genderbent jade


Genderbent Jade aka Jude Harley! 3AM version. I haven’t seen a design for this before, so I made my own. The pants are my pride and joy. They have hundred of little gems on them that I glued on one at a time. I don’t have it yet, but I plan on having the pure white rifle Jade carries as a prop. I’m also probably going to get another tie. You can’t see it in the pictures, but the color is wrong. Ah well… 

Gonna premiere it at ShadoCon! :3


So I’m going to be cosplaying genderbent Jade, aka Jude Harley, quite soon so I wanted to do a little planning on the outfit. The 3 AM dress is great, so I picked that. It’s going to be all black of course, I just couldn’t be assed to finish it so the line details are easier to see this way. The green bits are all in the right places though. And he’s got a bit of cowboy bow-legged syndrome. Aha… But he’s so precious.