genderqueer comic

#1 - Appearances

Reminder that physical appearance does not affect your identity!

Update, 5/11/16: This is the video I made to go along with this comic! Feel free to check it out! 

Genderqueer!Joker headcanons because I need to plan for a fic

- the genderqueer flag is literally J’s favourite colours and when he finds this out he’s fucking ecstatic

- J uses he/him pronouns but sometimes he prefers they/them and somehow Damian always knows what ones to use without the clown saying anything

- Bruce always knew J ignored the gender binary (I mean he is the one who pays for all of the clowns make up) but he was heartbroken at how scared J was when he came out. Bruce 100% wanted his clown to know he’s loved and even helped him dye his hair 1/3 white and 1/3 purple for a pride parade

- (J was scared of coming out because he know Bruce already puts up with so much of his shit and he didn’t want his gender to be another burden)

- J grows his hair out a little until it’s just above his shoulders. Bruce fucking loves it. The clown lets Stephanie braid his hair a lot (Dick helps sometimes too)

- joker is a clothes stealer and nine times out of ten when he’s missing he’s later found in one of the bedrooms wearing one of Bruce’s giant jumpers and a skirt that Babs lost at least a month ago

- eventually people take the hint and start buying J dresses and skirts for Christmas as well fancy suits and ties (Bruce buys him jumpers too but the clown still insists on wearing his batsy’s clothes)

- J’s lucky in that he doesn’t often get dysphoric but when he does, it’s like all hell breaks loose. Clothing and makeup stores get robbed for every last item and the manor’s master bathroom becomes a mess of makeup products and smashed mirrors (Bruce always manages to calm his clown down with hot cocoa and a movie night - at which J always ends up crying because his boyfriend is so accepting)

Little bit of a peachfuzz inspired look this time around. If you’re not reading her comic already you should be: I didn’t mean the month of April to be: relatives question your gender presentation month, but it worked out that way I guess.