Hi folks! The other day, I made a post discussing that I was having trouble finding certain volunteers to help out, or finding funding to pay people to do it. I discussed the notion of crowdfunding the funds to go into the site, and that’s what I’ve decided to try.

As a result, I present to you, the Gendrr GoFundMe page.

Gendrr is a project I started around December 2013 to create an open social network platform for gender-variant people. The intention is for it to be a community-driven and -regulated project that allows people to connect with one another, share experiences and discuss a variety of topics, within a safe and managed environment.

Initially, a survey was put out to find out what features and aspects people most wanted. I received a lot of feedback, and immediately started working on the project. I also received a large number of volunteers in several fields. Unfortunately, work stalled, because there were not enough volunteers in several crucial fields to complete the project.

I continued to monitor interest, and I believe people are still interested in seeing this reach completion. As such, I would like to find the opportunity to pay people in the areas where we have not recieved volunters, however, this requires the project to be funded, which is something I cannot personally afford beyond the initial funding I’ve already laid out. Where possible, we will find help from people who are a part of our community, and in most cases, the funds from the project that we use to pay these people will be helping with their living and transition costs, something which we all know can be hard to raise.

As a result, I appeal to the community to help fund this project and see it through to completion. I have offered several reward levels, and more may be added as I find volunteers willing to help me make new rewards. Every single person who donates will be thanked by name, handle or username (their choice) on a special thanks page within the site - regardless of how much you donate or what level (if any) you choose.

I know not everyone has a lot of money floating around, but if you would be at all interested in seeing this project completed, please consider donating even a little bit - it helps! :)


We have a few donation levels which will get you some interesting stuff once the site launches, although I’m still considering other things I can do to add additional levels. (If anyone has any suggestions or contributions, please let me know! :D)

Every single donation, no matter how big or small, will receive our thanks on a page of the site dedicated to exactly that purpose. Any excess money that is raised from this that doesn’t get spent on deploying the site itself will be donated to a charity or fund that I will take a vote on, to pass the money on to other projects or people.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could spread this around, signal boost it, tweet it, Facebook it, whatever! Any and all help, monetary or otherwise, will be greatly appreciated in getting this project finally launched!

When ever tumblr ever talks about race or gender it makes
me feel so uncomfortable,
like when they start hating on someone for being white,male,straight or all 3 I feel REALLY uncomfortable
and when people just blandly praise someone for being the opposite
I don’t like it either,
I hate to even talk about race or gender
maybe its cause I can’t make hateful jokes about people I don’t know personally cause I know what its like to be he hated before even getting a chance to prove myself.


Trans Pride Brighton 2014

We just got back from our adventures at Trans Pride Brighton. We had a lot of fun, raised around £40 for gendrr (which will shortly be added to our GoFundMe campaign), and handed out rather a lot of flyers and lollipops! Thanks to everyone who was there for your generosity and interest, it was very good to see so many people!

Thanks to Hannah (allyouneedisbees) and Eve (allcurledupgoingnya) with their help handing out flyers and collecting donations, thanks to QueerSoc Sussex, Sussex LGBTQ and LGBrighTon for generously sharing a rather small amount of space with us! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ll be posting more about our outings at Trans Pride Brighton soon, but we’re also gearing up to go the Kent & Medway LGBT Picnic under the Rainbow soon and we hope to see more of you lovely people there!

Voting has now been opened!

Our logo competition has received 19 submissions from 5 awesome people, and it’s now up to you to vote on your favourite submissions. Voting is confidential, and you have 6 points that you can allocate between 3 (or less) submissions.

Voting will run up until 12 PM BST on Monday the 30th of June, when voting will be closed, results will be tallied. The results will be announced shortly after that point!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s submitted a logo for their time and efforts, and which everybody the best of luck in the voting. If anyone would like to check out the websites for the artists who have submitted, there is a drop-down menu across the top bar with links.

Voting is now open, so go place your votes!

Logo competition

Before I start, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who submitted to our logo competition, all the submissions were fantastic, and the results were very close! It was a very tough decision to make.

Thank you all so much! I also want to thank every single person who voted. Making the decision on my own would’ve been too difficult for me to do, and the input from the community at large was invaluable in doing this.

Because of the quality of all the submissions and the fact that the results were so close to one another, after discussing it with all the artists, I have decided that all the logo submissions will be made available as t-shirts, so you’ll be able to get a shirt with your favourite logo on it, even if it’s not the one that was selected to be the logo for the website. Any profit made from t-shirt sales will be added as contributions to our existing fundraising campaign, so your purchase will definitely help to bring this project through to existence. Look forward to the t-shirts going on sale later this week, we’ll be making an announcement once we’ve finished the preparations. We’re also going to be sending a free t-shirt to each artist who contributed as a thank you for their contribution and support!

I’d also like to apologise for the delay in this announcement. Voting was supposed to close yesterday and this announcement should’ve been made then, but due to work commitments and illness, I was unable to do it before now. Thanks for your patience on this!

If you hadn’t already guessed, the image above has been selected as the logo for gendrr! This was a submission by Samantha Winterrose (website). Thank you very much for you submission, and congratulations! Very shortly, you’ll be seeing this logo appear across our web presence as we start to make use of this fantastic design.

Interestingly, each of the top 5 voted logos was a logo from a different artist, which means all 5 artists made it into the top 5. This just goes to show that every submission was fantastic! Look out for the announcements regarding t-shirts, and get your favourite logo on a t-shirt to raise more awareness and support for this project!

Thank you all so much!

I’m collating all of the offers of help and assistance against what we need, and we have a lot of offers for help with art, graphics, etc, and several offers for coding help, as well as several offers of administrative/logistics help. I’ll be in touch with everyone who’s offered to help soon and see what they’d be willing to help out with!

However; do we have any web *designers* around that feel like helping out on this project? Even if it’s just style dictation, sketching, frameworking, anything. Most things that people can come up with I can code into an actual webpage, but I am useless at the design aspect. Anyone willing to lend a hand on that front?

Massive update!

Hi all, sorry we’ve been so quiet for a while, but there’s been an awful lot going on!


We’ve reached 24% of our donation goal, having raised £213! This is great, and thank you all for your support and help. Unfortunately, that still leaves another 76% to go before we’re in a position where we can move on to the next stage of this main project, so if you have anything to spare, please consider donating!


We’ve talked about it, and now we’re here! Customisable t-shirts are now available in the new gendrr shop! Every purchase also contributes a £2-3 donation to gendrr. A variety of the submitted logos are available to get on your t-shirt, although not all of them yet. We hope to make the remainder available soon. If you don’t see what you want, consider contacting us, and we’ll see if we can help - we can also further customise the t-shirts than what’s available on the site, so if you want something special, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

Real life

We’re pleased to say that thanks to a generous offer of some table space from QueerSoc Sussex, we’ll be making an appearance at Trans Pride Brighton this year. We’ll be there giving out flyers, collecting money for our donation fund, and perhaps have a few other things to giveaway. If we get some donations prior to Trans Pride, we’ll also try to bring some generic t-shirts along to sell on-site, but this largely depends on our budget. If we can’t, you can bet we’ll be taking orders there! If you’re going, come and see us!

We’ll also be attending the Medway LGBT+ Picnic under the Rainbow with a stall, doing much the same as what we’re planning for Trans Pride. If you happen to live anywhere near Kent, consider coming along and saying hi!

We’re also looking out for more events to go to, but further than that, we’re planning to release the flyers to the public so that you can attend events on our behalf! We’re asking you to donate your time in order to raise money and awareness for this project, and we appreciate anything you might be able to put into it! The flyers will be published shortly.

Logo competition!

Hi again everyone! We’re still pushing on with our fundraiser, as well as our features and rules consultations, but we’re on to the next thing we need your help for! (We need a lot of help.)

With our internet presence more or less maxed out at this point, I want to start taking awareness and fundraising into the meat-world. I’d like to get flyers printed up and get people to start helping me locate them at key points of interest that might draw some attention, and I’m also hoping to have a presence at Trans Pride Brighton this year, although I’ll save the details of that for a later post.

But what do I need now? Well we already have a few volunteers willing to actually help me write & layout flyers, which is absolutely fantastic, but we still don’t have any kind of a logo. We have that not-quite-a-cube graphic I’ve made, but it’s pretty awful, isn’t it? I never pretended to be able to do graphics!

So! I’m opening up a logo design competition to the general public. Make a graphic you think might represent this site, email it to us (, and we’ll be posting them all for people to vote on their favourites. The winning logo will not only get the privilege of being our logo, but will also earn you the awards from our fundraising level “Feet!”. (When the site launches, you’ll get thanks, acknowledgement and a link to your site/blog/portfolio in the footer of every page of our site as well as on our contributors page, a email address, a physical letter of thanks from me personally and a badge on your profile showing your support!)

Thanks for your submission in advance! Mail your submissions to

I want to thank everyone for the great response to my request for feedback so far, and for sharing the link abroad to other sites and communities. I’ve got some excellent feedback, and feel like I have a direction I can take this in. I am still open to additional feedback through the existing form.

Later today, or possibly tomorrow if I get strapped for time, I will be posting a breakdown of the results, highlighting what people want and what people should expect from this project, as well as breaking down some categories that I need help with, and some in which help has already been offered. Once it starts moving a little bit in the right direction, I’ll probably ask for additional feedback, as I would ideally like this project’s direction to be guided by the community.

The reveal for the moment, however, is the name. Overwhelmingly, respondents really liked the name ‘gendr’. Unfortunately, are taken. 'gendr’ is available in a few ccTLDs, but I don’t think it would be overly memorable. So after some discussion with other people, and some thought, I have settled on… Gendrr.

Further information about the project, including the breakdown of the results, will be posted on this blog!

More information definitely to come, and feedback is continually welcome.

Hi folks!

I apologise for there having been no update on this for a while. It’s not dead though, but it seems initial enthusiasm the fundraising we were doing has subsided, so we’ve been working to figure out what we can do with the funds that we’ve raised so far - and thank you all again for your help! We’ve also got some new stuff to tell you about, so expect a proper news update later this week!

Thanks for following along and your patience while we’ve been a bit quieter than usual! :)

Hi everyone! We’re still really excited for all the support this project has received. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a bit of a wall on all fronts. We’re incredibly grateful for all the donations, submissions and volunteers we’ve received so far, but we’re still far from our goal for launching the site. We’ve also had only one submission for the logo competition, and let’s be honest, it’s not a competition if there’s just one entry, right?! :P

We’re still hoping to make a presence at a few events in the real world, and try to rally up some additional support that way, but we still need everyone’s help online to make this a reality! Please, if you can, consider donating, submitting a logo for our design competition, volunteering some time and skills and help us raise awareness. Email us - - we’d like to hear from you!

Flyers, postcards and Medway's LGBT Picnic

Flyers and postcards.

One of our lovely volunteers, Elizabeth Stewart, has made us some lovely flyers and postcards for promoting this project. If you came and saw us at Trans Pride Brighton a few weeks back, you may remember we had a rather large stack of flyers to hand out - these are the ones! In addition to the flyers we had then, we also now have postcards. Better yet, we have posted printable versions of these online, in case any of our supporters would like to help us raise awareness by printing and handing some out! The flyers and postcards are available for printing and viewing on this page, so please consider sparing us some of your paper, ink (we know, that’s expensive!) and time to print some and stick them in places where people might be interested in what we’re doing!


Following Trans Pride Brighton, we have reached 30% of our funding goal, which is substantially amazing and we’re really pleased that everyone’s been so generous! Unfortunately, it’s not yet enough to actually get this going, and although we are looking at ways to bring down the costs of the project in hopes of launching it in advance of reaching 100% of our goal, we once again remind people to spread the word in hopes of reaching more people who might be able to help us reach our funding goal! Remember, information on donating through GoFundMe, PayPal or Bitcoins can be found here!

Medway LGBT Picnic under the Rainbow

Following the success in our attendance of Trans Pride Brighton, we’re going to be making efforts to have a presence at more LGBTQ+ prides and events where we can. We’re starting close to home (for us), with Medway’s LGBT Picnic under the Rainbow, where we’ve been lucky enough to get our space to do some fundraising and awareness raising! If you live anywhere near Kent, come along and see us, because it should be a nice event. With some luck, we’ll be expanding on this to start attending other events in a wider geographical scope to spread our project - however, if anyone out there wants to volunteer some time to head off to a local pride of their own and raise awareness for us, get in touch, and we’ll see about getting you setup with some of our large stack of flyers and stuff to make it as easy as we can for you!

Thanks again everyone! We look forward to carrying on with this, and seeing where it goes.

Features & Rules consultations now open

Hello again everyone!

While we’re still working on our fundraiser, I thought some of the community-driven aspects of the site should be opened up for consultation. As a result, I’ve launched to suggestion boxes - one for features, one for rules.

On these pages, you can see the features and rules that have been suggested so far, and upvote/downvote them based on your opinion of what the site should include. A suggestion and a vote do not automatically guarantee it will be included, but what we’re looking for here is input on what should be considered. I’ve populated the features list with the feedback gathered from the surveys we did - this is not to replace the data we got from that, but rather to apply some direction to it.

If you have any comments about this process or anything in it, please email us at If there are any inappropriate suggestions or rules listed that you think should be removed, please contact us by email, tumblr, Facebook or twitter, and we’ll review it.

And… don’t forget to donate :o)

We look forward to hearing from you!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and donations so far. Our message has been spreading far and wide, and we’ve raised £68 so far, which is excellent, but still fairly far away from our goal.

As of last night, the GoFundMe page for gendrr had around 700 views. If each of those people had donated even 50p through PayPal, we’d be over halfway to our goal. If each of those people had donated £1.50 we would’ve easily exceeded that goal. Remember: I know that not everyone has money to spare, but every penny counts and helps bring this project nearer to completion. If you can help out at all, please do!

Logo competition update

The logo competition has had astounding results! We’ve received 17 entries from 4 amazing people so far. I’m holding on to the entries, and publishing them all at once at the end of the competition for fairness, and will open voting when I do so. As such, I’d like to announce a proposed end date for the competition: Wednesday, 24th of June, 2014 at 12 PM BST

We will be accepting entries submitted up to this point, please send your submissions to if you’d like to enter! The voting will commence at that time, and then will continue through to the following Sunday or Monday (to be decided) so that winners can be announced!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s participated so far, to everyone who’s donated so far (which you can still continue to do - and please do!), to everyone who’s volunteered their time so far, to everyone who’s contributed to our features and rules lists (which are also still open) and to everyone who will contribute in the future!

Hi folks! Thanks for your continued participation and support. Just an update - we’re still pushing on with the fundraiser, our suggestion boxes are still open, and we’re still liaising with volunteers to raise awareness further! Just a reminder - if you have any ideas, suggestions or otherwise, we do want to hear them! Send us an email, hit us up on tumblr, facebook or twitter, and let us know! :)