genderswapped glee

Anonymous asked: “What do you think female Cooper would be like? Would she be really egotistical like Cooper? Or do you think that she would think that following Hollywood’s cookie cutter, ditzy actress portrayel would get her a job? My headcanon is that she dyed her hair blond to fit that stereotype but it looked really bad. Also what would her name be?”

I’d imagine she’d have really obvious highlights in her hair, a tattooed beauty mark, and be going by the name Cora because she thought Cooper was too tomboyish. She’d probably be, deep down, a genuinely kind person who really cares about Blair, but preoccupied with being a debutante in the now and slightly paranoid that her looks will fade before her big break.

Sorry for the reupload! This is the better version I think.

Mason Maya McCarthy is a SOPHOMORE at William McKinley High School. She is SIXTEEN years old, looks a lot like VIOLETT BEANE, and she is BISEXUAL. Unluckily for you, she is TAKEN.

The McCarthy parents are touring musicians, and as such, haven’t been particularly present in the lives of their twin children. Maya remembers spending the earliest summers of her childhood on a tour bus, and would have escaped the confines of the vehicle much more often than she did if not for the watchful eye of her older twin brother. As it was, she was a curious child, eager to explore and see new things on top of being easily distracted and somewhat naive. As the twins grew older, their parents opted to send them to cheer camp during their summers instead of taking them on the road. Because they’ve been training for so long, they’re highly skilled athletes who were easy choices for the Cheerios.

The twins have been each others’ rocks throughout their lives. Being a twin means Maya has a built-in best friend, and someone to watch out for her when she’s being thoughtless or impractical – two things that do have a tendency to happen, since she’s not so great at coming up with detailed, concrete plans. This meant that Maya found herself being cared for by her brother as they grew up, and whether it was intentional or not, her eager and curious nature had been curtailed by the demands placed on her to conform, and become someone who was “easier to manage.”

In the past year or so, however, she’s started to speak out and speak up for herself. She wants to be seen as more than just half of a set, and has begun pursuing interests independent of what her brother wants her to do (or what she believes he wants her to do, since a lot of the perceived control is just that – perceived). Glee club is one such interest, and while she has no doubt that he’ll eventually show up to keep an eye on her, she’s enjoying herself in the meantime.

Maya still sees the world through rose-colored glasses. She is an optimist who sees the best in people whenever possible. Everyone she meets is a potential friend, and even those who have hurt her (and there are a few) are given second, third, or even fourth chances. She believes that the world is inherently good despite the emotional scars inflicted by her parents’ absence or what she believes to be her brother’s tight rein, and will steadfastly hold onto that belief to the very best of her ability. She’ll keep charging forward into her days with a determined kind of joy, and eagerly embrace every beautiful thing the world has to offer.

Now Azimio and Dave, girl-rebooted as Alize Adams and Deena Karofsky.

I redid my earlier girl!Dave because I was uh. Drunk when I designed her and wasn’t happy with how she turned out.

Also it feels strange to put them all on the Cheerios somehow because their characters so don’t have that same attitude as the show!Cheerios have. I almost want them to be on a sports team of some sort, like track or softball, but ehh. I like the Cheerios outfits so here you go.