dear well-meaning but totally misled cis homonormative/heretonormative friends and allies, please do not shout down real live trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and genderfluid bisexual+ people when they try to tell you the actual definition of bisexuality, about the history of the bisexual movement and who the bisexual community actually is,  thank you

Write Their Wrong

This section of our blog is for you followers followers to get all those negative feelings off your chest. Everyone has things they wished that could say to their families/friends and here is a place to do it. Write a letter to whomever you wish and send it to us via ask or submit. 

The idea behind this section is to not only allow for a space for people to vent, but also a section for parents with trans children to read in order to know the effects of slipping up with pronouns and deadnaming are having on their children, as this is often difficult to express. 


Top Surgery Update (I have a date now!)

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Classy masc chinos! They’re both skinny fit, straight down to the ankles. 32" for the waist & legs on the tan pair & 28 x 30 on the gravel. They’re super comfortable & breezy casual 👌
8. for the tan pair (worn)
10. for the gravel
15. for both
& I ask that you pick up shipping :)

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