stink-wrinkles  asked:

HRT? /Not trying to sound dull I've just never heard that term before and was curious ;_;

Oh sorry about that! I probably should have said something in the comment ;w;

Hormone Replacement Therapy

I get really dysphoric sometimes and I just am like “NO I NEED TESTOSTERONE I MUST HAVE IT I’M GOING TO DIE” but i’m literally so fucking vain cuz two seconds later “OH GOD NO I DON’T WANT MALE PATTERN BALDNESS AND I LIKE LOOKING YOUNG LET’S JUST KEEP THE ESTROGEN AND REMOVE THE CHESTICLES YES” But it’s still all so bleh cuz I have curves and there are people out there that REFUSE to accept your gender if you don’t “look the part” or some shit but i don’t want a beard or more muscle mass really I just want a much deeper voice and thinner hips and I want to look young forever you get me

Sorry for my random rant there friend

Damn you Testosterone damn you