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my boyyyyys

who’s the cuddler: They’re both impossibly cuddly with each other it’s Kind of Gay™

who makes the bed: Remus

who wakes up first: Sirius, but Remus shortly after because his idiot boyfriend is staring and he just feels it

who has the weird taste in music: Sirius

who is more protective: Hoo lordy. They’d literally kill for each other like. Have you seen them.

who sings in the shower: Sirius

who cries during movies: Also Sirius

who spends the most while out shopping: Sirius again??

who kisses more roughly: Remus

who is more dominate: oh shit uhm i’m gonna say Remus because you know under all that sweater paw, chocolate scented nonsense, he’s kinky af

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1000000000/10 literally my otp of all otps i love them i l o v e th e m

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

[Back by popular demand!]

Part One | Part Two

- Remus decided to make a Hot Pot to take around to Sirius’ for the night, praying that he or Harry weren’t vegetarian. 

- His mother always told him “Never turn up to someones house without food or drink”, and since Sirius never said if he was cooking or not, Remus thought that making food was a good idea when he started.

- But now he was half way through cooking it, he began to think that it was actually a stupid idea.

- Oh well, its the thought that counts.

- He could easily put it in the fridge for their tea the night after if Sirius had already sorted out Dinner.

- He was stood over the hob in the kitchen stirring the stew as Teddy ran circles around him.

- “Dadddddddddddy,” Teddy elongated, “can I take my Wii to Padfoots, plwease?”

- Remus sighed for the umpteenth time since they got home from the supermarket.

- It was nice to see how excited his son was to play with his new friend, especially since Teddy didn’t make many friends back in their old town in Durham.

- But he could do without being begged to take everything but the kitchen sink around with them!

- “No, Teddy, you can’t take your Wii to Padfoots. Our house will miss it!” He attempted to reason with his son.

- “But Daddddddy! What if we want to play Lego Batmans?!” He stuck his bottom lip out in a large pout. 

- Damn those little puppy dog eyes.

- “Tell you what, Teds. We won’t take the Wii tonight-

- “-But Daddy-”

- “But! If you’re on your best behaviour tonight and things go well, then we can invite Harry over here to play Batman Lego in the week, okay?”

- Teddy seemed to ponder this for a moment before he nodded with certainty.

- “Okay!” He turned on the spot and ran away from Remus, back into the living room.

- Remus hadn’t really had a minute to stop and think of why they had been invited to Sirius’.

- He understood that Sirius was Harry’s Godfather, but was he really inviting Teddy and himself just for a play date?

- Or was it supposed to be an excuse for an actual date?

- Did Sirius even swing that way?

- “Dadddddddddddy?” 

- Remus sighed heavily again, dragging his hand down his face.

- This is going to be a long evening.

- At five minutes to six, Remus pour the stew into a travel pot and told Teddy to put on his coat.

- He caved and let Teddy take his DS with Pokemon Y around with him.

- If it meant Teddy would be on his best behaviour, he didn’t care.

- “-and we’re going to play loooooads of games, and we’re gonna sleep over at each others houses sooooo much, Daddy!” Teddy was happily chatting away to his Dad whilst he locked up the house.

- “That sound’s amazing, Teddy!” Remus smiled to his son who beamed with pride.

- He held the pot of stew under one arm and held Teddy’s hand with the other and made the very short walk over to Sirius’.

- “Are you and Padfoot gonna be bestest friends, Daddy?” Teddy innocently asked causing Remus to chuckle.

- “We might become good friends, Buddy,” he smiled hopefully to his son.

- “Would you two have sleep overs?”

- Remus choked on the breath he just took.

- “Ahhh, I don’t see any sleep overs happening anytime soon, Ted.” He blushed slightly. 

- He definitely wouldn’t mind a sleep over with Sirius …

- “Why?” Teddy asked. 

- “Erm …,” he bit his lip, unable to think of an answer to give his child. 

- “Oh look! We’re here!” He rushed, changing the conversation. 

- “Oh, can I knock?!” Teddy cheered, rushing up to the door and accidentally running into it and falling down on his bum.

- “Owww …” He groaned whilst rubbing his backside.

- “You okay, sweetie?” Remus lent down to help Teddy back to his feet. 

- The door opened then by a very concerned looking Sirius looking down at Teddy and Remus on the floor.

- “Hey, are you alright?” He asked, kneeling down so he was on the same level as them.

- “Yeahhhh…” Teddy sighed with a shame looking face.

- “Sounded like you were trying to knock my door down!” He joked with a wink to Teddy.

- Teddy blushed with embarrassment.

- “He got a little bit too excited there, didn’t you sweetie?” Remus smirked, putting the stew down on the step and helping his son to his feet.

- “Sound’s like you’re a bit of a walking disaster!” Sirius chuckled, joined by Remus. 

- “Come on in.” He stood and waved them over the threshold.

- “Thanks,” Remus sheepishly smiled and picked up the stew.

- “What’s that?” Sirius queried.

- “Oh, it’s for tonight - or for you, you know - whenever … if you already have tea sorted - I didn’t know what to bring - it’s just a Hot Pot - nothing special - I hope you’re not vegetarian - I mean - it’s okay if you are - that’s fine - its just this isn’t - vegetarian I mean -”

- Sirius was happily smirking at Remus nervously babbling.

-  This cutie.

- “Remus, it’s wonderful. Thank you.” He gently placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder and took the stew from his arms. 

- “I hadn’t actually thought about tea, I was probably just going to order in, which Lily, Harry’s Mum, would murder me for doing again - so this is better!” He winked. 

- Remus let out a sigh of relief and smiled back.

- Sirius felt something tug at the bottom of his shirt.

- He looked down to see Teddy staring up to him with wondering eyes.

- “Padfoot, where’s Harry?” 

- “Oh, he’s in the living room, kiddo. Come on, lets go get him!” He suggested, taking off in the direction of the living room and carefully holding the stew.

- “Kayyy!” Teddy cheered and chased after Sirius.

- Remus chuckled sweetly to himself as he watched his kid take to this gorgeous man immediately.

- He turned to shut the door and hang up his coat then followed them into the living room.

- “Harry!” Teddy yelled as he ran through the door and overtook Sirius.

- Harry was sat on the floor, eyes glued to a cartoon on the TV.

- When he heard Teddy, he excitedly turned around with a little gasp and jumped to his feet.

- “Teddy!” He shouted, running to hug the other boy.

- Sirius and Remus both stood by the door, cooing over the adorableness that was the boys.

- “You’d think they’ve been kept apart for years, not just met today!” Sirius laughed.

- “They must of been bestest of friends in a past life.” Remus nudged Sirius with a wink.

- Sirius grinned toothily at him.

- “Come on, you can help me set the table.” 

- After dinner, Teddy and Harry were playing Pokemon on their DS’ on the floor in the living room quiet as little mice.

- Remus and Sirius were both sat on the settee with a bottle of light beer each, laughing and getting to know each other.

- Sirius was telling Remus of all the antics he and his adoptive brother James, Harry’s Dad, used to get up to in school, and how they used to call themselves “The Marauders”.

- At some point in the night, they had gradually moved closer to each other so their thighs were just touching.

- Remus was checking Sirius out over the top of his beer bottle every time he took a swig of it.

- He truly was beautiful and had such a fun and loving personality.

- Sirius couldn’t keep the smile off of his face with how well things were going that evening.

- Then Remus’ phone rang.

- “Oh, sorry, one minute.” He smiled, fishing his phone out of his pocket.

- “Hello? … Oh, hello love!” He grinned to the phone.

- Sirius felt his stomach drop and his smile fall.

- “I did leave a note … we’re at Sirius’ … the neighbours … well, it says Padfoot cause that’s what Teddy calls him … Oh god, leave it out! Ha. … I left you some Hot Pot if you’re hungry … No, I thought I’d leave him at home alone. Yes, of course Teddy’s with me! … Ha! Don’t be a douche … Yeah, that’s fine … I think you left it in the draw … Oh god, you didn’t? … Ha! God, you’re such a klutz, no wonder Teddy is a walking disaster … yeah, okay. Alright, we’ll see you later. Night love … Love you too, Night.” 

- He hung up the phone shaking his head with a little grin.

- “Sorry about that. That was Dora, Ted’s Mum.” He informed Sirius.

- “O-oh. Your wife?” He bit his lip with worry.

- How can he meet someone so perfect only to find out he’s married?

- Now he understands what Alanis Morissette was singing about …

- Remus let out a bark of a laugh, causing Teddy and Harry to look over.

- “Oh, god no!” He chuckled. 

- Sirius stared at him with confusion plastered on his face.

- “No, no, Dora’s my best friend. She’s married to this wonderful woman called Fleur. She’s staying at our’s for the week though because Fleur has gone back to France for a few days on some work trip and she was feeling lonely in their house.” He smiled.

- Sirius visibly let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

- Remus noticed how Sirius’ tense body suddenly relaxed. 

- He starting chewing the bottom of his lip.

- Perhaps his feelings were requited and this was a date after all. 

- “Oh. So, she’s your ex?” He queried.

- “Oh, no, we’ve never dated.” He smiled, glancing over at the boys whose attention was back on their games.

- “She’s literally the gayest person since Adam and Steve.” He laughed.

- “But no, we’ve been best friends since we were in school. She’s met Fleur about 9 years ago now? They’ve been married for about 6 years and they really wanted to have kids and they asked me to be the Dad. At first I was super reluctant because I always thought my first kid would be my kid, you know?”

- “Yeah I get that,” Sirius nodded, completely enthralled in the story Remus was telling.

- “But then when I told them about it, they just laughed at me saying ‘We asked you to be the Dad, not the Donor, you prat. It is going to be your kid!’ 5 and a half years later, here we are.” He smiled.

- Sirius felt his knees go a little weak at how loved Teddy must be to have parents who really wanted him.

- He was glad it wasn’t a drunken mistake like his mother used to tell him he was.

- Remus smiled widely.

- “I know, a little unorthodox but …”

- “Hey, no judgement here!” Sirius grinned holding his hands up. 

- “I’m the rebellious black sheep of the family who was disowned for being gay, only for my biological brother to come out years later and now him, my adoptive brother and my best friend are in a relationship raising my godson! My life is nothing BUT unorthodox!”

- Remus stared wide eyed, making Sirius realise what he had just admitted.

- “You were disowned for being gay? Oh my god, thats horrible! I’m so sorry.”

- Sirius waved a hand nonchalantly. 

- “Well, I guess there was more to it than just that, but that was the final straw. It was a terrible family, I’m glad it happened.“ He smiled sadly. “At least I got a better family out of it.”

- “I’m glad that you did.” Remus smiled genuinely and placed his hand over the top of Sirius’ that was resting his knee.

- Sirius stared down at where their hands were touching and felt his face heat up.

- He didn’t let himself fall for people easily, especially since he suffers from abandonment issues; he gets scared that people will leave him all alone when they realise he’s too much to handle.

- He’s used to a few one night stands or a fling here and there, but he’s never had a proper relationship with anybody.

- But the way he and Remus just fell together so perfectly, he felt he could easily fall for the tall, cameral haired and forest eyed beauty.

- Which scared him a lot.

- “Can I get you another drink?” He panicked and jumped to his feet.

- Sirius took the empty bottle out of Remus’ hands and walked into the kitchen.

- He hadn’t noticed that Remus stood up and followed him in.

- He threw the bottles into the recycling bin and pulled open the fridge door, humming loudly to himself to distract his mind from thinking about how nice it felt to be touched innocently by Remus.

- He didn’t know what that gesture meant.

- Was it just a comforting gesture? Or did it mean more?

- He didn’t even know if Remus swung that way.

- And he would also have to take into consideration that Remus has a child and might not even want to start anything with anyone.

- “I’m pansexual, by the way,” Remus said from behind him, a little tipsy on light beer.

- Sirius froze then turned to look at him

- “If you were wondering …” Remus bit his lip sheepishly.

- Damn, why did I say that? I’ve gone and ruined everything.

- “O-oh.” Sirius was a little startled at the statement.

- “It’s just - you know - you told me …” he swayed a little on the spot.

- Sirius let out a breathy laugh.

- “Ah, well … thank you for telling me.” He smouldered. 

- Remus chuckled awkwardly and looked around the room.

- “If we’re on the subject of sharing,” Sirius started, nervously fidgeting, “I’m genderfluid.”

- Remus gasped dramatically and covered his mouth with his hand, making Sirius wince thinking this was already over before it began.

-  “Oh my god, have I been a proper arsehole and mis-pronouning you all night? I’m so sorry! I swear I usually ask people’s pronouns when I first meet them but I didn’t even think!”

- Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “No, no. It’s he/him today. But … you … you mean you don’t mind?” Sirius bit his lip.

- Remus raspberried his lips together like a horse and waved his hand through the air.

- “Oh god no. Dora’s Genderfluid as well, but she prefers she/her pronouns even on her male days.” He smiled. 

- “Teddy’s perfectly aware of gender fluidity too, so as long as you tell him the correct pronouns in the morning, he’ll stick with them until you tell him they’ve changed.”

- Sirius sighed with happiness.

- God, could this man be any more perfect?

- “Thats … that’s good to know.” He grinned.

- This is your chance, Sirius. Go for it!

- “So … hypothetically, if I wanted to ask you out on a date sometime …?” Sirius bit his lip nervously.

- Remus’ eyes widened.

- “O-oh?” 

- Sirius then grinned widely which Remus returned just as beautifully.

- “I would definitely have to check my calendar …” Remus playfully looked at his hand making Sirius giggle. “It says hereeee,” he purred “that I’m free always if you ask me out on a date.” 

- Sirius beamed at how adorable Remus was, and how he seemed just as eager to go on a date with Sirius as he was to go on a date with Remus.

- Sirius bit his lip and let his eyes roam over Remus.

- Remus felt a shiver run now his spine by how provocative it looked and how much it turned him on feeling so exposed under his gaze.

- Then Sirius stepped closer to Remus, crowding him near the sink.

- Remus had only just noticed how much smaller Sirius was when he felt himself leaning down to him as Sirius leant up.

- “Can I kiss you?” Sirius whispered, his breath tickling against Remus lips.

- With a small nod, their eyes had started to flutter closed.

- “Dadddddddy?” 

- They jumped apart and turned to see a sleepy looking Teddy and Harry stood in the doorway.

- “Daddy, I’m tired.” Teddy whined, rubbing at his eye. Harry yawned loudly.

- “Okay sweetheart. Go get your coat and say goodnight and thank you and we’ll take you home, okay?” 

- “Goodnight, Padfoot. Thankyou.” Teddy nodded and walked back into the other room with Harry.

- Sirius turned back to Remus and they stared at each other for a moment.

- Then they both burst out into a fit of giggles.

- “Sorry, he has this thing where he always walks in at the wrong time. I swear, he gets it from Dora!” Remus smiled.

- “It’s fine. It might be for the best anyway.” 

- “Oh?” Remus pursed his lips, thinking Sirius had changed his mind.

- “Yeah. I kind of want to take you out on a proper date. A meal, candles, maybe even flowers if your lucky. I’ll woo you properly then,” he winked.

- Remus blushed prettily.

- “Well then, I’ll hold you to that.” He smirked.

- “You can hold me to anything you want.” Sirius winked again earning another bark of laughter from Remus.

- “God, you’re insufferable.” He laughed. 

- “Thank you so much for tonight, Sirius, it was wonderful.”

- “Well, thank you for the food! It was delicious.” 

- They both were gazing at each other with pure fondness and felt each other draw nearer again.

- “Daddddddy.” Teddy called from the other room.

- Remus sighed and sheepishly smiled. 

- “I better …” He gestured to the door.

- “Yeah. But, we’ll see each other again, right?” Sirius asked slightly scared that this was it.

- “Of course … I’m your neighbour.” Remus chuckled and winked.

- “But, here. You can give me your number, then you can text whenever you want to.” He pulled out his phone and passed it over.

- Sirius took it off of him and punched in his digits, quickly sending himself a text and passed it back, reaching up and leaving a soft kiss on his cheek as he did.

- “I’ll hold you to it.” He seductively whispered into his ear. 

- Remus went red all over and stepped backwards, taking ahold of one of Sirius’ hands with both of his and bringing it up to his lips to kiss gently with a smirk. 

- He walked into the living room, pulling Sirius along with him, to see Teddy and Harry half asleep on the settee.

- Remus helped Teddy put his coat on then picked him up as he nuzzled his head into his neck and snored lightly.

- Sirius walked them both to the door, his stomach doing somersaults all the way.

- “Goodnight, and thank you.” Remus smiled at Sirius.

- “It was my pleasure.” He sleepily grinned.

- “I’ll see you soon.” Remus turned and walked down the path.

- “Oh!” Remus whisper-shouted back. “If you really want to woo me, it’s definitely with chocolates.” He winked with a laugh.

- “I’ll remember that!” Sirius chuckled and shut the door as Remus walked down the street to his home.

- Once they got into their home, Remus took Teddy upstairs and put him to bed.

- He pulled out one of Teddy’s favourite books and started to read it to him.

- “Hey, how did it go?” Dora popped her head around the door and asked.

- “Hey love. It went really well, I think Teddy had a good time.”

- “Uh-huh.” Teddy sleepily answered.

- “Oh good.” She smiled and walked into the room.

- She leant down and kissed Teddy’s forehead.

- “Goodnight, sweetheart.” She whispered.

- “Night Mummy.” 

- Dora was half way out the door when Teddy spoke again.

- “I saw Daddy nearly kissing Padfoot in the kitchen.”

- The book in Remus’ hands fell to the floor with a loud thud.

- “Did you now?” Dora started laughing at the dumbstruck expression on Remus’ face.

- “Uh-huh. It’s okay though,” he yawned and snuggled into his pillow, “I like Padfoot. It’d be cool having two Mummy’s and Daddy’s.” 

- “Okay, goodnight Ted!” Remus rushed out of the room bright red and embarrassed. 

- Dora couldn’t stop laughing.

Cutie pies. Do you want more? ;)

The Reclamation of Black Magic, Chapter 16: A Message

M-Rated (FFN) — Unedited (Ao3)

Albus exhaustedly made his way down the stairs from his private quarters to his office. The portraits of previous headmasters were all asleep with the exception of Phineas Nigellus Black, who was missing and had been for a week now. When the Black Coven made a spectacle of the Wizengamot, Albus had returned to Hogwarts to demand of Phineas what he knew about his family. The portrait had been quietly amused as Albus recounted the tale of Dorea Potter and the Black witches—Minerva apparently included—embarrassing Bartemius Crouch and those who had a hand in Sirius Black’s arrest.

“Good girls. They get that from me, you know,” was all Phineas had said before vanishing off to his portrait at Grimmauld Place to have a look around. He had not returned since.

The other former headmasters had spent the week lecturing Albus on meddling in the affairs of a coven. Elizabeth Burke and Eupraxia Mole were particularly vocal, as were several of the other former headmistresses. Eventually, when he could not take the lectures any longer, Albus silenced every portrait save for Armando Dippet, his predecessor who offered no wisdom whatsoever, other than to remind Albus what happens to an intruder when they step into a den of snakes.

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my favs omg

who’s the cuddler: sirius is a cuddle muffin and remus is 100% fine with that

who makes the bed: neither of them on a daily basis, but I feel like when company’s coming over, Remus would put the effort in

who wakes up first: Sirius (i believe Remus is the opposite of a morning person)

who has the weird taste in music: sirius obviously loves rock but i feel like he would have a secret appreciation for classical music. 

who is more protective: sirius omg hands down

who sings in the shower: sirius again (though remus hums a lot around the house)

who cries during movies: sirius omg what a sensitive bby

who spends the most while out shopping: sIRIUS who has expensive taste and adamantly believes you can never have too many clothes

who kisses more roughly: remus 110%

who is more dominate: REMUSSSS

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 fav, so good, so good.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

You aren't sorted by what traits you have but by what traits you value the most.

Else Fred and George would’ve been a Slytherin, Hermione a Ravenclaw, Luna a Hufflepuff and Cedric a Gryffindor. You can fight me on this.

"Not everything is gay"/"Stop seeing the gay in everything." - People when they hear about same sex OTPs

Yeah, you’re right. Not everything is gay. It rarely is. Even when two characters in a TV series or a book series have great chemistry that can be developed in to a healthy LGBT relationship,they’re conveniently given opposite gender love interests. (Must I name names?) Why? Because not everything needs to be gay right? I mean it’s not like 99.9% of the relationships in the media are straight, right? I mean it’s not like LGBT relationships exist, right?