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Like A Hurricane

Summary: Bucky goes out to a bar and bumps into a familiar face from his days with Hydra.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader (from Bucky’s perspective)

Challenge: Hurricane by Luke Combs, by @yellowtheremarvelfan

Word Count: 5,580

Warnings: Smut, oral (of both kinds), unprotected sex

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“We were meant to see this in the theatre,” Steve told Sam as he slipped the Forbidden Territory DVD into the player. Bucky smirked to himself from the kitchen as he poured the popcorn into a bowl. It was something from his past he’d only recently remembered – so of course Steve went out of his way to get hold of a copy of the original movie. The apartment he shared with Steve was small, so Bucky didn’t need his amplified hearing to hear Steve’s retelling of the story. “Except Buck ran into a couple of gals going to see The Gay Divorcee.”

“So you went and saw the Gay Divorcee instead,” Sam said, filling in the gaps.

Bucky returned with the popcorn in hand and sat down on the couch cushions they’d thrown on the floor. “Not quite,” he laughed.

No, because we only had money for two tickets and Bucky over here offered to buy the girls’ tickets for them.”

“Hold on a minute. You’re telling me you paid for some chicks to see a movie by themselves? Smooth move.” Sam shook his head, hand diving into the popcorn bowl as Forbidden Territory started to play.

“I told them we were gonna get popcorn and meet them in there. Me and Steve used to break into the movies all the time when we were kids. Just slide in through the fire exit, no one noticed.”

“Except they’d gotten wise to it by then. We bust the door open to find a security guard standing right in front of us.”

“He chased us half a mile. Only stopped ‘cause Steve had an asthma attack and the guy felt bad.”

Sam drowned out Steve arguing with Bucky about the ‘real’ reason they stopped getting chased, because he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He paused, popcorn halfway to his mouth. “It’s Natasha,” he interrupted. Suddenly Steve and Bucky were on high alert, movie forgotten. “It’s Clint’s last night before he goes back to the farm. She wants to go out for drinks.”

“All of us?” Bucky asked, his mouth dry.

“Yeah, you too Tin Man.”

Sam showed them the text: Can you drag the dinosaurs out of extinction for one night?

There was a tense moment as Steve and Bucky stared at each other. Forbidden Territory bumbled on forgotten in the background. “Clint’s the one with the bow right?”

“Yeah, he was on our side.”

Fuck. That meant Bucky owed him. He peered over at Sam’s phone, scrambling for an excuse. “Could’ve been a mistake. Maybe she meant dinosaur. Singular.”

“Nat?” Sam laughed. “You think she’s ever made a typing error in her life? Seriously.”

Bucky knew it wasn’t a mistake. Sam was right, Natasha Romanoff didn’t make mistakes. He knew how meticulous she was because he remembered training her back when he was the Winter Soldier.

He’d trained her alongside you. Or more accurately, he’d watched you getting your ass kicked.

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I've never read any X-men comics, but Cyclops and Gambit are my favorite from the cartoon that used to air back in the 90s. Which leads to my question...what was Cyclops right about?

Hi there, welcome to my tumblr. I was going to link you to some of the previous times I have answered this question, but thoses always only covered aspects of the whole. This time, I will attempt to give as comprehensive an answer to the question that I can.

There are a lot of ins and outs to this. But in it’s most basic form, it refers to whose side a person chose during the war between the X-Men & Avengers. This was a Marvel Comics event that took place in 2012, and set the stage for the current dynamic of the universe.

Now I will get into the BIG PICTURE, as I see it. I am going to cover a lot of stuff here.

The seeds for this event start in 2004’s, Avengers 500. The story was called Avengers Disassembled. The Scarlet Witch would go mad, her reality altering powers out of control. This led to a chain of events that would break the Avengers as they existed at the time.

Fast forward, to 2005. The New Avengers, and the X-Men are meeting to decide what how best to handle Wanda in the long term. Up until now, she had been in the care of her father, Magneto.

Some called for further treatment. Some for execution. All think their plan is the most humane, but no agreement can be reached. It was decided that they needed to see her in her current condition to decide the best answer.

They do not get there first.

The heroes would arrive too late. Wanda’s powers would be used to warp, and create a new reality.

In this new timeline, mutants are the dominant class, and Magneto’s family rules.

Eventually, the skewed nature of the current timeline becomes known, memories are set right, and the X-Men along with the Avengers realign the world.

Unfortunately, the mad Avenger would use her powers once more.

The world as we knew it was back on course, but at a terrible cost. 90% of the mutant population had their X gene turned off. No more mutants were being born. Roughly 200 mutants were left in the world

This was the era of Decimation, and it would go on for a very long time.
Through strength of will, and character, Cyclops would rally the majority of the world’s mutants to his banner. He would hold them together in their darkest hour, and make sure they survived as a people until essentially, a miracle occurred.

And then one day, a child was born. The first mutant since M Day. Additionally, she was born a mutant, and did not have to wait until puberty for her X gene to activate. She was the first o her kind. This was the story told in 2009’s Messiah CompleX, and the birth of Hope Summers.

From the moment he was aware of her, Cyclops knew she was special. With almost a religious fervor, he believed she would be the key to bringing the mutant race back to life. To that end, he entrusted his son Cable to safeguard her in the future, until such a time that she was ready to fulfill her destiny.

The intervening time was not pleasant. Losses mounted, and people died. The world’s mutant population came to become their own nation, living on Magneto’s former Asteroid M. It was converted into the Island Nation of Utopia.

This brings us to 2010, and the Second Coming of Hope Summers. Events would start to snow ball at this point. Now a teenager, she and her father had returned to the time of her birth. From the moment she set foot in the modern era, she and Cable were beset by enemies, and hunted. This was actually not too far from the life she had lived every day up to this point.

Scott had spent every day since the last time he his son take the girl, waiting for them to get back. Everything he had done since was a war of attrition, keeping a remnant of a people alive until the miracle she would perform happened. When Cable returned, he was ready.

The entire might of the mutant population was given one task. Get Hope. Get her back to Utopia. Keep her safe. Every life lost, every compromise that had been made, all were done because of the faith he had in her.

The cost was heavy. before the story was over, both Nightcrawler, and Cable would die. Their shared faith in her purpose fueled the sacrifices they would make.

In the aftermath of the event, a couple revelations were made known. Hope would become the next incarnation of the Phoenix…….

and while only a trickle, new mutants had again been been born.

But then came a split in the house of Xavier. Cyclops and Wolverine no longer saw eye to eye. The X-Men became two groups, with Scott and Logan as the head of differing factions

Before too long we would learn that Cable had in fact not died. His body would pull itself together in a apocalyptic future. The techno organic virus that had ravaged his body all of his life was now out of control. Out of the fire, and into the frying pan. He was dying.

He would find out he had less than 24 hours to live. But that was not the worst of it. This tragic future came about because Hope had not been able to fulfill her purpose. The people at fault for that, were the Avengers.

Cable would spend his last day hunting down the Avengers, trying to find out why they would do this. His mind became more and more erratic as the virus overwhelmed his body. The Avengers were still no match for him.

Cyclops and Hope would find out what was going on. Realizing that Cable was becoming more deranged as the virus spread, they helped to free the Avengers, and stop Nathan from doing further damage. Cable was defeated, as the techno organic virus finally claimed his body.

Later, while alone with the body of her father, the Phoenix would once again manifest in Hope.

After so many years, his body and mind were able to begin to heal. While catatonic externally, his mind was still active inside. He was able to reach out to Cyclops on the astral plane.

Cable would inform Cyclops of the oncoming storm. The Avengers would come, and if they got their way, all hope was lost.

Hope would become the next avatar of the Phoenix, and that was one hell of a scary proposition. Father and son reaffirmed their faith in this girl who they knew was destined to give rise to a rebirth of mutants. The trust they had in her outweighed the fear of the universal force known as the Phoenix. When the Avengers came, Scott would be ready.

Now, everything I have said so far is what laid the ground worked for the main event. You see, the next chapter is when the Phoenix came back to Earth.

The Phoenix exists outside of the concept of good and evil. It is a universal force of death & rebirth. Like the lion hunting its prey, the storm or fire that leaves destruction in it’s wake. It also allow for new life to be born.

Nova would would provide an early warning to the Avengers, letting them know the Phoenix was coming.

The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes, and all that jazz. Once they perceive a threat to the planet, they are going to do everything in their power to eradicate it.  They are also very strong defenders of the status quo. Their leaders are men of high ideals, with rigid views of the world. Leaps of faith, do not come naturally to them. They see an enemy, and punch it into submission.

At this time, Hope would manifest the Phoenix again.

Before coming to his final decision on how to handle coming event with the X-Men, Captain America would consult with Wolverine. Decisions were made. The die was cast.

Rogers would come to Utopia, and lay out the scenario as he saw it. The X-Men were to hand Hope over to the Avengers. They would take it from here.

Cyclops had the experience that would allow a belief in Hope. Captain America had not. This is a key detail I have to keep in mind when I consider each man’s stance. To give this a personal spin, I believe in a higher power. The experience I have that gives me that is personal, and has no value to anyone other than myself. Trying to convince another person based on it is futile, so I do not try. 

But there are some real world factors that were ignored. Never mind that the X-Men were the only people on Earth to have any experience with the Phoenix. Forget the cost they had born keeping Hope alive to get to this point. There was no coming to the X-Men in a sense of cooperation.

The Avengers saw themselves as the only viable force able to deal with the issue. The X-Men could help, but Rogers and his people would take the lead, and make the final decision.

Years of stress, and problems that were never properly dealt with would finally come to a head.

In the end, Captain America would leave no room for compromise. He did not come here to negotiate. In the back of his head, I imagine Cyclops remembering the conversation with Cable. The Avengers would come, and they would try to take Hope.

These are the pivotal moments in history. When an action one way or the other will have consequences reaching years down the road. Cyclops made one of these. He would not let the Avengers have Hope.

There would be no going back.

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

 As in any war, neither side would come out clean. It is my view however, that every major escalation came at the hands of the Avengers. Their view that that only they were equipped to handle the problem was the initial instigation.

Their continued efforts to destroy the Phoenix before it reached the Earth would cause it to fissure. Instead of taking a single host, it took five. Five mutants that were woefully unequipped to handle the power raging through them. At this point. the story could only end with tragedy.

The five hosts of the Phoenix would all commit atrocious acts. Corrupted by forces he was not fit to bare, Cyclops would eventually kill Charles Xavier, and become Dark Phoenix.

Along the way the Avengers would realize they never stood a chance at stopping the Phoenix from doing what it had intended to do. The only way survive what was at hand, was to allow Hope to become Phoenix herself. They had to take the leap of faith Scott had done the night Hope was born. The leap of faith that had taken him to this tragic point in his life.

It would take the combined efforts of Hope, and the recently returned to sanity, Scarlet Witch, along with a nudge by the dead Jean Grey, to fell Scott Summers.

There is a cost to what the Phoenix gives. Part of that included the fall of Cyclops. 

Had The X-Men kept her on their own, the Phoenix would have corrupted Hope. If the Avengers successfully  taken her, the Phoenix would have destroyed the Earth. I believe the war was a necessary evil that provided Hope with additional training and experience to properly host the force. It was through the events that transpired that she gained the emotional maturity, and sense of self sacrifice that was needed.

Mutants would be returned to the Earth by the energy released when Hope successfully accepted, and then discarded the Phoenix from her body. The cycle of death and rebirth was complete.

The Avengers would ride off into the sunset, believing themselves to be the white knights of the story, even though they had really only cleaned up a mess they were largely responsible for making.

Cyclops would accept the cost for the new genesis his people had received. He was not without blame, or culpability for the tragic events that occurred.

In my final analysis of the situation. When I take in everything that transpired, I believe Cyclops was right in his decision. I do not white wash his actions. I do not remove any and all guilt. But in the fullness of the events that transpired, he made the best decisions with the poor options available to him. Because of the choices he made, the Marvel Universe still stands, and new mutants are being born.

Cyclops was Right.

It’s not just fish hips and cat thumbs that are the result of small changes in genetic control switches. David Kingsley has also discovered a few human traits that work in the same way, with the most immediately obvious being skin and hair colour. A few years back, he and his team discovered that the DNA around a gene called Kitlg, found in many animals including both sticklebacks and humans, seemed to be chock-full of control switches. The protein encoded by Kitlg (known as Kit ligand) is a biological multi-tasker, helping to make blood, sperm and cells packed full of the dark pigment melanin. It’s this molecule that determines your coloration. More melanin and you’ll be darker, less and you’ll be lighter. Kingsley and his team discovered that playing with these switches in sticklebacks changed their coloration, making them darker or lighter depending on which ones were missing. So they took the same DNA region from humans and broke it down into pieces, testing each one to find out when and where it was active.

Sure enough, they tracked down one specific control switch that could turn on the gene only in skin and hair. Then when they looked at the DNA sequence of this switch in West Africans and white Europeans, they noticed a consistent difference in a region more than 300,000 letters (300 kilobases) away from Kitlg. Not as far as the distance between Sonic Hedgehog and its limb control switch, but still a long way off. One single letter was switched: an A in the Africans, a G in Europeans. Just one.

Next, they tested whether this change affected how well the switch could turn on Kitlg, by looking at the two different versions in skin cells grown in the lab. They discovered that it wasn’t as simple as an on/off (or rather, black/white) switch. Instead, the version in Europeans wasn’t quite as effective at activating the gene as the African version was. A quick calculation in their paper suggests that having two copies of Kitlg with the European switch makes a person’s skin around six or seven shades lighter than someone with two West African versions. Because you have two copies of every gene – one from Mum and one from Dad – the effects of the switches will be more apparent if they are both the same, while having one of each will give a colour somewhere in the middle.

However, there are around 30 shades between a typical Nigerian’s dark skin and a pale European complexion, so the difference in the Kitlg switch only explains part of our skin colour, rather than the whole thing. David suspects that there are probably other similar genes and switches out there that add up to give each person their particular hue. But even so, just a single letter can make a big difference to what you look like. This is true of hair colour as well as skin. In 2014 Kingsley and his team published another paper showing that European blondes have a single letter difference in a control switch around 350,000 DNA letters (350 kilobases) away from the Kitlg gene, compared to dark-haired people. Again, it’s a tiny change miles away from the gene, but it has a big impact. This subtle alteration in blondes means that a transcription factor protein called Lef can’t stick quite as well to the DNA of the control switch, so it’s not as effective at turning on Kitlg activity. It’s not on/off, but it’s enough to significantly cut down the melanin production in hair cells, and make them fair.

Growing up in the 1980s, I would often hear jokes about blondes being stupid – and as a brunette (to my shame) I would often repeat them. I now know better, but many people apparently don’t. In a news article about his hair colour research, Kingsley attacked this long-held stereotype, saying, ‘It’s clear that this hair colour change is occurring through a regulatory mechanism that operates only in the hair. This isn’t something that also affects other traits, like intelligence or personality. The change that causes blonde hair is, literally, only skin deep.’ Blonde jokes aside, his work on coloration has more profound implications. As I’m writing this chapter, the United States is fracturing under the stress of racial tension following several high-profile incidents of white police officers killing unarmed black people, and a horrific racist shooting in a church. Countless numbers have been unfairly judged, oppressed or killed throughout history because of the colour of their skin, yet it boils down to little more than a handful of DNA letters in a few genetic switches. For a species named after our intelligence – Homo sapiens translates as ‘man who knows’ – we really are very stupid at times.“

Genetic theory of Red Queen on Newbloods, Silver and Reds

Ok, so I have this theory since last year, and I didn’t know where I could share it, so this is it.
I just love genetics, and I tried (and succeed) on applying it to Red Queen world. I checked with my biology teacher, and she said it’s ok.
This is it. We have two kinds of blood (red and silver) and two kinds of state of power (active and inactive). I believe the red blood is the dominant gene, whereas the silver one is recessive. Therefore, I will represent the red blood as A and the silver blood as a. I also think the inactive power is the dominant gene and the active power is the recessive. So I’ll call the inactive power gene B and the active power gene b.
So, this how it looks like:
Red people: AABB, AABb, AaBB or AaBb
Newbloods: AAbb or Aabb
Silver people: aabb
Considering this, I was able to make some statements.
1) the Red-Silver segregation begun through a genetic mutation, either natural or induced (I believe it was induced, because technology has been improving so much for the past few years, and I wonder what we could do in the future)
2) Newblood would be Reds’ AND Silvers’ grandchildren. Aristocracy men used to sexually use poor women in the past, and the Silvers do think themselves as superior people. What would stop them? And think with me: a Red woman (AABB genes) and a Silver man (aabb genes) have a baby. This child will be AaBb, by the rule of Punnet’s square. The child would be a powerless red. But he/she would carry the genes with him/her. At a given time, they or their decedents would cross among each other (AaBb x AaBb) and there’s a chance this baby would be a Newblood. This is how the gene has been carried through generations and no one saw it coming until a red child have powers. Until Mare.
3) the absence of powerless Silvers can be explained by two forms, despite the fact the nobility and royalty have all aabb genes and have children among each other. The simplest one is lethal gene, which means that a fetus with aaBb or aaBB gene would be naturally aborted or could be a stillborn. The other explanation also explains why no Red woman had a child with silver blood (it could be possible if you cross AaBb x AaBb). It’s similar to the one when an Rh negative woman gives birth to a Rh positive child (she produces antibodies and the next child, if it’s also Rh negative, will be anaemic). So, a woman with AA of Aa genes cannot give birth to a child with aa genes, because it would kill the baby, naturally aborted or a stillborn.
4) as I said before, the recessive genes were passed through generations without being noticed, so it’s possible, as we see in the books, to ordinary red parents have a Newblood child. Let’s take the Barrow family as an example. Mare and Shade have the A_bb gene, so both Daniel and Ruth have the b gene, only one each other, which means their genes are A_Bb. They passed the b genes to Mare and Shade, but to Tramy, Bree and Gisa, at least one of them passed the B gene.
5) it’s possible the red blood has something the silver one doesn’t have. Julian tells Mare she’s Red and Silver, and stronger than both. So, Newbloods are more powerful than Silvers. This means that, in the Silvers’ blood, the b gene doesn’t manifest as it could. But, in the Red blood, it can fully developed, making the Newbloods more powerful. For example, Maven and Cal can only handle fire, whereas Mare can not only handle electric energy, but create it from the energy present in the air, as Elsa does in Frozen (a hell of example, huh). Another things that make me believe this is that, in the Silvers’ blood, the power is trapped to hereditary. Cal and Maven are siblings and inherited their power from their father, who inherited from his father, and so it goes until the begging of the Burning Crown. Otherwise, Mare and Shade are siblings, and their powers are completely different, once she’s an electricon and he’s a jumper. This makes me believe that the Newbloods’ powers are developed by a psychic and psychological condition completely susceptible to their mindset and personality.
So, that’s the way I found to explain to myself and whoever want to hear what’s the relation between Newbloods, Reds and Silvers. Of course, it’s up to Victoria to decide if this theory, a bit crazy but plausible, is correct or if I’m just out of my mind. Perhaps she has another theory, one she’s always based her book on and it’s going to tell us about it in the forth book.
Thanks for reading, seriously. I know it was a very long post, but I had to get it out of myself.

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I have a question, why do you waste your time replying and disproving physical shifters? They don't exist you don't need to respond. They're stupid. Let them be stupid in peace. They'll learn. I promote you calling out blogs that prey on kids, but I don't understand you arguing with the people that legitimately believe they can magically grow wings or become another organism.

…. buddy how long have you been around?

I’ve spent the last oh 5 years or so yelling at people for being stupid. Like, that’s the two pronged approach of my blog, one side is answering people’s questions about biology (and occasionally another science if it’s basic enough) the other side is yelling at stupid.

That being said, conspiracy theories like ‘the government kills people that grow wings’ and letting frauds and potential cult leaders (because yea that’s happened) go unchecked helps literally no one. The solution to seeing a problem is not ‘ah well it will sort itself out’

The otherkin community has tried that. As mentioned, I’ve been around a while. You know when things got better, re:getting assholes out of these communities? When you start yelling at the stupid because often time, the stupid and the actively dangerous enable one another.

you see it goes further. There can be real medical consequences, too. It’s a short step from ‘a thought activates the wing grower gene!’ to ‘thoughts to activate genes therefore I don’t need medical care’ once you’ve accepted ‘thoughts activate a gene’ as a premise. And what about the people who get drawn in, investing their mental well being into the idea that they can shapeshift and never get results. Isn’t it much preferably to challenge the people enabling this where you see them and prevent people from getting drawn into this rabbit hole? 

So yeah I’m going to keep yelling at these people because 1) they’re wrong about science where I can see them and i can do whatever I like on my blog 2) they have actual negative impacts on not just their lives but other people’s as well and I can’t just stand by and not at least say something. 

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Headcanon that Mika's Seraph gene will only fully activate. If he is touched by The Salt King. But it can't be any type of touch. And conditions have to be met. It specifically has to be hug. It can't be for the purpose of protecting anyone. It must be reciprocated.

Hahaha I know what you did here ;)

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Also how are(if so) genetically different the artificial half ghouls and and those born one eyed like Eto. How does the kakuhou change the structure of the body, other than regenerated tissue being basically ghoul tissue

This is your second part of the previous question, answered here [x].
I had to resort to Genetics to answer your first question. To answer this one, as promised, I have to talk about Epigenetics.

I had diagrams and stuff, but I didnt want to complicate things.

  • the only difference between both types of half-ghouls is the Epigenetics profile. The other difference is the one I explained last week: expression in cis/in trans (Kn vs nn). 
  • The Kakuhou has plenty of genes that will manipulate the body of a half-ghoul, in equilibrium with Epigenetics.

You often hear from media,parents,friends etc.. that you should pay attention to what you eat, that you should exercise, that you should sleep well etc.. Now, these claims have a scientific basis that stretches towards the nucleus, towards the nucleus itself, bearing the chromosomes and hence your DNA.

Each and every one of us has hundreds and thousands of genes. However, these genes are not always active, ie they are not constantly being expressed… at least not all of them. When and how these genes are activated or shut down is a complex topic, since there is more than one way for this to happen. 

One of the ways this can happen is related to Epigenetics, specifically, the profile of methylation (adding a methyl group -CH3) and acylation (adding an acyl group -C=O) to existing nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA). 
That way, gene expression is modified without the need to alter the DNA and change it. It’s the same DNA that was slightly modified chemically. This modification changes the phenotype of the individual without a change in genotype.

This has been happening in each and every one of us, ever since we were born. Again, it can be caused by diet, exercise, lifestyle, exposure to UV light, exposure to radiation, etc… These changes can be inherited.

Eto inherited the methylation/acylation profiles from Ukina and Kuzen. These profiles are heavily influenced by Kuzen and Ukina’s lifestyle, including the consumption of human meat. Add to that the general aspect of Kuzen’s lifestyle, including cannibalism

Cannibalism has been taken for granted in the fandom. However, the way cannibalism renders ghouls’ kagune stronger and refine it has a perfect scientific explanation and it is: Epigenetics.

This explains why Kaneki’s kagune is starting to look similar to that of Eto, following his feeding on Eto’s kakuja. 

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Detentionaire headcanons

Detentionaire takes place in the MysterySpies universe along with Martin Mystery, Totally Spies, and Grossology. 

Holger is from Scandinavia. There are seamus (sea emus) that rise from the depths every spring and summer to graze and raise their young. Snow aardvarks are native to the country and more common  in the mountains.

-Holger grows up to become a househusband, dad, and part time relationship councilor.

Biffy is a product of a semi-secret super soldier program run by Worst. He has many clone-siblings that have been adopted by many different couples working for MWF. Biffy has never met any of these siblings.

-MWF provides a stipend to families hosting the products of the super soldier project. Mostly b/c Biffy and his siblings are very big and expensive to maintain.

Brandy is one of the minority of people in the world with the super-spy gene. Her’s activates during the events of the series and its out to good use helping out with the Lee Ping super spy adventures.

Barrage feeds ducks and geese on his weekends.

Kimmie eventually takes over her mom’s company but makes it slightly less evil. Biffy becomes her resident tech wizard.

Tatzlwurm are the most well documented dragons in the world but there are others that are known to exist. 

-Red’s are a rare variant of blue tatzelwurm.

- the lizard men are yellow tatzlwurms which are a different susbspecies from the Blue/Red

- Green and Black tatzlwurms live in the sea and are much larger than their land based counterparts.

- Li’s Priscilla is a young wyrm.

Poly goodness. 

-Cam and Brandy eventually take in Cyrus as their third.

-Holger is entirely serious about marrying Cam and Lee.

- Tina and Kimmie are bonded through the queerplatonic relationship between their bfs.

After the war with the yellow tazes is over The Center arrives to clean up the mess and arrest the guilty parties.

Someone ends up punching Chaz’s lights out.

Handedness arises from genes in the spinal cords of embryos

Our nervous systems have left-right differences that are important for correct functioning. Handedness is probably the best-known asymmetry arising from the development of the nervous system. This is observed very early on: embryos of eight weeks already tend to move their right arms more often than their left arms. At this ‘age’ signals are not sent from the brain to the arms yet, but only from the spinal cord. A few weeks later, left-right differences also become visible in the shape and size of the premature brain.

A team of scientists from the Netherlands, the UK and China searched for genes that contribute to left-right differences in the nervous system, in the period between four and eight weeks after fertilisation. The genetic analysis showed that the left and right sides of the spinal cord develop at different paces.

The left side of the spinal cord matures slightly faster than the right side. Sets of key genes that control growth and maturity were found to reach a more advanced profile of activity on the left side than the right. In the hindbrain, an area which is the predecessor for some adult parts of the brain, this was the other way around.

“This seems logical, since many nerve fibers cross over from one side to the other at the boundary between the hindbrain and spinal cord,” says Carolien de Kovel, lead author of the study and researcher at the Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI). “How exactly this left-right genetic difference in the spinal cord leads to right-handedness is, however, not yet clear.”

Clyde Francks, head of the MPI research group ‘Brain and behavioral asymmetries’ and Research Fellow at the Donders Institute at the Radboud University, explains, “We think that these very early left-right differences in the spinal cord may act to trigger some of the later asymmetries of the brain, such as the eventual dominance of the left hemisphere for language functions in most adults’.

Asymmetry and schizophrenia
"Around 85% of humans are right-handed; it seems the standard in human development,” De Kovel adds, “but genetic and environmental factors may provide alternative paths of development, such as left-handedness or two-handedness. Interestingly, disturbances in such asymmetries seem to be more common in people with psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia.”

Hence, De Kovel and her colleagues also compared the results of their study with genetic factors that influence the risk of schizophrenia. It was found that genes which exhibit the largest left-right differences in the embryos also tended to be involved in the risk of schizophrenia. “The findings do not prove directly that these genes cause schizophrenia by their actions in the spinal cord, because the same genes are also active in the grown-up brain. However this does provide us with clues on which we can base further research,” De Kovel explains.

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To the anon worried about Mika staying in his seraph mode I pose the theory and possibility of the michaela gene as well as his enormous ability of self control that Mika will actually be the first character with the seraph gene to actively be able to control that state... though there will definitely be side effects I think perhaps he'll be more in control of that power than anyone else, at least for a while

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Happy Rare Disease Day! Wear Jeans for Gene Awareness! And here’s a couple funnies too!

Love to all you Rareies, Zebras, Spoonies. Today is your day! Wear your stripes proudly and loudly!

Dangerous, part 3: Save Me (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

I’m so sorry I haven’t did this part in a few days and fixed the links to the other two stories. I was sick for the past few days and any time I wanted to update, I’d procrastinate. 

Anyways, this is the last part to Dangerous, as a thank you present for 200+ beautiful people who have followed me. You guys are all amazing. 

The next imagine I’m doing is quite a different fandom that I haven’t wrote anything for yet… It’s a Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) imagine. I hope you guys will like that one. After I do that one, requests are going to be open. I promise. But I might not be able to do a lot of them all in one day. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: Barry and the reader have had feelings for each other for so long now. The reader never came out and said anything concerning her feelings to him for she thought he was still in love with iris. When she is exposed to radiation, her meta human genes were activated. Along with her newfound abilities, she finds herself being used and manipulated by the Demon. Will her and Barry’s love be her strength to this fight? Or will her jealousy and rage be her downfall and leaves her Dangerous

Part 1

Part 2

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You didn’t know exactly where you were. But it was a dark and empty room. No one was there and the only thing you heard was the Demon’s voice screaming in your head. 

You shouldn’t have disobeyed!

You’re nothing to him! 

He would’ve killed you without a second thought. 

While the Demon had been punishing you for disobeying it, the Team were working on a way to save you. Caitlin held up a vial with a weird liquid inside it. “What the hell is this, Cisco?” She asked. It was a bluish liquid.

“I watched all these different shows and movies that dealt with demons and evil spirits. All their problems were solved with holy water.” Cisco answered, triumphantly. “Since evil (Y/N) calls herself the Demon, I figured it’s work a shot.” 

“Holy water is clear.” Barry pointed out. 

“I used some of that dampening serum that Harry made for Zoom. I altered it to attack the meta human cells that we found off of that glass shard.” Cisco explained. “Right now, compared to everything we found, which is nothing, this seems like the best solution.” 

“What if it kills her?” Caitlin asked. “She’s our friend. We can’t just lure her into some trap just to end her life.” She had glanced at Barry as she said this. No one saw his confession the previous night coming. 

“The most it will do is momentarily pause her powers, making it easier for Barry to fight her, if necessary, and she can’t just shadow-port away.” Cisco stated. “As for the holy water, it’s for the Demon. Now we just lure her out.” 

“I have an idea.” Barry said. “But it requires you to stab me.” 

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sunintwelfth  asked:

My grandpa said there's 300,000 people born a day so that means 300,000 born on the same day,month and year. And how are they supposed to be similar? And 350 people born every minute. I'm not debunking astrology, I love it but I get nervous that it's not real :( what do you think?

What are you expecting with two people sharing the same exact date of birth? that they should be like identical clones, sharing the same physical characteristics, and that they should have the same talents and passions? The chances of two randomly chosen people in the world born on the same day, month, and year are slim, about 1 in 28,500. No two bodies can occupy the same space, the same thing goes for astrology. Twins have the same chart. But having the same chart means having the same symbolical possibilities, not the same life. That happens with astrological twins - people with the same birth charts, but not from the same family. Their lives are - sometimes very obviously - related, but not the same. What qualities they have depends on which possibilities they “live out” – by circumstances that happen to them in life, as well as the choices they themselves make. 

If you look at an astrology chart like genetics, having a certain gene might encode you to have a greater possibility of developing a medical condition, for example, but whether or not you do develop it depends on a ton of things, like your lifestyle choices, the environment you live in, and maybe an element of chance. Having your sun in a certain sign might offer a greater possibility that you will harbor some qualities, but whether or not you actually do depends on a ton of other things, like other elements of your birth chart, the choices you make and the experiences you have. Identical twins have the same basic map of genetic material, but respond differently to environmental stimuli, thus activating different genes. Likewise, in astrology, they have birth charts that are only minutely different, but different characteristics and qualities get “activated” by the full sum of their differing life experiences. 

One of the most important things to know about astrology is that it is not meant to be used as an indicator of your absolute fate – it merely offers up the conditions that you’re working with and allows you to make the choices and decide how they play out. You might have a contentious chart, filled with clashing aspects that create huge big schisms in your personality or point to misfortune – this doesn’t mean you can’t work around the faults you know you have or watch out for the conflicts that you might be more likely to fall into. Likewise, your chart could be filled to the brim with potential, but if you never act on it, nothing will happen. You might naturally be musically inclined, but if you never practice, you won’t be a concert pianist. Your astrological aspects are second to your human will. 

Basically, twins’ astrological aspects give them the same predispositions, but because they’re separate individuals who make different choices, they do not “live out” the charts in the same way and therefore are not the same people! Nobody with the same birth chart is exactly alike, just like nobody with the same sun sign is exactly alike – that’s just kind of ridiculous to expect. What astrology can tell you is what faults and strengths you can have. Each sign has good and bad aspects, negative and positive possibilities. People with strong Aries aspects can be headstrong or a trailblazer. Virgo can be neurotic or fastidious. Leo can be a bright sun or a black hole. Pisces can be delusional or dreamy. At the end of the day, you’re the one in control of what you want to put into this world. (s)

Not a Jihope post.

Okay, so I’m watching a drama called The Lovers (you can watch it on Viki) and i’m totally in love with THE BROMANCE in this drama !!! And it’s with TAKUYA FROM CROSS GENE *_*


This scene is from the 3rd episode of the drama and i can assure u that i became totally crazy *fangirling*