My latest obsession Genderswap!Glee: Here’s my fanart. Done with digital ink :)


Artie Abrams→ Arlene Abrams

  • Got into a car accident when she was little, and is now paralyzed from the waist down. 
  • Is both very book smart and street smart. 
  • Was the reason behind the glee club having to have a bake sale to raise money for handicapable buses to Sectionals. 
  • Dated Tim Cohen-Chang, but got on his bad side after taking her feminist nature to almost an offensive level. 
  • Was then cheated on by Tim over the summer (with Mikaela Chang, go figure). 
  • Is now actually very good friends with Mikaela. 
  • Often has fantasies of herself dancing. 
  • Began dating Brett Pierce at the start of her sophomore year. 
  • Joined the Hannah Montana experience with Samantha Evans, Noelle Puckerman, and Mikaela Chang. 
  • Was once again cheated on, this time by Brett with his “best friend” Santiago Lopez, and called him stupid for being manipulated like that. 
  • Wanted to go to prom with Brett, but he still turned her down. 
  • Teamed up with Noelle Puckerman to spike the punch at prom, and ended up putting lemonade in it instead of alcohol. 
  • Directed McKinley’s production of West Side Story, and realized that she wants to become a director. 

Quinn Fabray→ Quentin Fabray

  • Was born Lucas Quentin Fabray, a chubby kid with a crooked nose. 
  • But then lost a lot of weight and got a nose job before moving to Lima. 
  • Was the captain of the football team, and was apart of the Unholy Trio (made up of him, Santiago Lopez, and Brett Pierce) 
  • Dated Fiona Hudson, but got drunk at a party and cheated on her with Noelle Puckerman. (and proceeded to get her pregnant.)
  • Dumped by Fiona after lying to her about getting Noelle pregnant. 
  • Was kicked out of his house for that fact, and lived with Noelle (whose father wouldn’t let him eat bacon), and then with Marc Jones. 
  • His son was named Ben, who was adopted by Sheldon Corcoran. 
  • Was taken back in by his dad, Jude Fabray, (upon learning that his wife had been cheating on him with some tattooed freak). 
  • Dated Samantha Evans, but cheated on her with his ex, Fiona. 
  • Was dumped by Fiona for Richard Berry (again.) 
  • Tried in vain to get Ben back from Sheldon, but just ended up going kind of crazy. 
  • Finally got himself together, and plans to go to Yale to get into acting.