Somua-Gendron Automitrailleuse 39 armored car prototype

Manufactured by Somua in France c.1939.
APX 5 turret containing a Hotchkiss Mle1934 25mm anti-tank main gun and a MAC ‘Reibel’ Mle1931 coaxial gas-operated machine gun.
75HP - 4840cc - 6150kg - 15mm armor - 69km/h - four wheels plus two for cross-country driving.

The AMR 39 was envisioned to bolster the numbers of the Renault AMR 35 tankette and the very efficient Panhard AMD 35 4x4 armored car, the later of which being very similar in specs. A stopgap measure developed during the wait for the extremely innovative Panhard AM 40, it would unfortunately share its fate, with only a prototype of the production model being built before the lack of available turrets stopped the project, leaving only a few chassis in French arsenals.


When a mini garden is done right, the plants feel grown in, not stuffed in, as if they have adapted to each other’s shape. This feeling is partially an illusion based on the care given to the initial positioning, but there is so much more to it. These are time based sculptures, so we think ahead, drawing on deep experiential knowledge of the differing habits, light responses, and growth rates. Lastly, we prune, pull and adapt as needed. Nothing is ever finished, but rather meticulously “caretaken”. By attending to these details, you set up the garden to grow into a pleasing, symbiotic whole.

Mini garden by Jon Schwark
Pottery by Conrad Gendron