When a mini garden is done right, the plants feel grown in, not stuffed in, as if they have adapted to each other’s shape. This feeling is partially an illusion based on the care given to the initial positioning, but there is so much more to it. These are time based sculptures, so we think ahead, drawing on deep experiential knowledge of the differing habits, light responses, and growth rates. Lastly, we prune, pull and adapt as needed. Nothing is ever finished, but rather meticulously “caretaken”. By attending to these details, you set up the garden to grow into a pleasing, symbiotic whole.

Mini garden by Jon Schwark
Pottery by Conrad Gendron

Reading James Gendron’s book length poem about witches, Weirde Sister, in an attempt at escape but it’s throwing me right back into the / our / this / their world, for which I am grateful 


myriamgendron sets Dorothy Parker’s poetry to little more than an acoustic guitar and a wry, wistful voice. Watch a stop-motion-animation video in which roses explode from a plucked head here and on All Songs TV


French Revival cast of 1991 performs One Day More. The cast should be: Robert Marien as Jean Valjean

Patrick Rocca as Javert

Louise Pitre as Fantine

Jerome Pradon as Marius

Stéphanie Martin as Eponine

Marie Zamora as Cosette

Julien Combey as Enjolras

Marie-France Roussel and Laurent Gendron as the Thenardiers.

Today in history: January 8, 1811 - The 1811 German Coast Uprising – the largest slave revolt in the history of what’s now the U.S. – took place in parts of the Territory of Orleans.

As many as 500 people participated in the rebellion which took place on the east coast of the Mississippi River in what are now St. John the Baptist and St. Charles parishes, Louisiana. During their two-day, twenty-mile march, they burned five plantation houses, several sugar houses, and crops. They were armed mostly with hand tools. In confrontations with militia and executions after trial, ninety-five black people were killed.

(image: painting by Lorraine Gendron depicts the Slave Revolt of 1811)

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)