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Hey dude, how's it going? :D Uh....I have a question about genderless Pokemon like Metagross, for the heck do they breed? I mean, Ditto is self explanatory due to being made of cells, so I think it can literally be gender fluid/switching. However, how does a Metagross and similar Pokemon breed? I've thought about this, but I can't really come up with a good answer myself, so I need some help. ^^;

Hey man! Sorry it took me so long to answer this. But that’s an interesting question. I don’t think there’s really an answer for it, since breeding specifics are left ambiguous, but we can do some speculating.

In-game, first off, genderless Pokemon (besides Legendaries) can breed with Ditto, so we know that they are capable of breeding under the right circumstances.

In Pokemon Stadium 2, genderless Pokemon who were able to breed were placed in a new pseudo-Egg Group called “the Gender unknown Egg Group”. This Egg Group isn’t included in other games, but I think “gender unknown” is a key phrase. Perhaps these Pokemon are just a different gender (outside of male and female), and can still breed but can’t breed with Pokemon who are male or female. By breeding with ditto, who can assume any gender, they are still capable of reproducing.

I’m not sure the logic of why two genderless or gender unknown Pokemon can’t breed with each other - such as two Metagross - when they can breed with Ditto. I’m assuming that they really could in the Pokemon world, but can’t for gameplay purposes. So maybe they’re just also Pokemon who, for whatever reason, won’t breed together in captivity.

Sorry I don’t have a definite answer for you, but if anyone has more thoughts on genderless Pokemon and breeding, I’d love to hear them!

SuMo Breeding/General Notes

Hi y’all. So I’ve been seeing misinformation going around so I thought I would compile what I know about breeding so far in Pokemon Sun & Moon. There is a divider here because some of these things are spoilers depending on the point of the game you’re in:

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So, as per the usual, Breeding Mechanics have changed once again for Sun/Moon.

Or, rather, I should say that they’ve IMPROVED!

Prior to this generation, a bred Pokemon only inherited it’s Pokeball from it’s mother.

Now, there’s a multitude of ways that Pokemon inherit Pokeballs. If a male and female Pokemon breed, the resulting child has a seemingly 50/50 (might be 60/40 or even 70/30 favoring the female parent’s Pokeball) chance of inheriting either of the Parent’s Pokeball! The biggest advantage to this situation is that you can now take a male Pokemon with a rare Pokeball (like the Safari Ball, Dream Ball, or Sport Ball) and breed it with a female with it’s Hidden Ability to get the best of both worlds. This opens up tons of combinations that were previously impossible.

But that’s not all! Now Male and Genderless Pokemon that breed with Ditto will also allow their child to inherit their Pokeball. This means that Pokemon like Porygon, Tauros, Rufflet, Rotom, etc. can now be bred with inherited Pokeballs.

Not a particularly big game changer by any means, but for people with specific aesthetics, it opens up a lot more possibilities!

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Okay but I can prove that all Pokemon are bisexual.

All male Pokemon that are capable of breeding can breed with at least a female Pokemon of the same or similar species, and Ditto.

Likewise, all female capable of breeding can breed with at least a male of the same or similar species, and Ditto.

Ditto is genderless.

Therefore all male Pokemon are attracted to female Pokemon and non-binary Pokemon, and all female Pokemon are attracted to male Pokemon and non-binary Pokemon.


Congratulations, your Pokemon Eggs hatched into a Regice and Absol.
Take care of your Pokemon.

((This is perfect. An absol (ONE OF MY FAV DARK TYPES next to Houndoom and Umbreon) and an Ice lord. Thank yooooou / plus today i was thinking of doing another ask blog and an absol is the main/side character lol))


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For the masuda method does it have to be a Japanese Pokemon and another language or could I do a masuda with, say, a German venipede and an English venipede

Hello, the short answer to your question is yes, Masuda will occur with any foreign Pokemon used.

As long as the parents are foreign to each other then the Masuda method is in effect. So yes, German with English, German with Spanish, Italian with Japanese, Japanese with Korean, ect. will all spark Masuda.

But Masuda will not take effect if both parents are of the same language. This means a Japanese/Japanese pair, or a German/German pair, will not spark Masuda.

Most people will recommend and use Japanese Dittos because Ditto itself is the most versatile when it comes to breeding (it can mate with every breedable egg group, male, female, and genderless Pokemon too), but a Korean, Spanish, or Italian Ditto (or other pokemon that’s not Ditto but still compatible with what you’re breeding) works the same.

Hope this helps you and good luck!!

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