• Me, on a date: Yeah I'm pansexual so I'm attracted to all genders.
  • Date: Haha but there's only two genders so you mean you're bisexual.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry but I need to go home like right now, immediately.
Shout out

To nonbinary people who are scared they’re lying to themself about their gender.

To nonbinary people whose gender identity doesn’t match their gender presentation.

To nonbinary people who get mistaken for homosexual for the way they dress.

To nonbinar people who can’t be who they are for the fear of being kicked out.

To nonbinary people who have no access to gender neutral washrooms.

To nonbinary people who deal with people being “inconvenienced” with their gender.

To nonbinary people who constantly get misgendered.

To every single nb person out there for being amazing and beautiful and perfect in their own way! You’re all brave and special and you are you, and no one else can tell you different.


Do more people know about drag king Sexy Galexy!? He’s without a doubt my number one inspiration to do genderfuck drag! I cant get enough of these wigs, crazy eyebrows and beards… aesthetic GOALS. Perfect mix of flamboyance and psychedelics. Definitely going to strive towards something of this sorts one day (thats going to be tough, but a girl can dream!)