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Genderswap Females by Maby-chan

Disney and Dreamworks’ male characters reinterpreted as females.

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Elsa Genderbend Cosplay

I just wanted to thank all the people that liked/faved/reblogged/retweeted this cosplay photos (also the last one, the one i took in the toilet XD), i really didn’t expect that! It was such a surprise and i’m so happy about it!

This cosplay really means a lot to me since…Elsa’s personality’s really similar to mine, she’s very unsure about herself and always feels like she has to contain all the feelings she has inside…Also…I kinda felt like i’ve lost probably the most important person in my life…And the best way to go on with this pain was to, literally, Let it go. I still have to work on it, but i hope the path i’m taking’s going to guide me to a much better place than before. I hope everything’s gonna have a happy ending like in Disney movies!
DHNUJANDAPOQ enough with these stupid personal thoughts XD

If you wonder if i’m going to cosplay the King Of Ice And Snow versionOf course i will! Be patient (not too much!)!

I still have lots of Elsa’s cosplay photos to upload, so if you want to stay tuned please follow me!

The photos are from Byza


** SECOND PHOTO SET of my Genderbent Shan Yu summer 2015 photo shoot ** (First set here)

FINALLY!!! Waited forever during spring/summer time to find a perfect day to do it, but things kept on coming up and my husband and I couldn’t really get around until the end of August. I got caught up with other stuff and got busy and didn’t get a chance to go through the photos to pick out the ones I wanted to post (I nearly forgot about them). Finally sat down last weekend and picked out the ones I wanted, so here it is.

I got to do some photo shoot on a horse too, but unfortunately I only got 2 good ones (the ones on the horse was pretty hard to shoot), but the fact that I got to go on a horse and the experience itself was cool. :D I posted the other photos as photo sets here on my Tumblr account, so if you’re interested, check them out here.

I’ll be bringing this cosplay again to Youmacon this year. My husband’s going to cosplay as Shan Yu, so Shan Yu will have his female counterpart, his queen (閼氏) !!

I’m also going to be cosplaying as Mulan on one of the days during the convention, but I’m actually really nervous to cosplay as her. I’m trying to figure out how in the absolute **** I’m supposed to be a graceful, cute character like Mulan. I don’t see it.  Not to mention, the dress is all… PANK (pink)!! I like the color pink, but I don’t look good in pink. Ergh… we’ll see how it plays out. *SHRUGS*

Cosplayer: Me

Female Shan Yu costume design © me

Costume © Dana Keaton

Photos © RisingFox


A quick note on “genderbends”.

As many people know, there is a big difference between “sex” and “gender”. One is your physical makeup, and the other is what you personally identify as.

So it kind of rubs me the wrong way when someone draws a character as a different sex than what they canonically are, and then refer to it as “genderbending”

I don’t know, it just seems to me that if a character has, say, a “female” body [i.e. a vagina, ovaries, breasts, and such] and the character identifies as a female, then changing that character’s gender shouldn’t really change them physically. It will just make the character identify as as something other than female, [i.e. a male] but still have the “female” body.

Not only that, but a majority of the artwork is strictly in the male/female binary. And those two genders almost always have certain guidelines on how the characters’ designs are to be. “Male” designs are usually taller, more muscular, and posses a larger crotch area. “Female” designs tend to be shorter, curvier, and have larger chest areas. Other things such as hairstyles, clothing, and even personality quirks can be changed as well. Despite the fact that there are more than two genders, and that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, these guidelines are still strongly followed by the artists who make these works.

I’m aware that there are other names for this, such as “genderswapping” and “Rule 63”, but they all pretty much stick to the idea that changing a character’s gender will automatically change how they look physically, even though gender, sex, and also gender expression are all different things. I’m in no way trying to bash the artists for what they make, I just feel that there should be a better name for this kind of artwork. Something that relates more to the physical change of the character, not the mental change, and also includes more than just male/female switches.

Any thoughts on this guys?

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