Montreal to Toronto in 30 minutes: Startup's goal with Hyperloop technology
Toronto startup aims to have commercial concept by 2020 for Hyperloop travel proposed by Elon Musk

Imagine you could travel from Montreal to Toronto in 30 minutes after buying a ticket to ride inside an aluminum pod that travelled close to the speed of sound inside a low-pressure tube.

That’s the dream of Toronto startup Transpod, which has taken up the challenge posed by SpaceX founder and billionaire Elon Musk to design what he calls the “fifth mode of transportation.”

Sebastien Gendron, founder of Transpod, says the company is working with the University of Toronto toward the goal of having a commercial prototype by 2020.

“There is definitely a bit of research and development to do to succeed to reach those speeds. But clearly the physics is here today and clearly feasible,” he told CBC’s The Exchange.

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