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Hey JJ! I've read quite a few of your analyses and I'm just wondering if you've ever written about Santana's father? Specifically, why we haven't met him, even though the little he's been mentioned, it seems though he is at least IN her life?

Hey, @harmonelson​!

I actually just posted an answer about Santana and her father a little while ago. You can read it here, if you like. The post deals mostly with what information we do—and, more often, don’t—know concerning the mysterious Dr. Lopez.

As for the issue of why we’ve never met the man on the show, here’s the gist:

There is no compelling in-universe reason why Dr. Lopez never plays an active role in Santana’s storylines on Glee. 

To the best of our knowledge, Dr. Lopez and Maribel remain married throughout the duration of the show, so it would make sense for them to occasionally appear together on screen. 

From what little we know, Dr. Lopez’s relationship with Santana during her teenage years is a good one, so it would also make sense for him to occasionally have significant interactions with his daughter and for us to be able to see them when he does so. 

He is supportive of Santana’s coming out, so he could feasibly be part of any and all storylines having to do with Santana being disowned by her grandmother. He could also feasibly take an active role at Santana’s wedding.

Hell, one would even expect it. She’s his only daughter, for Chrissakes!

But despite what might be possible with this character and what one might expect with him, the man nevertheless remains elusive.

We get a glimpse of someone who may be him in episode 3x08 “A Wedding,” but he is never identified by name, and he certainly doesn’t play an active role in the episode’s storyline (see here). 

So the question is, “What gives?”

Why isn’t Dr. Lopez sitting in the booth at BreadStix next to his wife and across from his daughter and future daughter-in-law in episode 3x22 “Goodbye”? Why isn’t he toasting the brides or having a daddy-daughter dance with Santana in episode 3x08 “A Wedding”?

Frankly, because, out-of-universe, the showrunners at Glee simply couldn’t be bothered to actively include him in Santana’s storyline.

Some heavy criticism of Glee writing and production after the cut.

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To all the tears shed in high school, the sense of loneliness, hopelessness, that you were different or wrong or unworthy, for the feelings of thinking you couldn’t be truthful, that you weren’t safe, that nobody understood you, that you didn’t understand yourself, for your friends having their first dates and kisses when they were 15, and for you going through high school without dating, for having to hide your true feelings, your true colors, to every girl who fell in love with her straight best friend…. just know you won’t be hidden in the shadows forever. It may seem like you’ll never kiss or date or come out, but you can and you will. You will find eternal happiness in a matter of years, and trekking through and waiting to meet the right girl will be worth everything you went through. You may feel trapped. But it won’t last. It can’t last. You will fall in love with somebody who loves you. You will love and accept yourself. You can and will be happy.

Wanna Run My Mouth Over Your Wounds

First of the planned Halloweenies. For @jaded-idealism​, who wanted Blaine going as Hedwig for Halloween and Sam being really into it. This is mostly that, but probably also different. (Sorta romantic Blam. Fair warning if that’s not your bag. Blaintana bromance because y’all can’t stop me now.) AO3 1.6k

Blaine has his chin resting on the heel of his hand, staring so intently at his laptop screen that there’s a furrow between his brows that’s threatening to crease his skin permanently.

“That thought almost looks worth a whole dime,” Santana says, and Blaine startles and looks up, closing his laptop lid as he does so.

“Not really,” he says. Santana arches a perfect eyebrow and then lifts her mirror again, smoothes her brow with her ring finger and turns her head from side to side. Blaine chews his lip and watches her apply blusher and lipstick and highlighter and says, “I think I’ve figured out what to do for Halloween?”

Santana lays her kabuki brush on the table and lowers the mirror again, stares at him until he shifts awkwardly in his seat.

“Yeah?” she says when he’s not forthcoming. “Is this going to be some obscure reference I’ll have to go google in the bathroom so I can pretend I get you?”

“No,” he says, and opens his laptop again, turning the screen to face her. It’s still open on a picture of his reference. Neil Patrick Harris in one of his promotional pictures for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, when he opened in it on Broadway. He knows Santana is aware of it, because she’d mentioned that he could almost be the twin of Bryan Ryan. (‘You know,’ she said, ‘The guy who nearly shut down the Glee - oh. Well anyway, prep school. They look very alike.’)

She’s silent for a long moment, and Blaine stares at the back of his laptop, his cheeks growing pinker and pinker that longer the silence stretches. And then she nods and grins and taps her fingers against her lips.

“We’ll need to practice your makeup,” she says. “I’m not sure I can do the eyebrows without practice. Like, not just getting rid of yours but drawing those.”

Blaine exhales a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding. “I kinda have the boots,” he says, and Santana grins.

“Wanky,” she replies.

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I downloaded my favorite vines because of its soon demise. Just thought some people might enjoy them. Some of these vines are funny, other ones I just eally liked the edit. None of these belong to me at all. RIP vine