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genderswap prompt ian's been bugging mickey about wanting to have kids but mickey's like fuck no because ian wants her to carry it so it doesnt get the bi-polar gene and finally she agrees and they end up paying a lot of money to do it right and mickey literally makes ian do everything like even feed her because she's a shithead (bonus: mickey fucking with everybody and being super badass even though she's the size of a whale and for a time gap to when the kid's like three and an absolute shit)

I actually really love this one, omg. Enjoy!

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Ian sat down heavily on the couch next to Mickey in their apartment. She sighed in that way of hers, the way that meant she had something to say, and rolled her neck back against the couch. Mickey looked over, almost uninterested. After all, Dumbest Things on Wheels was on.

           “Mick,” Ian said, her voice soft. She reached out and traced the flower tattoos on Mickey’s right arm. “Can I talk to you about something?”

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