genderbent ponies

After seeing Mashima’s Male Juvia sketch; I got the urge to Genderbend again…. I haven’t drawn my genderbent babies in a LOOONNNNGGGG time… I’ve missed drawing my Queenie Natsu…


PLEASE don’t submit quotes featuring one of the following:

  • Genderbent! ponies; ex. Dusk Shine, Rainbow Blitz, etc. [unless necessary, ex. a spell, Discord being Discord]
  • OCs; ex. ask blog characters, regular OCs, etc.
  • You or your ponysona/character

This is a blog about the characters of the show, not your character nor someone else’s. Not only that, but each quote should be enjoyable for everyone, not just you.

About Genderbent characters: why can’t you simply submit a quote featuring the regular characters?

Thank you, have a great day everyone!

– Kaat





And that does it for tonights stream! Thanks to everyone who participated! Have a happy holidays, everybody!