muggle au where remus is a doctor and james is desperately trying to get sirius a date

and sirius has had a few failed ones because he’s not so great at the dating thing because he’s so used to the hook up thing, and sirius just isn’t getting out there enough for james’s liking

and of course james is too proud to be a failed wingman

and they’re walking into a coffee shop and remus is on a break, so he’s still in his scrubs

sirius can’t stop staring at him because wow he’s hot and sirius has this feeling that remus is queer or at least he has to be because it’d be such a shame if someone that hot was straight, and james sees this as his moment and faints

and remus comes running over to help, and sirius is so embarrassed and he frantically tries to explain that no he just found remus hot and james is a FUCKING IDIOT who took it too far because he’s kind of a drama queen and james just wants him to get a date and he CAN’T BELIEVE this was how james went about it and SERIOUSLY JAMES GET UP AND STOP PRETENDING

remus, of course, finds it oddly amusing and and simultaneously incredibly disrespectful, especially when james starts laughing uncontrollably

but also he’s flattered and finds sirius cute, especially this flustered because in his leather jacket and combat boots and his faint scent of cigarette smoke, remus is pretty sure sirius is not the sort to get flustered easily

and after sirius gets james up and pulls his hair into a messy bun as he profusely apologizes, remus just smiles at him and takes out his coffee receipt and a pen to write his name and number on it

he hands it to sirius and tells him, “luckily for you, i won’t hold your friend’s idiotic mistakes against you” before walking out of the coffee shop to get back to work

and sirius yells at james for the next half hour because THAT WAS SUCH A BAD IDEA, SERIOUSLY JAMES AND STOP LAUGHING I’M NOT MAKING A PUN ON MY NAME

but james is just too smug because he got sirius a date and the rest doesn’t matter

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"What's that one from?" Sirius poked at a bruise on Remus's leg. "Whomping willow." Remus's voice had an edge of pride "And this one?" A light, slow drag across his hip "Oh, that? Run in with a desk." "What about this one?" Sirius lightly stroked a particularly purple bruise at Remus's collar bone. If fingers were lips, you'd have called it kissing. "You did that, you arse." Remus's voice was soft and slow. He reached out a hand and twirled a curl. "I know. Just wanted to hear you say it."

just fuCK ME Up i love this so muhc

sirius knitting remus jumpers is something we definitely need to discuss:
  • he gets the idea from lily, who made all of her friends (rather misshapen) scarves for christmas in third year
  • and remus is always in need of new clothes (plus the boy LOVES his jumpers)
  • how hard can it be right?
  • ‘calm down sirius it’ll be fine’
  • after much blood, sweat, and tears, sirius finally manages to finish a whole jumper
  • (although it looks more like a giant deformed sock puppet than a jumper)
  • but he’s proud of it regardless and even more proud when he sees the look on remus’ face
  • and remus doesn’t know what to do because he’s so scared that he’ll ruin them
  • the precious jumpers that his padfoot made for him
  • so the only time he wears them is straight after the full moon because he desperately needs the comfort and warmth they bring
  • the other marauders go back to class the next day and take notes for him whilst he stays in the hospital wing wearing one of sirius’ jumpers
  • when sirius gets taken to azkaban remus is left alone with all of these old jumpers that he keeps despite the fact they don’t fit him anymore
  • he goes through full moon after full moon alone, and the only thing keeping him going afterwards is the vague scent of sirius that remains on the jumpers
  • it makes him feel less alone
  • when sirius is out of azkaban, and living at grimmauld place during harry’s fifth year, he takes up knitting again (there’s not much else to do in that godforsaken house)
  • and once again remus is left with an abundance of jumpers and an entirely too cautionary attitude towards wearing them
  • then sirius dies and all remus has left are these old jumpers and instead of never wearing them because he’s scared he’ll break them, he’s always wearing them because without them he’s scared he’ll break
  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:what about the kids whose first year at hogwarts took place during deathly hallows? what about the kids who thought the school was always that way? the kids who never knew trips to hogsmeade with their friends, who never wrote to their parents about joining the quidditch team and winning the cup, who never had dumbledore as a headmaster, whose biggest stresses were never simply OWLs and NEWTs but instead whether they were getting cursed as practice?what about the kids who never came back, out of fear? no matter how many people told them hogwarts had gotten better after the war? what about all the students who never spent nights awake in their dorm goofing around, but instead spent nights awake in pain, in fear, dreading the next day's classes? what about those kids? what did they do? did they sen THEIR kids to hogwarts? did they ever even finish their own education?

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How do you think Sirius and Remus got together?

i think i’ve talked about it before on this blog but lemme go into it moree

  • so i 100% support the belief that remus and sirius never had a defining moment where they got together, and instead remus and sirius just always were a thing and everyone knew it
  • from the moment they met they fit together in a way that no friends or siblings could
  • like in first year sirius one day just took remus’ hand and was like ‘is this okay?’ and remus was all ‘yeah i like holding your hand’. so pretty much their first and second year was full of hand holding and sometimes some cuddling
  • and then in third year remus went through a really bad full moon, so in the infirmary sirius kissed him for the first time. and they were both blushing so much but sirius goes ‘is this okay?’ and remus is like ‘yeah i like kissing you’
  • by fifth year they’re completely comfortable with kissing and hugging in front of people and it’s also the year that they both tell eachother ‘i love you’
  • they didn’t even need to come out to anyone, everyone just knew from the way they looked at eachother and how gentle they were when they touched that they were together
  • the only time they acknowledged the fact that they were dating was in sixth year during a transfiguration presentation that the marauders had to present in front of the whole class, where sirius asked ‘we’re boyfriends right?’ to remus. and the whole class including mcgonagall was like ‘yes wtf of course’ 

ha imagine sirius getting all flustered and tongue tied around remus because in general sirius is all cool and calm but then fucking remus lupin walks in and sirius is all like ‘what was i saying oops sorry i just GOT DISTRACTED BY THAT MMM FINE PIECE OF ASS RIGHT THERE’ and then remus just rolls his eyes because sirius cant even speak properly and is to busy staring at him 

A wolfstar pirate au where Sirius is a prince and James a pirate captain and Remus is his first mate and James kidnaps Sirius for a ransom and Remus is all ???? What are you doing??? And goes to uncuff Sirius and take him back
And Sirius is like NO I DON’T WANT TO DO NOT TAKE ME BACK MY MORHER IS HORRID and James and Remus both stop like 0.0???? And they concoct a plan to get the money from Queen Walburga and keep Sirius and so Sirius becomes a pirate too and him and Remus fall in love and do the do in the hammock beds

  • [Wandering shops in muggle London.]
  • Sirius:[impatient] This is our first Christmas as a, well- sort-of family, I can't mess this up.
  • Andromeda:I acknowledge that. Our family was shit, and it's great that you've made your own, but my feet hurts and the shops close in about two hours. I think it's time to pull out the backup plan.
  • Sirius:There is no backup plan. It's either perfect gift or nothing.
  • Andromeda:The original "perfect gift" was a brown owl, Sirius.
  • Sirius:[tersely] It was a slightly luminescent amber with flecks of grey. You do not find owls like that anywhere.
  • Andromeda:Yes, you do. It's called a tawny. That seller was scammi-
  • Sirius:I will tell Kreacher where you live and tell him to serve you.
  • Andromeda:I'm very sorry. That owl was one-of-a-kind and perfect. As is your hair and your gift-giving skills.

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I was reading a while back a fic where Sirius was cutting Remus's hair ? It was fluffy and cute but I lost it. Any chance you know of it?

I know I’ve read fics like this but I can’t think of anything in specific. Do you remember any more details?

In the mean time, does anyone else know of a fic like this?


Here are a few little fics with Remus cutting Sirius’s hair– let me know if any of them are the fic you’re thinking of!

  • Steady Hands by lumoscrimsom– 969 words, G, MWPP era. “Sirius is tired of being recognised as a Black, so he asks Remus to cut his hair.
  • Cut by cellardoor3– 751 words, PG, OotP. “Remus cuts Sirius’s hair.” Angsty/sad so not likely to be your fic but I included it for completeness.
  • A Haircut by mcconnell– 700 words, G, post-Hogwarts. “…Remus finally speaks up, saying something that both have been dreading for quite some time now. “Sirius,” he says, rather firmly despite his uncertain movements, “I think it’s time you got a haircut.”
  • It Looks Good - I Don’t Like It by Cissaflake– 648 words, PG, MWPP era. “…Remus had made a bet with Sirius to let him cut his hair that over the summer term had grown almost past his shoulders. Remus had set up a chair…James and Peter were sitting on James’ bed and laughing at the expression on Sirius’ face.

gwenthecurmudgeon also suggested that you might be thinking of Chapter 2 from A Cure for Nightmares by picascribit– 36k, E, non-magic boarding school AU. The fic itself is quite angsty, but this scene isn’t. (Thanks Gwen!)

Again, let me know if any of these are your fic, and everyone else, message me/reply if you think of other haircutting fics!

Gay shipping

Okay so I’m gonna rant here for a second if that’s cool, because this bothers me a lot.

The point of TV shows, movies, and books is for fans to interpret it as they may. The writers may see it one way, but they are escapes unique in the eyes of every person who enjoys them.

So yes to you and the writers, characters may be straight, and that’s fine. But to me they can be as gay as I want them to be, because it’s my own experience not yours.

And people that tend to ship gay couples aren’t trying to make all male characters gay, they could ship it for so many reasons:

• Maybe we ship because while there do tend to be more gay couples featured in media now, but still very few (and many are sometimes stereotypical and the characters have no depth).

• Maybe because we see the type of bond between those to people and want that from our spouse.

• Maybe it’s because writers make all female characters/straight romances fall flat and be the same.

• Maybe we saw one seen as a different type of intimate than you did.

But you know what? None of that matters. It’s our own business who we ship and we don’t need to be shamed because of it.