, I have to talk about Epigenetics.

I had diagrams and stuff, but I didnt want to complicate things.

  • the only difference between both types of half-ghouls is the Epigenetics profile. The other difference is the one I explained last week: expression in cis/in trans (Kn vs nn). 
  • The Kakuhou has plenty of genes that will manipulate the body of a half-ghoul, in equilibrium with Epigenetics.

You often hear from media,parents,friends etc.. that you should pay attention to what you eat, that you should exercise, that you should sleep well etc.. Now, these claims have a scientific basis that stretches towards the nucleus, towards the nucleus itself, bearing the chromosomes and hence your DNA.

Each and every one of us has hundreds and thousands of genes. However, these genes are not always active, ie they are not constantly being expressed… at least not all of them. When and how these genes are activated or shut down is a complex topic, since there is more than one way for this to happen. 

One of the ways this can happen is related to Epigenetics, specifically, the profile of methylation (adding a methyl group -CH3) and acylation (adding an acyl group -C=O) to existing nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA). 
That way, gene expression is modified without the need to alter the DNA and change it. It’s the same DNA that was slightly modified chemically. This modification changes the phenotype of the individual without a change in genotype.

This has been happening in each and every one of us, ever since we were born. Again, it can be caused by diet, exercise, lifestyle, exposure to UV light, exposure to radiation, etc… These changes can be inherited.

Eto inherited the methylation/acylation profiles from Ukina and Kuzen. These profiles are heavily influenced by Kuzen and Ukina’s lifestyle, including the consumption of human meat. Add to that the general aspect of Kuzen’s lifestyle, including cannibalism

Cannibalism has been taken for granted in the fandom. However, the way cannibalism renders ghouls’ kagune stronger and refine it has a perfect scientific explanation and it is: Epigenetics.

This explains why Kaneki’s kagune is starting to look similar to that of Eto, following his feeding on Eto’s kakuja. 

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Humanity includes everyone, not just the rich

I like some of the programs on NPR. Shocker, yeah I know. I particularly like Radiolab. I really REALLY don’t like the TED Radio Hour. The experts they have giving talks almost always come across as smug, arrogant and pompous to the point of being delusional. And being experts they believe their facts are irrefutable and opinions well founded and incontrovertible. The host Guy Raz apparently believes it’s his job to pander rather than question.

Specifically there seems to be a willful lack of recognition of the gross disparity in the distribution of wealth and resources, and a deliberate ignoring of the real role chronic and severe poverty have in affecting cultures and societies. Every future prediction handily sidesteps how this current reality is going to undergo a revolutionary and transformative transition to a magnanimous equality. These smug would be visionary intelligentsia seem incapable of seeing outside their own limited viewpoint. They talk about the glorious “renaissance of human creativity, like at no other time in human history” that will be unleashed by perfected Artificial Intelligence and advanced automation of all labor. Without addressing who will pay for 5 billion or more people to NOT work. Without considering the billions who go hungry each day. I’ve addressed this before. I am not anti-STEM or anti-technology. I’m anti-misery. I’m anti"Robots for the Rich" while ignoring easily alleviated suffering. Someone watching a child slowly starve isn’t gonna give a shit about a self driving car. If we’re going to advance humanity, and not just the select few, how about we get to the level of “No kids starved to death today” first?

The other thing that really triggered this was a gentleman talking about how humans are evolving into another species thru technology and information. He lost me immediately when he said “We all deal with more data in one day than people dealt with in a year a century ago.” Right there, negation of the billions of poor. Every farmer, every indigenous person, every slum kid and working class laborer, erased. EVERYONE has the full benefit of advanced tech, computers, WiFi, the works. Nobody plods thru a routine. All the peasants in China and India ignored.
Then he got better. We’re at a point where we can “design” ourselves. Through diet, manipulation of genes, even bacteria. We can be stronger, smarter, more attractive. Within a few generations.
If you’re rich.
You think gene therapy is ever gonna reach the poor? In America the people in poverty live fifteen years less on AVERAGE. In the developing world a few million kids are going to die from malaria, dysentery and diarrhea this year. Just like every year. America doesn’t provide BASIC health care. And our second rate medical system is the most expensive in the world. Tell me this: Who really wants healthy, long lived poor people? We already don’t want to educate them here in America. Hell, we don’t provide here, you gotta earn it. So who’s gonna get all the benefits of amazing medical advances? The one’s who can afford it. Altruism in America is a myth. One in five children in this country went to bed hungry. You can’t be bothered to feed them, you’re certainly not going to make sure they live to be 120 years old.
So let’s just be realistic here. All this incredible science is going to create an even greater division. The wealthy elite, who have never in history willingly given up their money in the interest of societal equality, will become truly elite. Evolving themselves physically until they can literally SEE their superiority. H.G. Wells nailed it, if these TED talk windbags are right.

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Companions react to accidentally injuring Sole!

Okay, first react ever, so I hope you all enjoy! (: This got longer than I’d expected, sorry!


Cait: “Shite!” The redhead exclaimed, grasping the side of the bed as she peered out over the edge. A groan that sounded suspiciously like a muffled swear was the only reply Cait got, as well as a sharp glare.The glare would’ve been more threatening if Cait had been able to see the sneer on their lips, but said expression was hid behind their two hands cupping their nose, undoubtedly trying to halt the blood-flow.

“You broke my nose!”

“I didn’t mean ta! Ya know better than ta wake me up. What were ya tryin’ ta do this early in ta mornin’ anyway?”

“… I wanted to show you a new trick I taught Dogmeat…”

At this the Irish woman broke down into laughter and Sole pouted angrily - according to Cait it was adorable, not that the redhead would ever admit that - and removed their hands to cross their arms, only to realize they’d let go of their nose and the blood had begun flowing again.

Cait’s laughter followed Sole out of the house as they fled, hoping to wake up Curie without getting punched in the face. Surprisingly enough, Curie did punch them in surprise, leaving a bruised and bloodied Sole to mope about the next day, bandage on their very swollen nose and a colorful bruise on their cheek.

Curie: “Sole? I want to try something.” Curie had Sole wrapped around her little finger, every one of the companions knew that, so of course they agreed to participate in whatever experiment the synth scientist had come up with. Curie squealed in excitement and after surprising the vault dweller with a hug and a kiss, she began preparing the procedure.

The first sign of the experiment being a bad idea had been the sheer size of the needle. But, anything to make the french woman happy. The second sign had been the faint sting spreading through Sole’s body within seconds of the strange green colored liquid entering their bloodstream. Anything to make her happy though. The third and final sign had been the intense flare of pain that knocked Sole out after three seconds of painful screams and squirming.

Okay, maybe not everything.

When they regained consciousness, it had been three whole days and the vault dweller had a group of worried companions to reassure them that they were alright. Any they were, if you didn’t look the horns they had grown and the greenish tinge their skin had gotten. Strong seemed thrilled with the change, but Nick managed to somehow explain to the super mutant that Sole was too weak to go out and smash everything in sight with their new non-existent powers.

The horns and greenish tinge faded away after the first two days, but Curie hadn’t stopped apologizing, constantly trying to show how sorry she was with small gifts, kisses and hugs. After the two hundred and seventh bundle of flowers - where did she find all those flowers anyway? - Sole sat her down and informed her that they didn’t blame her and she couldn’t possibly know what would happen if modified super mutant and deathclaw genes were introduced to the human body. After Curie had reluctantly accepted that Sole was right and breathed a sigh of relief, they had asked how she had gotten a hold of the genes, nonetheless manipulated them.

‘Same way I got zhe flowers’ she had replied and before Sole could question them, had left to make more stimpacks for the upcoming wrestling tournament where someone, for some unknown reason, had allowed Strong to participate.

Danse: Power armor was a great thing. Great for protection, great to handling heavy material and building, great for charging into battle like an angry metal bull. All in all, great. Except when it’s knocked over. When it’s knocked over, it is like that of a turtle, flailing around defenseless, unable to get up quickly. Luckily Danse was very used to the heavy armor and steady on his feet.

Most of the time.

“Soldi- Sole! Are you alright?”

Sole didn’t bother answer with anything else than a grunt, eyes scrunched together as they did their best to ignore the angry flares of pain from their arm that was squashed underneath not only themselves, but also a very heavy set of power armor with a heavy and worried man inside. The vault dweller didn’t pay attention to what he was saying, but whatever he was saying was working, since the heavy weight was lifted within seconds.

It was during a party the accident happened. A few of Sole’s other companions had thought it would be funny to knock Danse in his power armor over to see him try to get up. So MacCready, Piper, Hancock, Cait and Deacon had made it their mission to do so, all either tipsy or downright drunk. Sole wasn’t sure how they did it, but they succeeded in knocking the power armor-clad Danse backwards. What they hadn’t expected was for Sole to have been standing directly behind him, one hand holding two beers and the other raised to touch Danse’s shoulder to alert him of their return with the beverages he had requested. The bottles dropped from their hand as the power armor tipped backwards to the sound of the five companion’s drunken laughter, causing them to be in this situation.

The second the heavy weight was lifted off Sole a pair of hands reached in - Nick’s, judging by the coldness of the one metal hand - and tugged them out from beneath the deathtrap. The synth looked worriedly down at the vault dweller, his expression matching those of the companions and settlers that had noticed what had happened and formed a circle around them.

“You all right?”

“Peachy” Sole ground out, gritting their teeth as they clutched their undoubtedly broken arm, judging by the sickening bent angle. Danse shoved Nick out of the way without much guilt - the two of them had never really gotten along that well - and without a word scooped them up from the ground before they could protest. Holding them rather protectively against his chest, he shot the five companions a heated glare with the unspoken promise of consequences before stomping off towards Curie’s makeshift and rather tiny clinic. Sole didn’t comment on the abandonment of the power armor nor the crumbling expression on Danse’s face.

Several days after the accident Danse refused to wear his power armor, and on the fifth day of Danse almost getting killed because he’d forgotten he didn’t have the suit on, Sole got him to talk a late evening as they laid together in their bed, too much space between them. He admitted he felt guilty, because it had been him and his power armor that had injured them, and he didn’t know how to handle it other than try to prevent it from happening again and keeping his distance. Heart heavy and eyes filled with pity, vault dweller spent the next hour convincing Danse that it wasn’t his fault, then spent two hours trying to convince him not to hunt down MacCready, Piper, Hancock, Cait and Deacon. Afterwards they exchanged kisses, caresses and words of love before drifting off to sleep, wrapped up in each other's’ embrace.

Deacon: “Deacon? What in the remains of this messed up world are you doing?” Sole’s question startled the spy, a sound he’d later deny as being a rather girlish squeak - “A mating call, Sole. It’s how I show my love” - escaping his mouth as he spun around to look at them, eyes wide behind the sunglasses. But as always he quickly composed himself, an easy grin spreading across his face as he loosed the death hold on the object he held in his hands.

“I’m trying to figure out if a grenade - like this one - would somehow be able to blow Maxson’s jacket off without killing him. Perhaps it’d take some modification or a magic spell, but it could probably work out if- shh, I’m explaining something there. As I said, we have to give it a try. Have you seen the guy’s jacket? Jeez, if I was a girl I wou- Hey, c’mon, you can tell me how stupid the idea seems late-”

Deacon’s rambling was interrupted for the third time. This time, not with words, but with action as Sole rushed forwards, nearly tackling the spy as they wrestled the grenade from his hands. His mouth went dry and he found himself speechless for the first time since the pink deathclaw when he realized what was going on. In one hand, a small pin rested in his palm. He’d accidentally pulled the pin out of the grenade in the middle of explaining.


Frantically Deacon waved his arms about to try to clear the smoke and dust from the air, expression nothing less than sheer panic. When the particles in the air cleared enough for him to see and stop coughing, his hidden gaze darted around the ruins of the house he had hid away in to ponder over the ideas that seemed so stupid now. One side of the house had collapsed and without thinking he was on his knees, digging through the rubble with enough force to bruise and scrape his hands more than necessary. The silence was choking, but his mouth was too dry to form any words, his chapped lips refusing to move more than shallow wobbles of withheld sobs.

They were dead, weren’t they? They had been holding the grenade, right? In their palms, still pre-war soft despite the months they had spent in the wasteland. The same palms that would run up and down his skin with a tenderness he hadn’t experienced since Barbara. The same palms that would grasp his firmly when his disguises wouldn’t hide the pain and trauma he had experienced. The same palms that now grasped his tense shoulders, shaking his form more than his suppressed sobs were, and-

Hang on.

Whipping his head around with the same carelessness that had caused the whole situation, he stared blankly at the hand grasping his shoulders, the shape and fine condition of the nails and fingers ghastly familiar. His watery gaze followed the arm further upwards, the blue of the vault suit making his heart beat impossibly faster. Finally Deacon’s gaze halted on Sole’s face.


At that little, hoarse whisper the spy broke, a sob fleeing from his mouth as he flung himself at Sole, arms wrapping around them and tugging them into a desperate embrace, salty tears of guilt and relief trickling down his dusty cheeks from underneath his lightly damaged sunglasses. They were here, they were alive. They hadn’t been killed because of his carelessness, his need for their attention. He hadn’t caused another death of his beloved.

“Shall we go blow Maxson’s jacket off, hm?”

And they did attempt blowing off the Elder’s jacket, but only after Deacon had - literally - dragged Sole to Curie to have their burns and that one suspiciously crooked wrist fixed. The vault dweller had sustained suspiciously little damage, but Deacon wasn’t one to complain. When Preston stopped by and asked, the spy quickly made up a story about thirty raiders and that one pink deathclaw, this time armed with a rubber duck instead of a paintbrush. Preston, having seen the pink deathclaw himself, actually believed him and Sole only felt a little bit guilty for fooling the naive man, again.

Maxson hadn’t appreciated the experiment though, especially not when the explosive only charred half of his beard and set the coat on fire - from the inside out somehow - instead of blowing it off his broad frame. But hey, the Elder had taken it off so he could put it out, so technically they blew off the jacket, right?

Dogmeat: It had happened before. Sole would return from after a mission out in the wasteland with their companion at their side. They’d cross the bridge, but before they’d reach the other side, Dogmeat would notice them and come sprinting, barking and yapping excitedly at the return of his beloved owner. As usual, Sole barely had any time to react when the dog flung himself at them, knocking them down onto the wood of the bridge and covering their face in puppy licks as he had done so many times.

Unfortunately the wood of the bridge was very old, and this time it couldn’t hold the weight of the three and the junk stuffed into the vault dweller’s bag. With several harsh snaps, the wood gave in and sent all three of them tumbling down onto the rocks underneath. Dogmeat’s added weight and the bag of junk landed harshly on to Sole and the impact and pressure proved too much, resulting in a few harsh snaps echoing through the air, the horrible sound followed by a pained groan and an apologetic whimper.

Sole spent a few weeks recovering with three broken ribs and some nasty bruising in Sanctuary under the stern supervision of Curie and Nick, and Dogmeat did everything he could to express how sorry he was. Cuddles, puppy kisses, even going as far as aggressively ‘protecting’ them from the other companions. Even dead animals and scrap were gifted, despite the vault dweller not exactly appreciating the dead creatures. But the gifts were gone when he returned, so they must’ve liked them, right?

Hancock: “Who came up with this idea?” Hancock exclaimed, nonexistent eyebrows scrunched and forehead furrowed as he stared Sole down. Now, the ghoul was usually up for anything. Ride rodeo on a brahmin? Sure! Ride a shopping cart down a steep cliff? Definitely, at least three times! Spray paint Danse’s power armor? Best idea ever!

But this? This was just stupid.

Sole was grinning wildly, clearly the one who came up with said ‘stupid’ idea. They were standing with their back pressed against a wall, a mutfruit balanced on the top of their head. Sole gestured eagerly for Hancock to go with it, and with a sigh, the mayor unstealthed his knife and twirled it around a bit in his hands. He shot the vault dweller a look that clearly asked the question of ‘are you sure?’ and could only sigh at the overly eager nod they gave, barely managing to catch the mutfruit before it slipped off. Drawing back an arm, he was just about to throw the knife when a gun K-L-E-O was showing off to a disinterested MacCready caught a glimpse of sunlight and blinded the ghoul mid-throw.

They all watched as the knife flew through the air, a completely wrong angle but in the right direction. He paled as much as a ghoul could as the knife sunk into the flesh of Sole’s right thigh, slicing through the blue material as if it was nothing. Sole and Hancock stared at each other in shock and a few drifters stopped up to stare as well. It wasn’t every day the mayor stabbed his beloved.

There was complete silence. Until the pain and realization caught up with Sole and with a strangled exclaim, they clutched their bleeding thigh, knife violently protruding from the flesh and blood quickly staining their hands. Hancock rushed over and held them up by their shoulders before they could crumble down onto the dirty pavement. The mutfruit laid abandoned on the ground next to a puddle of blood as the ghoul led them over to dr. Amari.

“You stabbed me!”

“I didn’t mean to!”

Hancock spent weeks apologizing, always looking extremely guilty when Sole couldn’t stifle the occasional wince or swear when moving their still healing leg. It took a long time for Sole to convince him he was forgiven, and they never tried any of Sole’s crazy experiments again. Except that one time. MacCready still hadn’t forgiven them.

MacCready: It had been a normal night at the Third Rail, Sole and MacCready enjoying a few drinks by the bar and Hancock lounging around in his usual vip spot. They had been talking about MacCready’s life at Little Lamplight when a guy had strolled up and placed himself on the stool next to Sole, cocky smirk on his face and one arm resting on the wooden counter. Charlie shot the guy a look that clearly stated the mr. Handy definitely wasn’t serving him any drinks tonight, which only served to fuel MacCready’s suspicion. He was sitting awfully close to Sole…

“Hey, hotstuff. Let me buy you a drink, hm?”

He even sounded like a douche. Sole promptly ignored the guy, but judging by the expression on their face and the clench of their jaw they weren’t unaffected by the guy’s blunt flirting. They tried to start up the conversation with MacCready again, but the sniper was too busy glaring at the intruder over their shoulder.

“Hey, Sexy, I’m talking to you”

MacCready snapped when the douche put his hand on Sole’s shoulder, the vault dweller’s tensed expression causing his anger to flare even more. The sniper stood up, beer bottle nearly shattering as he slammed it down onto the counter, much to Charlie’s disapproval.

“Can’t you see they’re not interested?”

“Watch your mouth kid, I do what I want”

That was enough for MacCready to throw the first punch, nailing the guy directly in the nose and causing him to fall off the stool with a satisfying sound. He recovered quickly though, getting up and lashing out, nearly hitting MacCready in the jaw if it hadn’t been for the sniper’s fast reflexes. The ruckus had attracted the attention of the rest of the people in the bar, a small crowd forming and the song stopping. Sole even saw someone running up the stairs to get help.

The two guys were yelling harsh insults at each other, taking turns to throw punches and aim kicks. At one point Sole even saw MacCready’s forehead connect with the guy’s already broken nose, leaving a bloody smear on his forehead.

Deciding that enough was enough, Sole moved in to break up the fight. They didn’t even get two steps towards MacCready before getting an elbow to the face. By the sound of Sole’s surprised and pained exclaim, the fight halted and everyone quieted. MacCready looked unbelievably guilty behind all those bruises and small scratches on his face, a tiny trickle of blood on the left side of his mouth. But the vault dweller wasn’t having it and stepped in between the two, keeping their back pressed against MacCready’s heaving chest. The guy smirked confidently, seeming to believe that he had won for some reason.

“I’m pretty sure this belongs to you”

The guy didn’t even have time to reply ‘is it a kiss?’ before Sole’s fist had connected with his already double-broken nose, causing him to squeal and clutch his very broken and very bloodied nose, mutter a few choice names under his breath as he glared viciously at the smirking vault dweller and shell shocked mercenary. They could hear Hancock’s chuckle in the background.

Half an hour later and the guy was thrown out of Good Neighbor for good and the two had rented a hotel room, MacCready sitting on the bed while Sole tended to his bruises. He hadn’t stopped staring at their colorful eye with a guilty expression. Heaving a sigh after a few minutes of silence and staring, the vault dweller set down the damp bloodstained washcloth, hands cupping his face, mindful of the bruises and scratches. MacCready’s expression made them want to cry, but their voice only wobbled slightly as they sternly explained that nothing of what happened was his fault. It took a few hours and about fifty kisses, but Sole eventually got him to admit that he wasn’t to blame, and the other guy was. The rest of the evening was spent gently tracing the outlines of bruises and wounds while cuddling together on the tiny bed.

They found the corpse of the guy the next day on their way out into the wasteland, and made a mental note to thank Hancock for that when they returned.

Nick: Nick had only injured Sole once, since he handled them with an extreme delicateness as if they were made of glass. Glass usually doesn’t survive long in the Commonwealth, but hey, no harm in trying. Sole was rather annoyed by it, sure, but they couldn’t help but appreciate how much he cared about their wellbeing, even if it was a little overdone. The one time an accident happened was when Nick’s metal hand caught a few strands of their hair mid-kiss, the detective having been distracted by the suddenness of said kiss and forgotten his usual carefulness. It had taken a few minutes and Ellie’s help to untangle them, but despite it not having hurt much and Sole’s continuous reassurances of them being all right and it not having been his fault, Nick had opted to wearing worn gloves on both his hands for months after that.

The gloves had finally come off for good when Sole confronted the synth, burnt the gloves and the spares the detective tried to hide under the bed and grasped Nick’s metal hand. They’d ignored Nick’s flinch and hesitance as they raised the hand to their face, kissing every single metal finger, eyes never leaving his glowing yellow eyes. After that night Nick was banned from wearing gloves ever, but despite all this, he was still hesitant about touching Sole with his metal hand.

Piper: “Where is it… Hm, no… Nope…” Piper was digging through a large trunk in the search of her lucky pencil, tossing other ‘normal’ pencils over her shoulder. She always had it on her while doing interviews, claiming it gave her the courage to verbally attack people and pry answers out of them. Besides, having an extra pencil wasn’t a bad idea.

Unfortunately Sole hadn’t realized this, and upon stepping into the room, was struck by several pencils. A few smacked them in the face, one even leaving a small scratch next to their left eyebrow. They spluttered in surprise and ducked behind the desk for cover.

“Piper! Stop it!”

But once Piper had decided to do something, whether it was to stalk the mayor, prod at Danse for Brotherhood secrets or find her lucky pencil, there was no stopping her. Sole had to retreat, but hung up a warning on the front door before leaving.

Preston: Preston stared uncertainly at the bat in his hands, the wooden melee weapon a stranger to his hands as he was used to his trusty laser weapon. He had seen raiders use them before, running forwards and bashing it against the skulls of their enemies, often with a lethal result. They were powerful weapons, solid wood and often decorated with rusty nails or blades. But not this one. This one was a plain one.

Sole had approached him one day and tugged him off to the side, plucking the laser rifle from his hands and placing a plain wooden bat in them instead. They had explained that they wanted to introduce him and the other companions to baseball, pre-war style. It had taken quite a while to get the more impatient companions to actually listen to the vault dweller instead of whacking each other with the spare bats, but eventually they all stood in their positions on a field Sole had marked up. Preston was what he believed Sole called a ‘batter’ and Sole stood several meters in front of them in the middle of the strangely diamond shaped field, ready to throw a baseball at him.

It took five attempts, but eventually Preston managed to hit the ball and send it flying down the field, Piper and Hancock clad in blue chasing after it. Deacon too, as he had finally decided a team to stay on instead of shifting between the two constantly. The game continued like that, everyone struggling at first to hit it like they were supposed to, but they eventually began getting a hang of it. MacCready, Preston, Cait and surprisingly enough also Danse learned quickly and were rather good at it. Strong and Curie couldn’t quite get a hang of it and X6-88 had left the game after four minutes of standing and watching with obvious disinterest.

All had been well, blue team was in the lead and everyone was having a good time. Other than the occasional confusion about what team Deacon belonged to, of course. Preston was up again, standing ready with the third bat - the rest hadn’t survived the super mutant’s frustration - and watching Sole prepare to throw the ball. They threw. Preston hit it.

No one had expected it to soar right at Sole’s surprised face, smacking them right in the face and bringing them down onto the ground. It was silent for a few seconds before everyone rushed towards Sole, Preston’s face unnaturally pale and eyes wide. He couldn’t believe he just struck them in the face with a baseball! They’d never forgive him! Piper calmed Preston as Curie checked on Sole, said vault dweller groaning in annoyance over all the fussing and waving people away. They got onto their feet, determined to continue the game, but when they almost fell flat on their face everyone agreed that that was enough baseball for today. MacCready still hadn’t stopped laughing by then.

Sole’s face was bruised for weeks, eye swollen shut the first four days. Preston practically never left their side, constantly asking them if they needed anything. He sent other people out to the settlements and had Sturges take over his duties in the favor of staying with Sole despite their protests. He apologized officially with a picnic and a large bundle of wasteland flowers on day six, but the guilty expression didn’t vanish until the bruise did.

Despite this accident, baseball became a weekly occurrence at Sanctuary.

X6-88: The first time X6-88 accidentally hurt Sole was when said vault dweller decided to introduce the courser to Hancock. Looking back at it, it probably hadn’t been the best idea at the time, seeing as Sole hadn’t mentioned that Hancock was a ghoul. A non-feral, responsible mayor, but still a ghoul. Not to mention, X6-88 and Sole’s relationship had been rather new and sensitive at that point and X6-88’s protectiveness had been a very new feeling to the synth, one he had been struggling to figure out how to handle.

“Ghoul, get back!”

“X6, no! This is Hancock, he’s friendl-”

“He’s a ghoul! Step back!”

“X6, don’t you do it, don’t you dar- no!”

The courser and ghoul could only watch in shock as Sole threw themselves in front of the mayor, accepting the shot from X6’s laser rifle with a look of desperation. It took X6 a long time to snap out of it, and by the time he had, Hancock was already lifting Sole up to carry them to a medic. Enraged and filled with guilt, the courser snatched the vault dweller from the frustrated ghoul and with a bright blue glimpt they were both at the institute, laser weapon forgotten on the ground. Said weapon Hancock decided to sell off before the annoying synth could return.
At the institute, X6 refused to hand over Sole to the scientists and marched down towards the medical bay, synths and humans scrambling to get out of his way and away from the icy cold, murderous expression on his face. He never left their bed once, something that puzzled the scientists greatly.

Sole had agreed to have the scar removed after a few days recovery, just so X6 would stop staring at it with a heartbreakingly guilty expression every time they exposed their stomach. He only stopped apologizing when Sole accidentally shot him with their own laser weapon a few weeks later when messing around with it in boredom.

Maxson: It had been another one of those days where the position of Elder had proved to be too overwhelming for the young Maxson, the main cause being a vertibird crash into the center of a scottish settlement. The brotherhood learned never to underestimate others merely because of their accents and ranks as settlers. Why did the vertibirds continuously crash that often? That was the third time this week, were the pilots drunk or something?

Speaking of drunk, that was exactly how the Elder had chosen to cope with the stress and lack of sleep. Slumped in the seat of his chair, he held a ⅔ full bottle in one hand and a shotglass in the others, a few empty bottles carelessly tossed on the floor. His back was turned towards the door, and therefore he didn’t see who was entering. He only heard the sound of the door opening, and so far every bad news and demands of his presence had been signalled with that low creaking. Lips twisting into a scowl and the grip on the bottle tightening, he growled out a slurred ‘what’.

As much as Sole loved Maxson - only Arthur Maxson, they weren’t too fond of the more thick headed ‘Elder’ Maxson - they couldn’t allow this extreme drinking to continue any longer. He had drunk away the stress five times that month, two of them being within a span of six days. But before they even had the chance to say his name, Maxson had whipped around and thrown the bottle at them, believing them to be an intruder wanting something from him.

Maxson had never sobered up as fast as he did in the moment he realized who the bottle had been thrown at. He didn’t mean to, though! It just happened in the drunken haze he had forced himself into, but that didn’t make the sound of the bottle scattering and Sole’s body crumpling to the ground less heartstopping.



Sole woke up slowly, forehead furrowed and eyes closed as they tried to figure out where they were, and why. What had happened? The last thing they remembered was hearing from Cade that Maxson had once again locked himself in his room with the comfort of liquor. Then they had opened the door with their lockpicking set and-


Sole’s scowling face was what Maxson first saw when he woke up. His back was aching horridly and his head was pounding harshly. The Elder hadn’t left the spot next to Sole’s bed in Cade’s small clinic ever since the accident, despite Cade’s pleas. But Cade wasn’t there, and even though the bandages wrapped around Sole’s head and the stitched gashes on the side of their face made him feel a hundred times more guilty and sorry, he knew a kiss and a ‘sorry’ wouldn’t cut it this time, judging by the harshness of their glare despite the Med-x clouding their mind.

“Elder Arthur Maxson.”

Uh-oh. Full name plus title.

“- care to explain?”

He was screwed.

Fire and Ice (Part One)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Violence

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

Word Count: 1.010 

A/N: This is my first Bucky fanfic. I hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t be afraid to message me when you have questions and requests.

Originally posted by bovaria

You have lived in New York all your life and really liked the city life. The constant buzz of people, made you energetic and kept you going. Even after that horrible evening you stayed in the city, even if it was smarter to just leave. That was another thing you liked about the city, the people didn’t judge you.

You sighed as the cab you were in took you father away from the city you loved so much. It had been a hard decision to leave, but you couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.

You had spend your life on studying genes and at a young age you knew how to manipulate them. You won a Nobel Prize with your research when you were only 20. Even the accident couldn’t stop you from doing the thing you loved. That’s why you couldn’t refuse Fury when he offered you a job at the compound.

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“Oh, wow, Dahl!” I say. Dahl has bloomed an entire indoor garden for himself. He has a talent for manipulating nature. Growing plants, making them bloom, manipulating their genes. He even has an influence over animals, similar to mind control, but Dahl only uses these powers for environmental purposes. Rehoming animals, convincing them to breed more, or changing their diet. He’s going to do a lot for the Moonlight Falls environment. He even has mood influence over humans. He can calm them down if they’re stressed, make them feel ambitious, or hopeful, or elated. He could make them feel other things, but I know he would never use his powers like that. In his original life, he was very charismatic, he tells me, and this power transferred into his ability to communicate and manipulate. 

“It’s beautiful! You know, i’m not sure plants have the ability to grow indoors…” I say to him. He’s a lot more lax about visibility than Ychelle. 

“Ah, if anyone asks, we’ll tell them they’re fake. I needed plants in my room, to counteract the modern aesthetic Ychelle’s got going on. Oh, one more thing. Follow me!”

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What do you think Sasuke was gonna say in chapter 6 when sakura started to tell sarada it was her fault and he said "but.. I just" ive always wanted to know what he was gonna say

Anon, I was going to answer seriously, But Man I just read the chapter 706 again and I can’t stop laughing. Anyway so you should probably read my NAruto gaiden theories 

  1. Naruto Gaiden Theory 
  2. Explaining Sarada
  3. Sasuke’s absence
  4. Sasuke’s timeline 

As I have hypothesized in the theories above, It seems Sasuke and Sakura relationship isn’t real. It looks  suspicious to me , Look at Sasuke’s reaction when Sakura says my husband and my child.

Sasuke is clearly giving his usual reaction of ANNOYANCE to his “wife” who he met after a long time

Why is Sakura looking sad, as if she was about to admit something. What heart to heart was Sakura going to have with Sarada? she already had told sarada that her father was away on a mission a million times, what changed?

why does Sakura look sad and confused when Sasuke says it's “his “ fault and she shouldn’t apologize. Was she about to admit that sarada was just orochimaru’s experiment? 

But is it that Sasuke stopped her from that discussion and saved her from it for the time being? Sasuke had lived his entire life wondering if his father loved him. I feel when he heard Sarada saying, why haven’t you been around, he realized that Sarada was under the impression that sasuke was the father who didn’t care about her.

If you see the post about Sasuke’s timeline - explaining how the timeline looked from whatever was given it shows that Sasuke was NEVER around. BUt anyway.

Here he was probably going to to say, “But I just never realized that you were suffering, Sarada.”  

If you see the entire next chapter talks about gene manipulation and orochimaru’s experimentation. Also it shows Sakura arguing with shin about what a real parent is being like? Its all so weird and out of place if you read the story as it is, but If you read my first theory and then read Gaiden again, many things will start making sense.

Anon, i can just guess based on my interpretation of events and this is my guess. 

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine Pierce [ENTJ]

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Katherine always has a plan. She might revise it on the fly, but she’s never without one and it usually involves manipulating other people to get her own way. She is a quick learner, able to size up a situation and work efficiently and quickly to turn it in her favor. Katherine has masterminded her way throughout history, by evading the Originals, pitting the Salvatores against one another, manipulating Elena and her friends, and often being one step ahead of everyone else. She has primary plans and contingency plans.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She also knows what actions others are going to take, and how to either use that in her favor or avoid being caught in their trap. Katharine foresees problems and works around them. She has long-term goals in addition to short term goals, all of which hinge on her ability to see potential in other people (activating werewolf genes in the Lockwoods, manipulating Damon by using his emotions to her favor, calculating what Elijah will do, etc). She is forever scheming for future benefits.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Yet, she also enjoys life in the present… and the more expensive it is, the more she likes it. Katherine goes in for the best of everything, from the men she sleeps with to the parties she attends. She is somewhat impulsive and reckless at times, hinting at her enjoyment of dangerous situations (choosing to remain in Mystic Falls while the Founders grow suspicious). Katherine can also think fast and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves; she often shifts her plans if she sees an advantageous opportunity.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Though exceptionally manipulative, all of Katherine’s plans serve her own ends; if she has no emotional investment in someone, she doesn’t care about them and will even betray them to death if it promotes her chosen agenda. Though she has a heart, and confesses to once being a romantic, Katherine rarely allows her true emotions to surface. She works tirelessly toward the causes and goals she feels strongest about… her own.

Samus’ out of suit design annoys me.

And not because she’s needlessly sexualised (well, okay, that too, but it isn’t the only reason. Honestly I could do an entire essay on the way the Metroid games treat being able to see Samus’ body in progressively less clothing as a reward and how the Zero Suit could be really cool with just a few changes, but I’m also super lazy so I won’t).

Samus is a product of Chozo gene manipulation to mold her into the ultimate warrior. The Chozo, for reference, look like this.

(The art styles aren’t constant, but you get the point. They’re bird people). The last picture, in particular, is Grey Voice, the Chozo who donated DNA for Samus. So already it’d be cool if rather looking like

She had some of the Chozo features, like feathers or a beak or something. Something to indicate how she has been changed and altered. She’s 6 foot 3 inches tall, and while it’s stated that her body is unusually heavy for her size it’d be nice to see that wire like body structure seen in the first Chozo picture rather than the fairly standard body type shown here.

Later on, during the Metroid Prime games, she encounters a substance known as Phazon. Phazon is a corrupting, mutagenic substance that by the end of the game is causing Samus’ body to break down. It’d be good to see some of the damage from that stick around. Her face gains lightning bolt like blue scars and her eye pigment is changed. There are almost certainly other changes that we can’t see (the Prime games are FPSes and Samus is constantly hidden inside her suit anyway, but given what we’ve seen Phazon do to other creatures it isn’t that big a leap to assume that Samus ain’t coming out of that looking like a super model.

FInally, it Metroid Fusion, to save her life she is implanted with Metroid DNA, and she merges with the inner lining of her suit. By now, Samus should be falling firmly into the uncanny valley at the very least, particularly as she spends the rest of the game absorbing X-parasites to power up. And yet, by the end credits, she’s once again looking like she does above.

It just feels…lazy, in character design terms. Samus is a character who constantly assimilates new things into both her suit and her very genetic make up, and it would be great if the games acknowledged this rather than treating her as a source of eye candy if you speed run.

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jade ecobiologically engineers lilith for rose and kan, bc unlike john she actually knows how to manipulate specific genes in ectobiology from her quest, kan p could have done it but she is way over the whole ecto biology thing, as a joke jade gives lilith her own buck teeth, rose unironically fucking loves it and uses her pull as a literal god to get jade put down as a third parent on the birth certificate, thus making it law that birth certificates can have any number of parents on them

actually we kind of already have a thing for how liliths born! not totally sure how but it involves #pregnancy cuz we’re like’s ok tho jade is still very close to maryam-lalondes & is third mom to the girls

11:11: kanaya curls up around baby belly and glows softly bc the babie likes it
11:11: like she puts her glowy hand on different places on roses belly and the babie follows it…kicks some…theyre havin a good time
menem: HEY..GOOD
menem: lilith like, #glowing in the womb is such an image
menem: one day kanayas putting her glowy hand on rose and her belly glows back?
menem: kanaya starts crying


- bitesizedwizard request


That’s what the lab’s clock read.

So that meant that you and Banner had been up discussing genetics and mutation for four hours now (and everyone else had already turned in for the night.) It wasn’t like you minded though, in fact it was quite the opposite: you loved talking to Banner about all things science and had found a mutual interest in mutation genetics especially.

“-and particularly, if we were to isolate the DNA code from mutants with previous mutatious generations, then we would be able manipulate the gene and programme technology to register certain aspects in the genes and predict future mutants,” Banner babbled excitedly as he continued with his experiment on the lab table.

Nodding, you replied, with similar glee, “Exactly! And if we were to continue that, we could identify mutants in the past and see where they originated from. I think Switzerland has already began trying the process but if the US Government were to agree to the funding of the labs, we’d be able to trace back early members before Switzerland had even identified the vital codes in the genes.”

“Precisely,” Banner agreed, shooting you a grin as he tore off his plastic gloves and washed his hands in the sink. “You know, I can’t even talk about mutation to Tony. He’s more of an enginerical man himself, and certainly isn’t fussed about discussing genetics, let alone mutation.”

You smiled -urgh, and felt a warm blush creep across your cheeks- and averted your gaze to the floor before you lost yourself in his eyes again. But looked up again when you felt his warm hand on your waist and realised that he was mere inches away from you now.

“It is awfully late,” he mumbled, his voice oddly husky. “You should’ve gone to bed ages ago…”

“Wasn’t tired,” you whispered, eyes locked on his now and you couldn’t shift your eyes from his lips when he sucked his lower through his teeth.

Quirking an eyebrow, he huffed and muttered, “Typical scientist,” before he was leaning down and pressing his lips to yours.

Momentarily stunned, you quickly recovered and threaded your hand into his hair, letting your eyes fall close and parting your lips to receive his. He brushed his tongue against your bottom lip for confirmation before he plunged it into your mouth and curled it around your own. You grazed your teeth across his tongue and lips and felt a rush of heat when he gasped quietly into your mouth.

Curling a warm palm around your waist, he pulled you flush against his body and you felt his cock, hard - and fucking massive, by the feel of it- pressing into your crotch and stomach. He rocked against you and pushed you back until you felt you back hit a wall and he just continued to push you into it until it was almost painful.

He lifted you up, with surprising strength- but which you assumed had something to do with the other guy-, and you instinctively wrapped your thighs around his hips and ground down on his crotch had he pressed you into the wall harder with each kiss.

Breaking apart from your lips, he planted heated kisses all the way down to your neck where he latched lips and teeth on the dip in your throat and sucked bruises into the soft skin there. A long, loud groan escaped your lips and you let your head fall back in bliss.

Gods, you wished all scientists could be as good as this.

Reasons why there should be more disabled superheros (who are not an inclusive draw, political statement, or teaching moment. So maybe like, reoccurring or main characters :D)

  1. If the disability is genetic (as it usually is in most shows), this makes the classic genome mutation behind super powers (like X-men) way more believable and opens many doors to explore.(ie what if it keeps mutating, could the same gene that induced the disability cause the powers, could it be manipulated, gene isolation ect)
  2. A disabled character is way more interesting than another cookie-cutter tormented-soul, sad-backstory hero who must save the world because justice. (lets be real how many more batman’s do we need?)
  3. You could design really kickass costume and weapon stuff (wheel chair that flies or that folds up if hero can stand during a fight, oxygen tank compresses to be oxygen mask, how cool would that shit be!? way cool thats how cool)
  4. They could be comic relief, without wasting time on a snarky side-kick who’s main purpose is to be a comical foil. And I dont mean like, lets make fun of your disability or the character sadly cracks half-jokes and almost-true one liners to remind everyone of his/her disabilty. I mean they are actually funny, can handle being the butt the joke and EVERYONE laughs (Toph Beifong, ahem)
  5. Finally, a superhero someone in a wheel chair or with another disability could cosplay easily! (underline easily bc people can cosplay who ever they want but a disabled superhero would provide a unique character just for them! Which provides more fanbase and opportunities for money to made w/ costumes, if you want the economics bit)
  6. This includes a superhero with mental illness! Like depression, anxiety or asbergers! ( Like a supergenius who overactive brain causes him to be OCD, or a speedster who is explicitly diagnosed with ADHD, or a telepathic mind-reader who struggles with depression and is supported by their team)
  7. Action figures of disabled superheroes for kids to play with! Could be used as teaching moments by parents or could be character sponsors for non-bullying campaigns and fund-raisers! ( I know i said no teaching moments before but this is different)
  9. You also use this list as reasons why we should have more shows centered in the inner city that address realistic problems and where the main characters are not all white (check out Static Shock if you want to see a current show that does this. Awsome show, main character is a black highschooler w/ superpowers who deals w gangs and stuff with his white best friend and other latino friend.)
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#2) STREET SHARKS (1994)

 an American-Canadian animated television series about crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks. It was produced by DIC Entertainment and aired from 1994 to 1995, originally as a part of the Amazin’ Adventures lineup. Later, in 1996, the Street Sharks teamed up with the Dino Vengers and the show became “Dino Vengers Featuring Street Sharks”. It was created to promote an existing Mattel toy line of the same name. The creators were David Siegel and Joe Galliani of Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions.

A university professor named Dr. Robert Bolton had invented a gene-manipulation device for peaceful uses on animals with his fellow professor named Dr. Luther Paradigm. In the first episode, Dr. Paradigm tested his gene-manipulation techniques (which was referred to as “gene-slamming”) on a marlin and a lobster which resulted in the creations of Slash and Slobster. Dr. Robert Bolton attempted to destroy Paradigm’s research and was transformed into an unseen inhuman monstrosity by the evil scientist using the gene-slamming device on him before escaping. Dr. Paradigm later kidnapped Bolton’s four sons John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint to transform them into sharks


Ladies, gentleman, and everyone else I give you the TMNT rip-off to end all rip-offs.

This series is so stupid, so ill-conceived, and transparently a blatant toy vehicle. Look at those character designs, look at those bad guys, look at the vehicles, look at all the weapons. There’s so much advertising going on that the characters could have tattoos of other Mattel franchises and nobody would bat an eye.

At the time of its relevancy everybody knew it was a rip off. Kids, parents, even your uninformed senile grandparents who just knew their grand kids “liked the show with the turtles” knew Street Sharks was a rip-off.

Yet that never came up as a problem because the franchise is SO FREAKING BAD ASS. Sharks are one of the coolest sea dwelling animals, and one of the deadliest predators on the planet so of course boys were going to be suckered in by it. This was helped completely by the fact that the toys were really awesome.

External image

they were big, thick, durable, and they were the right size that they fit in well enough to play with our Ninja Turtle figures.

The series isn’t really anything to write home about. It’s the same as TMNT; the heroes fight other mutants, coin a bunch of shark related catchphrases, and eat their favorite foods. It doesn’t really get much more involved than that.]

Except it gets EVEN MORE AWESOME in the later season of the TV show when the Street Sharks teamed up with another team called the Dino Vengers; alien dinosaur super heroes.

External image

They were later rebranded as Extreme Dinosaurs for their own spin-off series.

External image

But man, sharks and dinosaurs? What was going on at Mattel in the 90s that they were so in-tune with the things boys loved?

It was an advertisement campaign that worked in spades, and it was glorious.

The only downside is… the dreams of many children, of a crossover between TMNT and Street Sharks never came to light. Not in any medium; animated, live action, comic, or even web cartoon.

It was just not meant to be.


  • In 1996, Archie Comics released a short-lived comic book series based on Street Sharks. They published a three-issue mini-series which were based on the first three episodes of the series, and a regular comic series, which lasted three issues.
  • every episode title has a shark pun


Other than the total absurdity and bad assness of the franchise, nothing about it is really that memorable by anybody other than those who were religiously dedicated to it and had tons of the toys.

That’s the folly Street Sharks has in being such a gigantic rip-off of TMNT, it came and went, and hasn’t really been heard from since. It could stand to be revived since the toy line was so quality but that’s pretty unlikely and I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up.

But one things for sure, if there’s anything that personified how EXTREME the 1990s was, it was definitely Street Sharks.

Season 1 and some parts of Season 2 are available on youtube, but luckily a dvd of the entire series has been released and it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to find.

If you’re an old school fan, go pick it up, everyone else might not be fond of it though.

Come by tomorrow when I reveal to all of you THE #1 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES RIP-OFF

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Hi! i hope i'm doing this correctly. Could you possibly do a build a boyfriend jungkook oneshot? Like instead of build a bear you build a boyfriend?

Build A Boyfriend - Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook x Twelve (the reader)
Rated: Y for You really inspired me for this one!!

In 2126, a mysterious genetical mutation hit the Earth, making the Y gene inefficient during the conception. Every new born entered life as a girl during 30years. As male human being got older and older and the human race became close to extinction, a Euro-korean scientist named Park Junyeol found a way to recreate an artificial male DNA and clone it to the extend of a complete rebirth of the male kind. With the help of a laboratory specialized in genes he managed to diversify the DNA code to create different types of males to ensure the longevity and richness of the human race. This discovery started a great War called the Survival War in which every nations of the world fought each others to be in possession of the precious male DNA the Sub-Asian State was selfishly keeping for itself.

When Park died with no heir, a merchant company named Big Hit took advantage from the war to buy the rights of the DNA formula to the State in debt. It only took two years for the company to create Build A Man. An entirely new concept of stores where women would be able to create the man of their dreams by ordering it, as some random product. If it provoked a huge controversy on human rights at first, the amount of men dying in the fights of the raging war stifled it really soon. Women needed more men to keep on fighting and keep on procreating. The need to buy men from Big Hit took over any reasoning. 

The procedure became so common that, after the end of the war, it became a social rite of passage to the adult life for young girls turning 16 to build their own man that would share their entire life. As a marketing hype, Big Hit changed the name of his shops from Build A Man to Build A Boyfriend and started a whole new era for the human kind. The gene manipulation had made the man kind submitted, obedient and artificially crazy in love with its owner and creator. The objectification of men had reach the ultimate limit when it became possible to “fix“ the boyfriend when it was no longer fulfilling the expectations of the owner when she grew. Love had became a subjective extension of the notion of possession. 

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Hamsters and Gerbils
Goldfish, Bettas, Koi
Aquarium water cleaner
As a fish laxative
Frozen duckweed treats

Soil amendment
Green mulch in vegetable gardens
Green mulch in fruit orchards
Green mulch for potted plants
Green mulch for flower beds

Ducks and geese
Chickens- layers and brooders
Pea fowl
Fermented feed for livestock

Grass Carp

Measurement of waste nutrient loads in ponds
Algae suppression
Frog haven
Water health of pond
Suppression of mosquito larvae
Minimize evaporation of water
Cooler water columns
Suppression of underwater vegetation
Burning duckweed to drive away mosquitos
As a cover to protect fish from predators

Material for worm beds

Soldier Fly Propagation

As breeding ground/compost medium
Closed loop system

Ethanol production
Duckweed pellets for home heating

Wastewater remediation of nitrogen and phosphorus
Polisher of heavy metals and biological pathogens
Interplant with wetland plants for prolonging season
Waste nutrient recycling of duckweed into animal feedstock, bioenergy, etc…
Retaining pond or canal around agriculture fields to collect fertilizer leachate for bioremediation

Farm animal/biomethane/duckweed semi-closed loop systems
Aquaponics- tilapia/hydroponics/duckweed semi-closed loop systems
Combined fish/duckweed systems

Waterscaping Outdoors
Waterscaping Indoors
Chlorophyl Art
Dried duckweed applications

Neighborhood duckweed pond recycling
Bartering duckweed for goods or services

Chinese medicinal uses

Lemna recipes
Watermeal recipes
Protein tofu and refined powdered source for protein additives

Space travel research
OMEGA project research

Gene manipulation for wide variety of applications
Indicators of variances in research testing

Duckweed science experiments for kids
Lessons in sustainable aquaculture
Promotion for sustainable wastewater reuse

As large-scale protein feed supplement
As large-scale bioenergy feedstock
Bioplastic raw ingredient