genderswap challenge

30 Day OTP Challenge Day 14 -  Gender Swapped

I have been putting off doing the 30 day OTP Challenge prompts because I wasn’t looking forward to this one since this isn’t my area of expertise and I am not sure how I feel about gender swaps in general but I did better than I was expecting and now I am wondering how different Klance’s dynamic would be if they were women instead of young men?

I am also distracted by how much I accidentally made Lance look like Jennifer Aniston. Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it.

I was tagged by @ninethsims to do the Genderswap Challenge & @tinybittoxic to do the Edge of 17 Challenge <33 soooooooo… why not do both in one post???

what we can take from this – Rosen dyes her hair a lot

Rosen as a teen is def the cute girl next door who u would have ur first kiss with but she’s 2 cute & sweet to go to 4th base with.

Rosen as a YA is just hot af I swear

and Rosen as a male – I have to say is one of my faves? Like male wise, omg one of my fave sims ever??? But if I always made God-Like males, then he’d probs be a 5/10

Thank you guys for tagging me, I had a lot of fun !! I feel like all the people I want to tag have already done it, but I tag anyone who wants to do it!!! 


Thanks you guys, 600 followers! Wow!!!  So.. I heard someone say female Geets ✨🎆✨


Gender Swap Challenge

I was tagged :  It’s funny this, nobody tagged me but I was curious to make the challenge :v

To make this challenge I chose my simself, but that was fine, I really like the result of “I being a woman”. It would be me as punk xD. I do not know if I were a serious homosexual or heterosexual woman

I tag: No one, if you see this post feel free to do this challenge!


I saw @grumpysimmies do a genderswap challenge, I thought I’d have a go too! I chose to use the teenaged versions of my faves Guava Coral and Gamboge Flame (original pics on the left). I really like both of them in both versions :)

Rules: take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc. and then take an after photo of them completely genderswapped. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag your challenge with #simsgbd

You can also tag other people to take part but I’m too lazy so consider seeing this post as me tagging you if you want XD


I was tagged by @mysimsloveaffair to do the genderswap challenge and Roy was my lucky victim! I was a bit gobsmacked by female Roy’s muscular thighs, which I’m sure could crack coconuts, and I was much amused by the fact that CAS randomly selected one of Sonia’s old hairs! I was also tagged by @applekissims to do the Sims with freckles challenge and I chose Jared. I think he looks adorable. If anyone reading this wants to do either or both of these fun challenges consider yourself tagged! XD