Our tackle twill pieces, including this snazzy Peace of Mind crew neck, are perfect for fall weather
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genderneutral-grandparent  asked:

jack, gabe, genji, hanzo, jesse, reinhardt

give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap - Jack
enlist to help build a pillow fort - Reinhardt
slingshot into the deep recesses of space - Gabe (this is a great mental image omfg)
sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with - Jesse
smack with a rolled up newspaper - Hanzo
let borrow the aux chord on a road trip - Genji

How was your weekend so far? We need more of this in society 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 #FixSociety #ChangeSociety #GenderNeutral #Queer #Lesbian #Gay #AGender #Pansexual #LGBTQ #TransCommunity #Transgender #Translivesmatter #FTM #MTF #Transman #TransBoy 🍁🙌✔️💯. Also, #NewVideo up on #YouTube link will be in bio 🙊

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“Virtually Invisible - Exploring the non-binary”

We wanted to give a voice to non-binary, agender and genderqueer people since they so rarely get to tell their stories in the media.

We also made a documentary short with the interviews which will be online soon.

This project was part of an exhibition in Espoo.

Interviews with Elie Abraham, Kuisma Ilves, Kuura Reign and Broci.

Photographer Jenni Holma

Layout Annika Pepita and Eveliina Tarvainen

Typography Annika Pepita

Project team Alona Goldberg, Annika Pepita Miettinen, Eveliina Tarvainen, Jenni Holma and Wenna Zhang.

Last February, I hit a low at 85lbs. Today is my 7th month on 🍵 at 107lbs. 22lbs progress! With a busy work/personal life, I try work out as often as I can. I feel super good. I feel in control of my body and my spirit. I am grateful. Oh, one more time: I’m proud to be trans! :-) #ftm #nonbinary #genderneutral

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I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Today, George & I went to a wedding! It was for an old high school buddy of George’s. We had a great time and the cake was AMAZING!

Being at the wedding sparked thought of my own! I began to wonder what my own wedding might be like some day. My first thought was would I wear a dress or … what would I wear for that matter!? The idea of being in a suit and tie just makes me depressed, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I think my hubby would look amazing in a suit & tie, but… It’s not me! However, I am not sure I want to be in a wedding dress either. Or a dress at all for that matter. Hmmm….

I have time to think about it! ❤

-Elliott Alexzander

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I was skeptical at first because a lot of these services are pretty shaky. They tend to want to know to much and ask weird questions. However, think I might be comfortable with this one. Especially considering that although they asked what my gender was, there was also a third option allowing me to inform them that I would rather not tell them. I really appreciated that.
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Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve lobbed both of you in here together since both themes fit nicely together ^v^



  • Probably is the kind of dude to smoke in bed after sex but you can bet he’s got the ash tray right underneath his chin just in case anything gets dropped because burning your s/o is one way to kill the mood
  • If he thinks he’s been rough trust me he’s going to get you water and he’ll lay there stroking your hair telling you how you’re far too good for him even if you’re both sweaty and gross
  • Gently encourages you to lay on top of the sheets rather than crawling under because he still thinks your body is so beautiful and he’ll admire you as he falls asleep

Morning After

  • If you mentioned something about taking a bath in the morning then you can bet he’s been up for at least an hour before you drawing the nicest bath possible
  • Floating tea-lights, essential oils, the whole shebang
  • And if you’ll let him then he’ll get in the bath with you and give you a lil shoulder rub and everything because yeah buddy he thought last night was great and he wants you to feel just as nice the day after



  • Poor Baehee would probably be exhausted afterwards like she’s not an overtly sexual person and she would have done her best 
  • HER
  • She’d cuddle in close and lay her head against you and if you mutter soft praise then she’d just end up burying her face against you you know she loves every second of it
  • Falls asleep loosely holding onto you so you’re not too warm while you go to sleep but she’s still close

Morning After

  • Wakes you up as gently as possible
  • Brings you some herbal tea in the morning because it’s nice and relaxing and she’s already got some nice clean comfortable clothes ready for you
  • If neither of you are in a rush then you can take a nice warm shower together and she has this really soothing orange and lavender soap that nobody is usually allowed to use but her
  • But hey you can use it bc she luvs u



  • Tbh I feel like he’d be really great at aftercare but at the same time he wouldn’t really think to lay with you for long
  • Like welp he’s getting up to go shower because he wants to be nice and clean and you’re just like whaT ABOUT CUDDLING
  • He’d probably also come back with a towel around his waist and insist you shower too because hey no need in being all gross n stuff
  • You get back and the cat’s in your space
  • He’s asleep
  • God damn it

Morning After

  • Even though you’d probably wake up with the cat on your chest instead of him cuddling up close (we’ve established this guy is THE WORST at cuddling) it’d still be nice
  • He’d have had the curtains opened while you both slept so that you’d both be woken up in the most natural way possible
  • Obviously he’d have you pull on some comfortable pajamas the night before so that when his staff brought breakfast in in the morning you’d be kept for his eyes only
  • Tells you how good you did because he’s EMBARRASSING



  • There’s not gonna be much to say here because honestly I feel like Yoosung would be the kind to almost immediately fall asleep when you’ve done the nasty
  • Like this dude is vanilla AF and far from the most experienced so forget any kind of cuddling 
  • Just zonk and he’s out for the count with the sheets pulled up over both of you

  • He’s still clingy in his sleep tho like even though he basically passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow you can bet he’s grabbing onto you during the night all sweaty and gross-like

Morning After

  • He’d only get woken up by you moving around in the morning
  • But he’d basically leap out of bed as soon as he woke up and had a moment to realise that he didn’t just dream about last night
  • or so he thinks anyway
  • So he slaps together breakfast in bed with toast and coffee and god bless he’s doing his best you can’t help but laugh



  • You can bet he’s going insta-cling
  • You gotta convince him to shower though bc he’s sweaty and stuff and almost immediately he insists you come shower with him in case he slips down the drain or smthn
  • So you both get into the shower together and he washes your hair and everything and he has apple-scented shampoo and oh, you realise, that’s why his hair always smells so nice

  • You both sit drying off on the edge of the bed for a while and eventually you both just collapse in bed

Morning After

  • He’s such a massive cheese honestly you wake up in the morning and he’s laying ‘paint-me-one-of-your-french-girls’ style
  • ‘I never asked you how you like your eggs, did I’
  • All you can really do is smack him over the head
  • Eventually both of you get up and tiredly make your way to the kitchen for a join-effort breakfast that you both barely manage to shovel down your throats because waking up is haaard