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A male rose quartz🏵 and my new gemsona made for @pinkdiamondys genderbent Gem contest #malegemcontest The more I drew him the more I loved him and scenarios with him, emerald and angel boiled and bubbled!
👉 he’s pretty cocky.
👉 sees humans as helpless but not in a malicious way he just wants to cradle them.
👉 an elite gem
👉sooo dramatic
👉he does own a pearl⚪

I also pictured him on a mission to hunt emerald down and bubble her bringing her back to homeworld but he’s wayyy too busily flirting and Angel is not having that… anyway, he’s obviously under pink diamonds court and along side him is is lioness companion ♡♡♡

Hey GenCon is coming around again so I can actually post cosplay stuff to my blog in which cosplay is literally a part of my url lol

I have a few that are coming along nicely, including Audrey and Audrey II (I’ll be with the boy toy as Seymour) from Little Shop of Horrors.

In addition to the wig and dress I have a cheetah print scarf I’ll be wearing as a sling to complement a black eye Audrey has halfway through the show, while Matt as Seymour carries the plant and has several bandaged fingers

I also have the foam pieces for Mettaton Ex! Combine these with silver painted sleeves on a black long sleeved shirt, black leggings, a silver painted waist cincher, and the famous hot pink boots and I’ll be all set! I’m most excited about the Bluetooth speaker I glued under the chest piece so I can play Death by Glamour as I walk. This one will also feature the boy toy as a human Napstablook, in a white hoodie, wig, and jeans, with chucks, headphones, and a shirt that says “really not feeling up to it right now, sorry”

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The one that’s least finished is my Gem War era Pearl. All I have of her is her rapier, but this one will also show off my boyfriend in a genderbent Rose Quartz based on this art I found

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Finally I have one I started today for my brother. He wants to do a human version of Deoxys Speed. I’ve made him a sort of aero bike helmet and he’s going to make some arm socks and knee pads and such. We’re basically making him into a weird looking cyclist athlete person thing. I tested out the face paint I’m gonna do to try and make the black on the eyes look less eyeliner and more angry anime eyes. He is my little brother after all, he’s probably not gonna want winged eyeliner.

So that’s my cosplay stuff! Let me know if you want to know how I did anything! :)


Le sketch dump…u.. most of ‘em are Weiss and Yang. :D

Take a look of how I draw ‘em differently. 

The first six are drawn from Wacom. I tried. The rest are from my phone.

Also, I like them Genderbent! AU : >

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Someone asked about my version of Genderbent Qrow and Summer and also how they would act toward one another.

I present to you the Genderbent version of Qrow and Summer: Elle Edition.

Qreau (Pronounced just like Qrow) is a tall, sassy birbette with a shaggy pixie cut and a insane love for her Short-Rib. She has most of the same personality traits as Qrow, but is more bashful and can sometimes be a bit of a tsundere. She is very strong and extremely agile, but has trouble being flexible with her long-ass legs. 

Sommer (German spelling of Summer, Pronounced Zoh-mer) is a sweet, intelligent young man who sports a man bun and will knock you into next week for bad-mouthing his Süße ( [seu-sse] sweetie in German) (He also calls her Q-tie because Som is a dork). Sommer, or “Som” is the leader of team STRQ and partners with Qreau. He shares the same personality traits with Summer, but is more brazen and forward with his emotions and thoughts. He is quick on his feet and in his mind, able to strategize all while in the middle of a chaotic fight.

How do they interact with one another? Same way Qrow and Summer do, they tease and joke with one another, fight side by side in perfect sync, and love each other very much. These two start dating within only three months of their first year. Sommer doesn’t “beat around the rose-bush” when it comes to important matters, so he is very straightforward with Qreau when confessing. Qreau, being a shy birb, takes a few days to really let his confession sink in before she realizes, “hey…I really like him, too.”

Sommer’s body type and size is reminiscent of a guy in one of my life drawing classes. I had to draw this young man naked, and even though he was shorter than me (I’m 5′8-5′9), he was so muscular. Not that short guys can’t be built, but he was the first one I’ve ever met to be just so strong and filled out with muscle, yet…around 5′4 in height. So yes, Summer’s male counterpart is a little taller than her, but he is also stocky and muscular as apposed to her thin and petite build.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures for Day 1 of ConnectiCon 2017 but! Here’s some of my absolute faves!!

(I was Neopolitan, Withered Bonnie, and Asriel Dreemurr this weekend!)

Princess Tutu: @millenniumeyebrow

HandUnit (FNaF: Sister Location: @uhvatar

Sommer: You’re a dream, Süße. I can’t believe you’re all mine. You truly take my breath away, mein schönes Prinzessin. Ich liebe dich so sehr, Liebling.

Qreau: …ah-ah…bu- you-…uhhh……..-Qreau.exe has stopped working-

Some of you wanted to see more of Qreau and Sommer, my genderbent versions of Qrow and Summer, so while you guys wait for more comics and sweet hummingbird moments and moments that’ll make you cry a river of tears here is some Qreau and Som.

Som (pronounced ‘Zom’, as the German version of ‘Summer’ is pronounced Zom-mer) is a hopelessly romantic dweeb. He is constantly professing his love for his sweet Liebling, and does not care if anyone is watching. 

He also uses Qreau’s weakness against her to woo her: invasion of personal space, holding her chin, and speaking old Sanusan language (Deutsch) to her.

She’s frozen, folks. Much like her male counterpart, when a small Rose comes and makes such a bold declaration, both Qrow and Qreau can’t handle it.

Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing more of these two, especially their interactions with their gender counterparts.

Here is a link of my pervious picture of them: LINK


AMY: Of course all of us were surprised it happened, but initial shock only lasts a few seconds. We’re honestly fine with it, because as of this moment Sonic, Shadow and Silver seem to be ok. Just because they’re girls now doesn’t change who they are as a person. As long as they’re comfortable, all of us are comfortable.

And the same should go to anyone who is trans, gender queer, gender fluid, etc. As long as you’re comfortable and happy, then we’re happy for you too!