My tablet is totally kaput now, I drew most of vriska with my trackpad. It’ll be about a week (hopefully?) before I can get a new pen for my old tablet, then I’ll do lowbloods…

Here’s an old ref for Eridan’s outfit (I originally drew it for my cosplay)

Genderflipped Harry Potter

So I was bored and got thinking about interesting adult actors who would make a fun, genderflipped HP.

  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Harry
  • Andrew Garfield as Hermione
  • Karen Gillan as Ron
  • Natalie Dormer as Draco
  • Jeremy Irons as McGonagall
  • Judi Dench as Dumbledore
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Snape
  • Jaime Murray as Sirius
  • Ruth Wilson as Remus

And it was only while doing this that I realised how few female characters really play a big part in the books. (Also, Tony Curran as Molly with Catherine Tate as Arthur would be nice)


*Characters not necessarily to scale across pictures, but to each other.

This was a fun ask to answer! As for an actual yuri verison…

Yuno is the planned MC for the “yuri” version.  Though her story is EXTREMELY way down the line. She also gets 6 companions (Currently: Gryphon, Insect, Naga, Plant, Slime, Sting Ray).

Yuno will be making a cameo in INoaMon since both take place in the same universe. She works at Galatea and her design is not final but will most likely be drawing some traits from what femGrenn looked like. Who knows, I may even change my mind about that since things can change!

And now for some trivia under the Read More:

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The Winter Soldier: Genderflipped

  • Jennifer Morrison - Stephanie Rogers/Captain America
  • Kevin McKidd - Nikolai Romanoff/Black Widower
  • Gina Torres - Nicola Fury
  • Lupita Nyong'o - Samantha Wilson/Falcon
  • Helen Mirren - Alexandra Pierce
  • Rupert Graves - Agent Marcus Hill
  • Sam Reid - Sean Carter/Agent 13
  • Tatiana Maslany - Becky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Sort of a follow on piece to my genderflipped Avengers Assemble set. 


If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

Equal Opportunity Ridiculousness!

Johanna Snow was her father’s bastard and her stepmother’s shame. Lord Eddard had scarce been wed a year, when he brought the child home to his lady wife. The child, he said, would be raised with their own son, and so, Johanna was.
Lady Catelyn despised the child, a sign of her husband’s faithlessness, but their son loved Johanna as a sister. When they grew, he often laughed that she looked more Stark than he did.
Every word was a knifeblade in Catelyn Stark’s heart.
It was only when her own daughter was born, her mother’s double, a Tully from the red of her hair to the blue of her eyes, that Catelyn learned to hate a little less.
She would never love the child, and Sansa Stark and Johanna Snow were never to be friends. Her daughter would never know what it would be to be a bastard.