stuff i like about the series of unfortunate events netflix show so far
- leans into the cartoonishness of the setting in a funny and charming way, like count olaf’s house being a dark dilapidated castle in the middle of a pristine suburb, or how puppet-y it looks whenever sunny chews on something
- neil patrick harris’ count olaf provides a lot of comic relief but still comes off as a genuine threat to the kids
- we get to see more members of vfd in action! also kind of a stretch but maybe jacqueline is a genderflipped jacques snicket? seems like a suspicious choice of name for a new character.
- obviously a huge amount of respect for the source material, with references to future stuff like the sugar bowl and the medusoid mycelium, but adding new subplots as well
- the pond gustav fell into looks a bit like the hotel denouement one? idk
- the vfd tunnels
- lemony snicket as a rod serling-type narrator allowing them to fit in a bunch of his lines from the books
- snicket mentions being distraught and horrified by the kids’ situation and crying himself to sleep, but it’s treated as a normal reaction to distressing events and not any kind of weak or shameful thing, idk i thought that was nice
- the deliberately anachronistic setting now includes calling the i.t. people to fix a typewriter and telling time with an hourglass you bought online


*Characters not necessarily to scale across pictures, but to each other.

This was a fun ask to answer! As for an actual yuri verison…

Yuno is the planned MC for the “yuri” version.  Though her story is EXTREMELY way down the line. She also gets 6 companions (Currently: Gryphon, Insect, Naga, Plant, Slime, Sting Ray).

Yuno will be making a cameo in INoaMon since both take place in the same universe. She works at Galatea and her design is not final but will most likely be drawing some traits from what femGrenn looked like. Who knows, I may even change my mind about that since things can change!

And now for some trivia under the Read More:

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My tablet is totally kaput now, I drew most of vriska with my trackpad. It’ll be about a week (hopefully?) before I can get a new pen for my old tablet, then I’ll do lowbloods…

Here’s an old ref for Eridan’s outfit (I originally drew it for my cosplay)

More Musings About a Hypothetical P4G FeMC

Referred to as FemYu. (Because as I said in my last post, she could still have the name Yu Narukami since the name is Unisex.)

  •  FemYu brushing Nanako’s hair on a Sunday morning.
  • Helping Naoto feel comfortable in her own skin by helping her go shopping.
  • Preparing and introducing Marie to a box lunch.
  • Asking Kanji to teach her how to sew since she doesn’t actually know how (and is secretly a little embarrassed about it).
  • Hugging Teddie when he is feeling down.
  • Teddie telling FemYu how cute she looks when she puts on her glasses for the first time.
  • Yosuke commenting on how now only is he having more serious conversations, he’s having them with a girl.
  •   Being on the receiving end when the guys accidentally walking into the bath and having the option to throw things.
  •  Joining either the girl’s swim team or baseball team. :D

So Nicholas Kole challenged people to come up with a genderflipped version of Beauty and the Beast, where the lady-Beast was actually beastly, and not just a pretty girl with tusks and horns - so I took him up on it during today’s lunchtime scribbles.

A lot of the others who have taken up the challenge have gone with mammal-based beasts - so I decided to go in another direction, namely birds! With some extra horns and tusks, sure, but she’s mostly bird-based.

Also, lady-Beast isn’t pink because she’s a girl. She’s pink because she’s a Bearded Vulture:

A species that ought to shut up all those silly people who whine about how feathered dinosaurs wouldn’t look cool. Look at it. It eats bones.

So I guess no one ever drew Alianna aka Bhaalmom before (at least I have never seen a picture of her)? Well, here you go! The clothes are based on the Bhaal priest from AD&D Forgotten Realms: Faiths & Avatars.

Her looks are basically identical to how my Bhaalspawn Clarissa would look at that age. In my personal headcanon she is already close to 50 in this one and she is the daughter of the protagonist from the first Icewind Dale (in this case Lady Fildret, meaning she is Alianna Fildret). Generally speaking I have this headcanon that Bhaalspawn only get their mom’s DNA (the male ones are simply genderflipped), so they are effectively their clones.

symbra and gencio are very similar ships, they’re just genderflipped and on the opposite side of the alignment chart. like don’t let them go on a double date together because either they’ll figure out world peace or ww3 will start and you’ve got no way of knowing which one it will be until the bombs start falling.

alternatively lucio and satya get into an argument over which of their partners is the coolest (“green cyborg ninja, genji automatically wins!” “yes well my girlfriend can hack your boyfriend so…”) and they eventually have to be dragged off by genji and sombra before this turns into a new fight for rio de janeiro or something. three weeks later genji and sombra are on the verge of killing each other over the same argument in reverse (“my dj revolutionary boyfriend liberated an entire city he is the BEST” “yes well my girlfriend can make anything out of light including LASER TURRETS”) and lucio and satya have to intervene this time.

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genderflipped naruhina is really adorable tbh. well. as long as it's not in SP's hands anyways. but also, what do you think of femnaruhina? like as an f/f ship.

Well given what we know about the Shinobi World I think it might be a very different ship in terms of arc, because female Naruko would be thrown together with Hinata a lot more because of the kunoichi classes. In that smaller all female dynamic I think it would be easier for smol!Hinata to work up the courage to talk to smol!Naruko. And that could easily make the whole development of their relationship very different. Like, Hinata would become more confident earlier, and Naruko would have a friend so much earlier, and then the dominos really start to fall.

Also there’s all the other dynamics too in terms of rivalry with Sasuke, what Naruko’s relationship would be like with Sakura. It’s a cool difference to think about!

Ok, so I am currently finishing up my MA in English and to complete my program I have been working on a portfolio. The scholarly portion discusses adaptation, web shows, and representation (even discusses fanfiction for a few pages). My portfolio contains a creative section where I wrote a season of a web show based on The Merry Adventure of Robin Hood (genderflipped, queered, and written in a vlog-style of course) because the @carmillaseries is what inspired me to create this portfolio. I am so thankful that picture sets of Carmilla graced my dash in 2014, and that I decided I should see what this show was about. The little web show that could came into my life at a time when I needed it. The representation that I found in both LaF and @kbearluna helped me become more sure in my own identity when I was just starting to figure things out.

I wanted to create something and continue with the representation that was absent from mainstream television. I filmed the first two episodes with the help of a few friends (including the wonderful @gayologistgrad and the lovely @lunaraindrop) and submitted it to my school’s student film festival. I got the email today saying it has been selected for screening at the festival. If you had told me 2 years ago that this is where I would be now, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am so grateful that I chose to take my life in this direction though. No more looking back. No more what ifs. This is where I’m meant to be. I can feel it.