Gender Symbols


“Final” version (not really final, because it can always change) of the gender symbols chart that I made with other people!

To download the PSD files (for photoshop), just go to the links below and click “download” at the menu at the right corner.



Versão “final” (entre aspas, porque sempre está sujeito a mudanças) da tabela de símbolos de gêneros!

Pra fazer o download do arquivo PSD (pra photoshop), é só ir nos meus links abaixo e clicar em “download” à direita.

New logo design for @lifeoutsidethebinary. Wanted to make it a symbol for nonbinary people that included the astrological comet symbol [☄] to symbolize fluidity as well as existing entirely outside of the gender binary, as well as the astrological mars [♂] and venus [♀] (masculine and feminine/androgynous combination) symbols and the agender symbol.

Symbol and design are owned by me (Lane Patriquin), but feel free to use this symbol design (without the space stuff) for all your nonbinary gender symbol needs:


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This is my amulet that I made to ward off oppressive bullshit. The note with the symbols is rolled up inside the locket.

This is based on a Mizrahi (Arabic Jewish) tradition of amulets, which consist of a piece of parchment inscribed with various symbols and names of angels, and then rolled up in a locket. (Examples).

Mine is made of paper because I’m vegan and I don’t feel that another animal’s death can by any means promote good luck. The symbols are my personal favorites - feminism, anarchafeminist/trans-genderqueer symbol, and a bi trans symbol. Instead of names of angels, I chose words of healing and empowerment. As a writer, words give me life.

The locket itself is done in wire crochet with glass beads. Crochet is a traditional feminine art, generally perceived as “low art” (vs. “high art” such as painting or sculpture), not in the least as a result of its association with women and femininity. The form of the locket is influenced by traditional Judaica (religious Jewish art), and especially Torah scrolls (examples) and Mezuzahs (examples).

Amulets like these were never meant for us, never meant to promote the wellbeing of people like us - people like me. On the contrary, there is a long history of using these amulets by families and other relatives to try and “fix” us. By taking this format and changing its context to one that is feminist, bi and trans, I’m reclaiming them and making them mine, making them ours. Making it so that my culture is no longer my enemy. It is mine, it is ours - Mizrahi queer and trans people - because it should be for us, and we have a right to it. By taking up a traditional feminine art (crochet), I am validating women’s inventions, women’s work and women’s creativity, and emphasizing their value.