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Rachel Barbra Berry→ Richard Bernard Berry

  • Has two moms (Hedya and Leann Berry) and grew up with a theatre background. 
  • Is Jewish, and also a vegan.
  • Auditioned for glee club with “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from Les Mis. 
  • Dated Fiona Hudson, then dated Josie St. James. 
  • His biological father is Sheldon Corcoran. 
  • Was egged by Vocal Adrenaline and Josie. 
  • Got back together with Fiona after singing a touching version of Journey’s Faithfully at Sectionals. 
  • Made out with Noelle Puckerman (a fellow Jew) to make Fiona jealous. 
  • Got back together with Fiona after an inappropriately-timed kiss at Nationals.
  • Plans to go to NYADA with his best friend, Kit Hummel. 

Artie Abrams→ Arlene Abrams

  • Got into a car accident when she was little, and is now paralyzed from the waist down. 
  • Is both very book smart and street smart. 
  • Was the reason behind the glee club having to have a bake sale to raise money for handicapable buses to Sectionals. 
  • Dated Tim Cohen-Chang, but got on his bad side after taking her feminist nature to almost an offensive level. 
  • Was then cheated on by Tim over the summer (with Mikaela Chang, go figure). 
  • Is now actually very good friends with Mikaela. 
  • Often has fantasies of herself dancing. 
  • Began dating Brett Pierce at the start of her sophomore year. 
  • Joined the Hannah Montana experience with Samantha Evans, Noelle Puckerman, and Mikaela Chang. 
  • Was once again cheated on, this time by Brett with his “best friend” Santiago Lopez, and called him stupid for being manipulated like that. 
  • Wanted to go to prom with Brett, but he still turned her down. 
  • Teamed up with Noelle Puckerman to spike the punch at prom, and ended up putting lemonade in it instead of alcohol. 
  • Directed McKinley’s production of West Side Story, and realized that she wants to become a director. 

Quinn Fabray→ Quentin Fabray

  • Was born Lucas Quentin Fabray, a chubby kid with a crooked nose. 
  • But then lost a lot of weight and got a nose job before moving to Lima. 
  • Was the captain of the football team, and was apart of the Unholy Trio (made up of him, Santiago Lopez, and Brett Pierce) 
  • Dated Fiona Hudson, but got drunk at a party and cheated on her with Noelle Puckerman. (and proceeded to get her pregnant.)
  • Dumped by Fiona after lying to her about getting Noelle pregnant. 
  • Was kicked out of his house for that fact, and lived with Noelle (whose father wouldn’t let him eat bacon), and then with Marc Jones. 
  • His son was named Ben, who was adopted by Sheldon Corcoran. 
  • Was taken back in by his dad, Jude Fabray, (upon learning that his wife had been cheating on him with some tattooed freak). 
  • Dated Samantha Evans, but cheated on her with his ex, Fiona. 
  • Was dumped by Fiona for Richard Berry (again.) 
  • Tried in vain to get Ben back from Sheldon, but just ended up going kind of crazy. 
  • Finally got himself together, and plans to go to Yale to get into acting. 


  • Personality: Selfish, Power Hungry, Jock, Mr. Popularity
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Age: 17
  • Status is very important to him
  • Will do whatever it takes to stay atop the social Pyramid
  • Captain of the Football team
  • Best friends with Brett and Santiago
  • Dating Fiona
  • Slept with Noelle and doesn’t know she’s pregnant

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Jesse St. James→ Josie St. James

  • Is a highly pretentious theatre kid. 
  • Went to Carmel High and was the star performer in their glee club, Vocal Adrenaline. 
  • Does impromptu performances for the homeless, because it’s important to give back. 
  • Dated Richard Berry. (and I like to think she used to call him Richie.) 
  • Was triple-cast opposite him in their Run Joey Run music video. (with his exes Fiona Hudson and Noelle Puckerman.) 
  • Egged him with her glee club. 
  • Flunked out of college, then came back to Ohio as a “glee club consultant." 
  • Was Richard’s date to prom, then proceeded to have a catfight with Fiona Hudson there. 
  • Was appalled at Fiona and Richard’s kiss at Nationals. 

Will Schuester→ Willa Schuester

  • Used to be married to Terrance DelMonaco. 
  • Teaches Spanish and also coaches the glee club at McKinley High. 
  • Was tricked into thinking she was pregnant (with use of hormone pills and paying doctors to lie to her) by her ex husband. 
  • Pursued a relationship with Emmett Pillsbury, but the two broke up after he learned of her escapades with both Sheldon Corcoran and Apollo Rhodes. 
  • Briefly dated Hal Holliday before getting back together with Emmett.
  • Helped Emmett get through his OCD, and is still helping.
  • Proposed to him via synchronized swimming flashmob with the glee club. 
  • Is always picked on by Sutton Sylvester because of her overly processed hair and butt chin. 

Glee Genderswap! 

Bem vindo a o WMHS, aqui nós temos vários clubes no qual você pode fazer parte. Nossas Cheerios são belas e animadas garotas, já ganharam várias competições e prometem ganhar mais um monte. Nosso time “Titans” não ganha prêmios á um bom tempo, mas nada que uma rotina melhorada de treinos não possa resolver !. E claro, nós temos o grupo de perdedores, quero dizer, o glee club. Esse não ganha nada á 10 anos, e tem se tornado menos popular a cada dia, porem, quem sabe se trocarmos o nosso treinador do glee club, as coisas não melhorem ?


Olá e denovo seja bem-vindo ao rpg genderswap de glee. Para quem não sabe, genderswap é a mesma coisa de sexo trocado, ou seja, aqui ao invés da Quinn ser uma menina ela é um menino e o Puck será uma menina e assim vai. OC’s só serão aceitos depois que houverem todos os ‘personagens originais’. Não aceitamos gêmeos.

Esperamos que se divirta :) x


Personagens abertos:

  • Fiona Hudson
  • Ray Berry
  • Marcus Jones
  • Katie Hummel
  • Tim Cohen-Chang
  • Michele Chang
  • Arianne Abrams
  • Samantha Evans
  • Nora Puckerman
  • E outros.


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