My ultrasound was this morning, I had a student technician but she was lovely and her supervisor came in to double check everything. Because I never got a dating ultrasound I finally got my due date which is June 25th, making me 19w4d. Babe is super long and very active!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve always thought I was having a girl
She’s a Girl!!!!

Gender reveals. I can’t decide if we’re being annoying by having one or not. More than anything, it was an excuse to have a party five days before JCK’s 28th birthday. We purchased two of these balloons, as balloons have kind of been our thing. Regardless, I’m super excited for April 12th. The appointment is actually April 7th, so I’m sure those five days with the envelope in my possession will be SUPER EASY.

Easy money has been on a girl. Between the two of us, Jeff and I have four nephews, no nieces.  He’s one of four boys + one girl, and I have a sister. I guess statistically, someone has to have a girl eventually. I’m trying not to lean heavily toward either side so I don’t get disappointed! 

Exciting stuff!

Finding out the gender of the little nugget tomorrow. And I’m freaking out. I’m excited to finally know if it’s a boy or girl but I also feel like knowing that tiny bit of information makes things so much more real. It’s not all fun and cute and playing around anymore, like this is a real person. Not that it wasn’t before but to me finding out the gender makes it real for me. I’m also freaking out because I always worry something will be wrong at an ultrasound. I haven’t felt any serious movement yet so I can’t use that as a reference to know that the baby is still doing ok in there. And I’m also slightly worried that this baby will take after me and be a little stubborn butt and not let us get a good picture. I just want everything to go perfect because my dad’s going to be there and because I’m paying 100$ lol
Ugh I’m probably not sleeping tonight.

April 25th, 2014

The day it happened.

It happened.

I tooted in front of my husband.

I am an incredibly private person and do not reveal any of my bodily functions to anyone. Truly my biggest fear of labor, besides the intense pain, is anything else that is not a baby coming out when I am pushing…if you get what I mean. I still vow that I have never fluffed and will never fluff- some girls do but I just never have. That is- until April 25th, 2015.

I was just standing there!!! We were decorating for our gender reveal party and just talking about the decor and all of a sudden one slipped out like a thief in the night. There was no warning sign- it was a skilled escape and I could not BELIEVE it got past my security gates. Regardless- it was heard by my husband- who’s eyes got big as he asked ‘did you just toot?’- knowing how monumental of a moment this was. My first instinct was to deny and cry…which is exactly what I did. I denied it, and then I ducked behind a wall and cried. He swore to keep it our secret, but I feel okay sharing this situation for anyone who would need support which such a traumatic experience. If you are a pregnant woman who has experienced a situation similar to mine- you are not alone. Stand strong because there’s probably more escapees looking for freedom. We will survive.

Pregnancy, frankly I have liked you quite a bit, but you have betrayed me.

Learning to trust again