stuff i like about the series of unfortunate events netflix show so far
- leans into the cartoonishness of the setting in a funny and charming way, like count olaf’s house being a dark dilapidated castle in the middle of a pristine suburb, or how puppet-y it looks whenever sunny chews on something
- neil patrick harris’ count olaf provides a lot of comic relief but still comes off as a genuine threat to the kids
- we get to see more members of vfd in action! also kind of a stretch but maybe jacqueline is a genderflipped jacques snicket? seems like a suspicious choice of name for a new character.
- obviously a huge amount of respect for the source material, with references to future stuff like the sugar bowl and the medusoid mycelium, but adding new subplots as well
- the pond gustav fell into looks a bit like the hotel denouement one? idk
- the vfd tunnels
- lemony snicket as a rod serling-type narrator allowing them to fit in a bunch of his lines from the books
- snicket mentions being distraught and horrified by the kids’ situation and crying himself to sleep, but it’s treated as a normal reaction to distressing events and not any kind of weak or shameful thing, idk i thought that was nice
- the deliberately anachronistic setting now includes calling the i.t. people to fix a typewriter and telling time with an hourglass you bought online

Congrats dream daddy fandom. It only took 7 days before someone got death threats over fanart. 

SLBP Fics and Headcanon Masterpost

This is Masterpost for all my SLBP Fics and Headcanon, for easier search. Will be updated accordingly :) so check back often!

UPDATED 5 August 2017



[Nocturnal Habits]  (coming soon)


The five times the little firefly wanders off to her room for some respite, comfort and sleep, and the one time he doesn’t.


[A Precursor to Trust] Oneshot


Nobuyuki is not sentimental. He does what he must and he uses what he has, he has no qualms about it. True, he’s got her commoner bride where she is by deceiving her but she’ll grow into it. He promises.


[Services Rendered] Oneshot

Angst/Fluff/Shounen Ai

Yukimura drowns his sorrow with sake on the rooftop while Saizo is listening, munching dango. Things escalate. 

[Sunshine and Shadow] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  (coming soon)

Romance/Angsty Fluff

An AU where Fem!Yukimura is Saizo’s MC. After became traumatized by his recent mission, Saizo is sent to serve the Sanada clan where he meets the daughter of the clan, Yukimura, who refusesto conform to the limitation posed by her gender. 


[Little Deaths] Oneshot

Romance/Smut PWP

Kojuro has definitely underestimated his precious girl’s appetite as a lover. (Trigger warning for breathplay) 

[Green-Eyed] Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 (coming soon)

Romance/Angst/Smut & Fluff

Masamune requests the future Lady Katakura to assist him in preparing an important banquet. Kojuro feels conflicted about it.

[Of Swordplay and Horse Riding] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 2.5 

Romance/Smut & Fluff

In which Kojuro teaches his girl-page another kind of swordplay and horse-riding. The Dragon’s Claw is not the only one who can play the game of seduction. But everything has consequences. 


[Personal Injuries] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 (coming soon)   

Romance/Angst/Fluff & (possible) Smut

Ieyasu values people from their use. He doesn’t see much value in having a mistress. And he doesn’t see much value in this cross-dressing kitchen wench either, other than her food doesn't taste horrible and she seems to amuse the Lord of Fools. Until he connects the two things together.  


[Whirlwind] Oneshot

Adventure/Shounen Ai  (coming soon)

A day of adventures of The Lord of Fools and his exasperated Monkey. Filled with a festival, onsen and dancing for money. 


Lords’ reactions hearing MC’s pregnancy but they are not the father
What kind of flowers SLBP Lords would bring you?
Who would you gladly bail out of jail and what did they do?
What kind of porn stash modern SLBP au might have?
SLBP Lords and lingerie (NSFWish)
You, SLBP Lords (+Shigezane) and a bag full of sex toys (NSFW, with fanart by the naughty and talented @niakidanigara )
SLBP Lords in formal wear (GIFs)
SLBP Lords and flower crowns (with GIFs)
SLBP Lords and tattoos
If Kojuro and Shigezane switch bodies
If we genderflip everyone in SLBP…
Divergent AU! Which factions the SLBP Lords belong to
Cars or motorbikes? SLBP Lords and their modern-day rides
Saizo finds Yukimura to be attractive and Yukimura finds Saizo to be attractive
Saizo is too expensive for Yukimura to keep as a retainer
Décolletage or derrière? SLBP Lords edition
Which military branch in Shingeki no Kyojin the SLBP Lords will fit into
How the Lords watch “Married Life” montage from Pixar’s UP 
How the Lords play the pocky game
The Lords and creampies (NSFW)
How the Lords express their jealousy in triangle relationships
How the Lords react to MC moaning their names in her sleep
The Lords as your go-to friends
The kinkiest of the Lords
The Lords change back into kids after eating a strange fruit given by MC
Yukimura finding out MC is pregnant
Kojuro walking in on MC while she is changing
When Kojuro is betrothed to another
When you bump into Nobunaga and he dirties your kimono

The Winter Soldier: Genderflipped

  • Jennifer Morrison - Stephanie Rogers/Captain America
  • Kevin McKidd - Nikolai Romanoff/Black Widower
  • Gina Torres - Nicola Fury
  • Lupita Nyong'o - Samantha Wilson/Falcon
  • Helen Mirren - Alexandra Pierce
  • Rupert Graves - Agent Marcus Hill
  • Sam Reid - Sean Carter/Agent 13
  • Tatiana Maslany - Becky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Sort of a follow on piece to my genderflipped Avengers Assemble set. 


*Characters not necessarily to scale across pictures, but to each other.

This was a fun ask to answer! As for an actual yuri verison…

Yuno is the planned MC for the “yuri” version.  Though her story is EXTREMELY way down the line. She also gets 6 companions (Currently: Gryphon, Insect, Naga, Plant, Slime, Sting Ray).

Yuno will be making a cameo in INoaMon since both take place in the same universe. She works at Galatea and her design is not final but will most likely be drawing some traits from what femGrenn looked like. Who knows, I may even change my mind about that since things can change!

And now for some trivia under the Read More:

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Kiss My Battery

Pairing: Fem! Fun Ghoul x Fem! Reader

Genre: Femslash, Action

Summary: The authorities in Battery City locked you up in a “therapy” center the moment you came out. You were beginning to think there was no escape…….until a sexy Killjoy girl shows up, ray guns blazing, to set you free.

Trigger warnings for homophobia, conversion therapy, and violence. 

You’d been admitted to the so-called “treatment facility”, where BLI’s logo smiled off of every wall, two days after you’d told your best friend that you thought you might like girls. She’d reported you, obviously. The betrayal had stung like a thousand bees – but, deep down, you really weren’t surprised. She – and everyone else in Battery City – heard the same message in their headphones, repeated ad naseum, every single day:

If someone you know is engaging in dissident behavior, please inform your nearest Scarecrow so that their medications can be properly adjusted.

But why was the way you felt “dissident”?! If Exterminators could screw around in The Lobby with pornodroids, why couldn’t you hold hands with another woman? What was so wrong about what you wanted?  You didn’t understand. But, apparently your family did, because when the Scarecrows had shown up at your house and dragged you away to this place, they hadn’t even put up a fight.

Or maybe they only acquiesced because the Scarecrows had threatened to turn them into Draculoids if they refused to surrender you. Maybe you couldn’t blame them, either.

It didn’t matter. You were here now. They’d increased your medication, and forced you to have daily meetings with a “counselor” who kept trying to tell you how much better your life would be if you accepted “company policy” and dated boys. You wanted to tell the counselor to eat shit, but you were scared she would never let you leave this place if you didn’t at least try to fake like you were being converted.

You were sitting on your cot in your room (where the only thing that wasn’t plain, stark white was the camera the counselors used to keep an eye on you) when you heard it. A loud, deafening BOOM followed by the shriek of warning klaxons.


“…….Terrorists?” you gasped. Were they talking about the Killjoys? You’d heard whispers about them – rebels, out in the Zones, who didn’t follow BLI’s rules. Who did what they wanted. Loved who they wanted. Part of you had wondered if they were just a myth.

But they’re real, you thought. They’re here!

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anonymous asked:

I think the issue a lot of people had with that dream daddy image is cause they drew Damien as a lady since he's a trans man in cannon. They say it's stripping him of his identity

I would imagine that a trans man in canon would become a trans woman gender-flipped.

So  ???

Christopher Argent Appreciation Week

*Thank you @till-proven-guilty for making the amazing above banner! So much love!*

Chris Argent deserves all the love for all the shit he puts up with so Chris Argent Appreciation Week will be happening.


2nd week of July 2k17: July 9 to the 15th (Sunday to Saturday)

I wanted to do something different so I’ve opted to allow some options. But first the rules.


*I did not make the above gif and do not know who did.

1. Main pairing must be Chris and someone or Chris and someone/someone. Chris must be the central figure in the pairing and not a secondary character. The focus should be on Chris as we are appreciating this man in all his glory.

2. ANY Ship is welcome. There will be no tolerance of hate against specific ships. No fighting, and no flaming.

3. You may submit artwork, fanvids, mashups, poems, fanfic, fanart and any level of rating. Just be sure to include in your tags what the rating is and any other necessary tags. Reblog your fic using #Chris Argent Appreciation 2k17  and I will reblog it and add to the compilation on Sunday the 16th. There will be an A03 Collection group set up in the summer  where your fics can be submitted. It goes without saying that you should not submit anything that has been posted previously. Any length of fic is welcome.

4. I encourage one and all to leave comments on fics that get submitted. Writers will love you even if it is short. Trust me on this.

5. Be excellent to each other.

6. Your contribution can be Works in Progress but should be posted during the Appreciation Week.


Rejoice, Each Day has a Primary and Secondary Theme.

Day One July 9th: Primary Theme: It happened one day at the Beach Theme. Surf and Sand.  
Day One July 9th: Secondary Theme: Fluff, Humor, crack, Mermen.

Day Two July 10th: Primary Theme: Dark Secret Theme. Revelations Happen.  
Day Two July 10th: Secondary Theme: Dark, Gothic, horror, blood.

Day Three July 11th: Primary Theme: Green Eyed Monster. Someone gets jealous and possessive and does something about it.
Day Three July 11th: Secondary Theme: Kink.

Day Four July 12th: Primary Theme: Genderflip! It doesn’t have to be Chris who flips gender. Fairies and Witches are bitches, man.
Day Four July 12th: Secondary Theme: Shenanigans! Such as, but not limited to: Sex pollen, Tropes, Gender changing etc.

Day Five July 13th: Primary Theme: Exotic Interlude on Vacation.  While on Vacation somewhere different, exotic and weird things happen. Think: Hot Springs Monsters? Training in Tibet?
Day Five July 13th: Secondary Theme: Mystery, Drama, Weird

Day Six July 14th: Primary Theme: Friends to Lovers aka Fuckbuddies to Lovers or I hate you, I know.
Day Six July 14th: Secondary Theme: Romance, all kinds.

Day Seven July 15th: Primary Theme: The Rule of Three aka PolyAmoryDay. Note this does not mean other days can’t have PolyAmory. This day just celebrates it.:)
Day Seven July 15th: Secondary Theme: Free for All or throw everything and the kitchen sink at poor Chris.

I will create a collection where people can offer Prompts on AO3 anonymously or not for this Ship Appreciation Week. I will Reblog this when the link is ready.

Stay Tuned and please reblog to spread the word.


So Nicholas Kole challenged people to come up with a genderflipped version of Beauty and the Beast, where the lady-Beast was actually beastly, and not just a pretty girl with tusks and horns - so I took him up on it during today’s lunchtime scribbles.

A lot of the others who have taken up the challenge have gone with mammal-based beasts - so I decided to go in another direction, namely birds! With some extra horns and tusks, sure, but she’s mostly bird-based.

Also, lady-Beast isn’t pink because she’s a girl. She’s pink because she’s a Bearded Vulture:

A species that ought to shut up all those silly people who whine about how feathered dinosaurs wouldn’t look cool. Look at it. It eats bones.