genderpizzapalace replied to your post “I DIDN’T FAIL but it won’t tell me what grade I got just yet …”

that sounds hella british. teachers here can’t wait to tell you you’re fucking up -_______-

my lecturer is an actual Queen, I’ve never had a teacher so dedicated to her students, you can literally go to her for anything, and I mean ANYTHING and she’s REALLY short, but she will actually kick some real ass

you should have seen the way she went after those racists when i gave her all the information ad proof. ;)

corntortillaprince  asked:

I just want to say to all my demiboys, demigirls, and demienbys... YOU ARE ALL SO IMPORTANT AND WORTHY. I know people like to tell you mean things, things that no one should ever hear, but you are a brilliant beam of light on a planet in the universe and I couldn't be happier that you are here.