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Imagine Sam teasing you because you’re so much smaller than him. (Requested: Genderneutral pronouns)

——— Request for anon ———

“Yay, food!” you grin as you approach Sam, who carries two bags of food from the diner across the street that boasted the best burger in town. He hands off one to Dean, who looks just as excited as you.

“Pie time,” Dean grins, tugging out his food as he retreats back to the motel bed that was his.

You don’t have that luxury, as Sam raises the bag that must contain both yours and his food, high above your head as he teases, “Oh, were you wanting some, too?”

You groan audibly in annoyance, giving him a glare as you futily jumped for it, “Come on, Sam! That’s not fair!”

Dean chuckles, “That’s just sad to watch.” After the second jump, you result to attempting to tickle Sam’s sides, successfully making him drop his arms.

Sam laughs, “Alright, alright, shorty! Here!”

How was your weekend so far? We need more of this in society 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 #FixSociety #ChangeSociety #GenderNeutral #Queer #Lesbian #Gay #AGender #Pansexual #LGBTQ #TransCommunity #Transgender #Translivesmatter #FTM #MTF #Transman #TransBoy 🍁🙌✔️💯. Also, #NewVideo up on #YouTube link will be in bio 🙊

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3 Months on T!

Hey guys. I finalllyyyy made a video. The first one since I’ve started my hormone replacement therapy. 3 months now. It’s been very exciting. I’m sure that if you’ve seen my photos, my face has obviously changed here and there, but my voice has also changed. It’s at the stage where it’s cracked. It gets really embarrassing sometimes when I’m talking and I’m excited about something and it just does this high pitch screech. I forgot to mention this in the video, but I’ve gained 10 lbs. As mentioned before, both my anxiety and insomnia went away. I am not as emotional as before. So bottom line is, 3 months in, I am super stoked, I’ve been super healthy, and it’s been going really smooth! Sorry I said “um” like 10000 times and I’m not as eloquent as I should be. I didn’t prepare for this at all, but I thought I make an effort in updating anyway. Thank you so much for your support guys!


“Virtually Invisible - Exploring the non-binary”

We wanted to give a voice to non-binary, agender and genderqueer people since they so rarely get to tell their stories in the media.

We also made a documentary short with the interviews which will be online soon.

This project was part of an exhibition in Espoo.

Interviews with Elie Abraham, Kuisma Ilves, Kuura Reign and Broci.

Photographer Jenni Holma

Layout Annika Pepita and Eveliina Tarvainen

Typography Annika Pepita

Project team Alona Goldberg, Annika Pepita Miettinen, Eveliina Tarvainen, Jenni Holma and Wenna Zhang.


I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Today, George & I went to a wedding! It was for an old high school buddy of George’s. We had a great time and the cake was AMAZING!

Being at the wedding sparked thought of my own! I began to wonder what my own wedding might be like some day. My first thought was would I wear a dress or … what would I wear for that matter!? The idea of being in a suit and tie just makes me depressed, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I think my hubby would look amazing in a suit & tie, but… It’s not me! However, I am not sure I want to be in a wedding dress either. Or a dress at all for that matter. Hmmm….

I have time to think about it! ❤

-Elliott Alexzander

Hey btw, I discovered something I thought was worth mentioning at least!
It’s not for everyone, but I stumbled upon a website that I thought was pretty cool.
I was skeptical at first because a lot of these services are pretty shaky. They tend to want to know to much and ask weird questions. However, think I might be comfortable with this one. Especially considering that although they asked what my gender was, there was also a third option allowing me to inform them that I would rather not tell them. I really appreciated that.
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Is someone trying to send a message??? 😉

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Just saying, Texas -_- Anyway, Goodnight, my little munchkins ~ K xx
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