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Fandometrics In Depth: Feminism Edition

Tumblr has always been a place where feminists could connect and speak freely. And as Tumblr has grown, so have the allied communities and the size of the conversation. From 2013 to 2015, year-over-year growth in the number of original posts tagged #feminism increased at an average rate of 4.22%.

That changed in 2016. As Tumblr discussed the US presidential election and its impact on women’s rights, access to healthcare and the importance of consent, the rate of original posts tagged #feminism grew 20%, five times the growth of the previous three years. Looking at the entire ecosystem of Tumblr tags, original posts and reblogs about #feminism accounted for triple the amount of conversation it did in 2015.

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2016 also saw a change in Tumblr’s understanding of what feminism means.

The term intersectionality describes the overlapping systems of oppression at play in society—it’s the idea that gender inequality, racism, class status, and other injustices are inseparable from one another and can’t be studied in isolation.

Between 2014 and 2016 there was a modest increase in engagement around #intersectionality. Original posts increased 13%, while searches increased 44%. But then came the Women’s March. On January 20th, 2017, engagements around #intersectionality spiked 5191% from just two days before. Since then, the whole tone of the #feminism conversation on Tumblr has changed.

In 2017 so far, people are talking about intersectional systems of oppression 21% more than they have in the last four years combined.

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How does that change in tone manifest itself? Here’s a sampling of posts that have gone viral since the March:

Continuing the conversation

If you’re interested in joining the feminist conversation on Tumblr, there are tons of places to start. In addition to the #feminism and #intersectionality tags, you can head to tags like #wage gap and #pro choice to learn more about specific issues. There are also dozens of Tumblrs that dive deep into the conversation:

  • Feminist Frequency (@femfreq), a place to talk about feminism in gaming
  • Celebrating Amazing Women (@celebratingamazingwomen), which highlights women who have changed history on their birthdays
  • Whovian Feminism (@whovianfeminism), which looks at inequality through a fannish lens
  • Empower. Volunteer. Unite. (@ucf-now), the official Tumblr of the University of Central Florida’s National Organization for Women chapter, and
  • Action (@action), our hub to help connect you to the resources you need to become an agent of change.

Why We Need To Talk About White Feminism

Have you ever wondered what White Feminism is? Are you vaguely familiar with the term, but still unclear on what it actually means – and how it affects you?

WATCH the full video to give you a brief, basic introduction to White Feminism, and explain why we need to start talking about it more.

Unpopular opinions

• there are only two genders
• black people can be racist
• women can be sexist
• not wanting to date someone because they are trans is not transphobic
• gender is not a social construct
• gender is not a spectrum
• biological sex is indeed a thing
• transage is disturbing
• otherkin is insane and not real
• women can rape and abuse
• you have to have dysphoria to be trans
• there are only four sexualities.
• micro aggressions are ridiculous
• fat acceptance is harmful
• women in the west are not oppressed
• there is no rape culture
• it is not sexual harassment or objectification to compliment a woman’s appearance
• men are not scary or aggressive
• women aren’t angels
• men and women aren’t the same
• dysphoria is a mental illness
• trans people should go to the bathroom of the gender they pass as.

-from a bisexual transman who is sick of your bullshit.

twefs: we’re leftists! we’re rrradical!
twefs: *repeatedly side with anti lgbt right wing movements in order to take down mutual targets*
twefs: *openly push the trap narrative*
twefs: gender and sexuality are transhistorical biological facts. other societies are just too primitive to realize them/never existed at all and diamat just a cheap tactic to make male rape culture stronger.
twefs: homosexual
twefs: you support refugees? you disgusting male/clinton supporter
twefs: *slap stalins ugly antisemitic, revisionist face all over everything like a fed trying to fuck minisoc*
twefs: intersex people?? whats that
twefs: *readily convert to nazism*
twefs: *doxx and make sexual comments about trans minors*
twefs: white liberal feminist “issues”? no sweetie this is radical praxis!
twefs: *harass black women for calling out their racism*
twefs: *perpetuate myths about transwomen created by the right*
twefs: anyone who wants trans people to have rights is a liberal
etc. ad infinitum

Okay, I keep seeing this fucking picture all over my facebook and it’s so infuriating??! I can’t believe they’re trying to compare the centuries of systematic oppression faced by poc to not having your ~*identity*~ coddled 24/7. Genderists honestly couldn’t be more transparent about the fact that poc are just a talking point to back up their ideology. When are y'all going to stop trying to act like reasonable boundaries are tantamount to literal oppression and segregation. Your nasty racist asses are showing.

P.S. yes it fucking is about the bathroom, female people have a right to want privacy from males, jfc.

Open to debate and discuss

We don’t live in a rape culture

Feminism has become something terrible

The BLM movement is misguided

There are only 2 Genders

Gender isn’t a Social Construct

Donald Trump isn’t a Fascist

The Wage gap doesn’t exist

There is no Patriarchy

White privilege is gone

Police officers aren’t killing blacks for sport

Socialism is a terrible Concept

Capitalism (and the 1%) isnt your enemy

Safe Spaces and Trigger warnings are counterproductive

<b>if you disagree with me, then by god, <i>DEBATE ME</i>. Lets  have a discussion about it, lets bring our facts and arguments to the table and see if we cant come to some kind of agreement or consensus of some sort.</b>