“When you moved, I felt squeezed with a wild infatuation and protectiveness. Two hearts beating together in harmony. We are one. Nothing, not even death, can change that.”

WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!💕 Just in case the words “it’s a girl” and all the pink didn’t make that obvious 😂. We’ve been knowing for a while now but have been busy with moving and preparing for the baby shower, invites for that will be out soon!! If you would like to come to the baby shower please message me because I don’t wanna forget anyone ❤ w/ @mysimbrotherskeeper


Ilysm!! 😍💕💕
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ITS MY BIRTHDAY! 😍😍"A pretty girl like you should watch yourself around the cupcakes today! Happy birthday!“ I’ve received several variations of this message today from people kindly trying to wish me well. In response I present to you… this video! INSPIRED BY all the times I’ve ever tried to eat anything high calorie while wearing things or appearing "societally femme” or “pretty”. WATCH ALL THE WAY THROUGH. For those hard of hearing “A pretty girl like you should watch yourself around the cupcakes today. Have a happy birthday. This is what you have said to me today. But you know what else I should watch? My happiness. And you know what makes me really happy? Cupcakes. If being societally pretty is going to get in the way of you being ok with me consuming as many cupcakes as I’d like to- then I hope this makes it a little bit easier. Because I plan on have a very very happy fucking birthday. Don’t ever let anyone ever get in the way between you and your happiness.”
Not everyone can shift their appearance like this. Nor should we have to. Dress. Suit. Elmo costume. Doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be labeled as prissy or ugly or especially as “fat” as if “fat” is a bad thing. Love the life you live and let others love theirs too. Xx
Here’s to another revolution around the sun in this dimension with you!
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Finding out the gender of the little nugget tomorrow. And I’m freaking out. I’m excited to finally know if it’s a boy or girl but I also feel like knowing that tiny bit of information makes things so much more real. It’s not all fun and cute and playing around anymore, like this is a real person. Not that it wasn’t before but to me finding out the gender makes it real for me. I’m also freaking out because I always worry something will be wrong at an ultrasound. I haven’t felt any serious movement yet so I can’t use that as a reference to know that the baby is still doing ok in there. And I’m also slightly worried that this baby will take after me and be a little stubborn butt and not let us get a good picture. I just want everything to go perfect because my dad’s going to be there and because I’m paying 100$ lol
Ugh I’m probably not sleeping tonight.