Gender Grammar Lesson!

Transgender is an ADJECTIVE.

Adjectives describe one or multiple nouns.

A correct example sentence is: “I support and respect transgender people” with People being the noun, and transgender being the adjective describing the noun. 

Common mistakes and why it’s offensive:

-a transgender



(used as a noun) It is extremely offensive, as we are just like you, and by using transgender as an noun, it makes it seem as though we are a different category as you, when really, we’re just people! 

(used as a past tense adjective/noun) if someone is transgender, they are currently and will always be unless stated by them, transgender, so to call someone ‘transgendered’ doesn’t even make sense, because it is not a one time event of becoming transgender, it is a constant state of someone. Also, it really doesn’t make sense when someone says ‘transgendereds’ because that is making a plural noun out of a past tense verb. That’s basically the same as calling a group of people Americands, or Indiands, or Chineses. So basically, It’s really, really, REALLY wrong. And offensive. So don’t use it.

NOTE: The same rules apply to the following adjectives: transnon binary, agender, gender neutral, neutrois, binary trans, genderfluid, genderflux, agenderfluid, agenderflux, demifluid, demiflux, fluidflux, genderqueer, gender variant, bigender, trigender, polygender, queer, and two-spirit; they are all strictly ADJECTIVES.


Some photos over my short time coming to terms with who I am. I came out to my girlfriend only last year. And Since then she has been so supportive and loved me while I learn who I am. Its been slow since she’s the only one who knows and its almost embaresing posting pics since I’m really just starting but I like who I am more everyday. And I look forward to my future


Big Leaps.

The days come and go so fast anymore. I remember when the weekend felt like it lasted forever, now it goes by in a single moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. The direction my lifes going in is exactly what I have wanted for as long as I can remember.

Today my mom came over to the flat and helped me with Genderflux for a few hours. She knew that I had been working on some music and asked if I had anything she could listen to yet. So I pulled up a rough recording of a song that I have been working on with @BarryBrandon and his team.

As the song played I sang along, dropping in ad libs and alternative melodies. Then my mom started laughing and giggling so I asked what she was laughing at! She said,

“What do you mean? I am laughing because I am sitting in the dinning room of your flat, helping you manage the stress of your new company that is growing leaps and bounds while your over there putting outfits together for another week of photo shoots, meetings and networking events while your soon to be hit single plays in the background!!! That’s why I am laughing!!! Because I am so proud of you!”

It was nice hearing that from my mom. Like mothers tend to do, she had a very valid point because these are all things that though they are new, stressful and time consuming, its what I have ALWAYS wanted for myself, what I have dreamed of for a very long time.

This realization was so clarifying to me because lately I have been extremely overwhelmed. Worried sick about so many different things. When you’re passionate about what you do, its easy to stress about every little detail. At the end of the day though, I love my crazy life and I will get better at handling the challenges I face with each and every hour invested into my dreams!

Dreams are such an important part of life. Despite tough times, I am very lucky to have a mother that not only accepts me for who I am but also believes in my dreams as much as I do.

As many of you know, we are gradually going through all of the submissions that have been sent in from people interested in becoming a contributor to House of Alexzander. Through this process I have read and seen so much art and creativity and I love that! However, one perspective I also had a specific interest in finding was that of a parent to a gender variant, trans, or non-binary child. So today I thought I would share this story of my mother and I, in hopes that perhaps it might reach someone with this unique parenting perspective, that would be willing to contribute as a writer/photographer to the House. The submissions page is still open to all submissions.

-Elliott Alexzander


Hey world.

Tonight I am hanging out at home by myself with a glass of wine and some good 90’s music. You know, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Everlast, N'sync & Portishead… tunes n such.

Anyways, I’ll be introducing some new contributors to House of Alexzander tonight. One individual has a very unique perspective on life in general. They are non-binary and is raising two children, one of which is also non-binary. A very intuitive and powerful view point on life if you ask me. I am very glad to have them on my team.

We are also still accepting submissions for contributors, just visit our submissions page here!

If this post reaches you somehow tonight, just follow along and keep an eye out for more publications on House of Alexzander.
Good vibes to all tonight, feel free to send in a few questions if you like, I’ll be around as well.

-Elliott Alexzander


What’s in the Treasure Box?!

I have now officially taken the plunge and decided to be a full time fashion & lifestyle blogger! This was a tough decision for many reasons, but I couldn’t be happier! Now, back by popular demand, I reintroduced my personal online thrift shop to House of Alexzander! A success!

Now I am expanding with a new idea! As a gender variant fashion blogger, I fully understand the difficulties one has when trying to find clothing that can fully express a gender non-conforming identity. I am looking forward to working alongside some of you to address the biggest problems you face while shopping for clothes. The number one thing I am asked about are where I get my clothes and how do I find the right pieces? Well… this is what I came up with to help you out and I am pretty excited about it!

Here is your chance to be in on something fun and original!

The treasure box is Elliott’s way of connecting to his fans & followers on a whole new level! Each month between the 1st & the 15th, a treasure box will become available here in Elliott’s thrift shop. You can select from the $50, $75 or $100 box! A limited number of orders are taken each month to ensure there is a reasonable amount of time to build and assemble your custom treasure box with hand picked pieces by Elliott Alexzander!

When you purchase the treasure box, you will receive an email asking you to provide us with some information. We will ask for things such as your body measurements, shoes size & personal style! Based on what you tell us about yourself and the sizes you provide, Elliott and his team will create a custom package just for you! How does this connect to Elliott’s Thrift Store? Items will be pulled from Elliott’s personal wardrobe and sourced from other places like boutiques and thrift shops connected with Elliott & House of Alexzander. All items will be sure to follow the measurements and sizes you provide for us!

Also, if you dislike anything in your custom treasure box, send the item(s) back and we can communicate via email to find you something you love to complete your package! If you are not satisfied at all, return the treasure box for a full refund, but keep all the extra goodies and love added to each package from Elliott, such as stickers, locker photos, etc. ❤

This idea came into mind while brainstorming ways to further interact with fans & followers of Elliott Alexzander and the blog. Only 3-5 treasure boxes will be available each month. Remember, this is a new study to determine the success and capabilities of this idea, as well as a way for Elliott to get closer connected with his fans and followers via the internet. When you purchase your treasure box, please be patient as each box is created based on the info you provide. Reaction time to completely put your custom box together can take 1-2 weeks, this way you really have a chance to connect with Elliott via email so that they can put together a custom package with pieces you truly love. Elliott is also looking forward to adding personal touches to each treasure box to create a unique fashion experience just for you!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments! If you would like to receive an email containing a brief overview of the information we will need from you in order to complete your treasure box order, just contact us!

-Elliott Alexzande


Don’t ask me if I am a boy or girl.
I know I’ve blurred that binary line.
Don’t ask me if I am gay or straight.
I know I’ve blurred the stereotype.

My gender is whatever I perceive it be.
How dare you imply that I need to be anything else.
My expression is how I choose to be seen.
How dare you imply that I need to appear as something other than myself.

I’m just living.
Quit wasting your breath telling me its wrong.
I’m just being me.
Quit wasting your breath telling me to stop.

I will never stop being me.

-Elliott Alexzander
For people looking to support the legacy of Stonewall leaders,

 one step you could take is to get involved with or donate to the Transgender GenderVariant Intersex Justice Project, which Miss Major is the Executive Director of, or the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Both of these organizations focus on empowering trans people of color living in poverty to self advocate and fight back against police violence, imprisonment, and poverty. 

Garden Side.

I loved how everything about my outfit today was quite masculine,
but in the most feminine ways possible.

I am gender fluid, and my gender expression tends to be fluid in a similar way. Kind of feminine, sort of masculine, or occasionally a well balanced effort of both. I’m also a Libra, so I love a bit of both, balanced just right.

-Elliott Alexzander


From feeling lost to feeling alive.

You know,
when I was younger,
I was so lost and out of place.
It took me a long time to realize that my life was for me to live, not to be controlled by standards based upon someone else’s opinions or morals. However, no matter what direction I turned I always seemed to hit a wall.
If I didn’t have things in my life back then like music and a few close friends… I’m not sure I would have made it.

I guess my point for telling you this is because I know there are people out there like me, who feel the same way I did back then you know…
Lost and out of place.

If you feel this way…

I see you.
I know you’re out there.
I understand how it feels to be lost.
I want you to know that you’re a valid human being.
I believe that you will find your way past all that ails you.

However what I believe is not as important as you believing in yourself.

I know it’s easier said than done, I’ve been there.
But the truth is it can be done, and the moment you truly start believing in your own strengths and accepting yourself for who you are…

this will be the moment your life changes forever, and for the better.

Please be patient.
Your moment will come.
Please don’t give up.
Your life is very important.

-Elliott Alexzander


Here is my #OOTD!

George and I started the day off by sleeping in.
I woke up to the sound of him in the kitchen, that’s always a good thing!
We had a great start to the day.

We went out for a long walk around the house and he snapped these shots!
Then we came home and had an amazing dinner.

A while later my mom came over and gave me a custom tattoo!
We hung out for a bit and then she went home.

Now I am here, writing in my journal.
Edit & save. Edit again.
Publish it online for the world to see.

I love my life.

- Elliott Alexzander

Gleaming by House-Of-Alexzander

Posters & Prints!
Check out this new outfit published on DeviantArt!
I am in the process of uploading all of my fashion photography to DeviantArt where each photo will now be available for posters or print!

Several people have asked for posters of my outfits and here they are!
You can also get other items such as mouse pads or post cards!

Plus, if you use DeviantArt as well, feel free to watch my page!
Occasionally I will publish new photos such as this one on DeviantArt first!

-Elliott Alexzander

Blush Pt.2

Happy Sunday!
I just thought I would share some of the other shots from my outfit yesterday! Btw, my lace vest & these sunglasses are up for grabs in my thrift store now!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing day before Monday!
Speaking of Monday, I am really excited because I have recently partnered up with a website called Boost Insider. It’s a really unique tool for anyone that blogs or is on social media to earn a bit of extra money. I start tomorrow!

Yesterday George & I went to a wedding (If you missed my publication from last night, you can catch up here! Xoxo) and it got us thinking about what we want for our wedding. Not that we are getting married or that he has proposed or anything, but just because it’s fun to dream of our wedding day I guess. Lol.

We would start with a very small ceremony on the beach with just our super close relatives. You know, Mom & Dad plus the siblings. We will not have a priest or anything like that, but instead just read each other some vows and watch the Sunset! Oh yeah, it will be during the sunset!

Next, we are going to have a big gathering on a different day than the ceremony. This event EVERYONE will be invited too! It will be a big party with lots of people just living and having a good time!

Not done yet! To finish off our wedding we would like to honey moon around the world for about two months. Obviously we cant see everything, but we are really just looking to expose ourselves to some different cultures and scenery! Of course we will be taking pictures and sharing them with all of you the whole time too!

So that’s where George & I are with our wedding!
Again, not that we are getting married, but… I can dream! Lol.
Don’t get we wrong, I am already starting to prepare just incase!
I’m simply earning a little extra money on the side by joining Boost Insider!
If you blog at all it could be worth checking out for yourself!

-Elliott Alexzander