genderbent jace

Open- I am here//Jace Wayland (Alec lightwood needed- no genderbent)

Jace didn’t know what to do, when Alec just clung to him crying, He tried to comfort his parabatai, He was angry at Magnus for even breaking up with Alec and didn’t see why, Alec was a good guy and hadn’t done anything wrong, if it was the immortal thing, than Jace thought that was being selfish because in the end Alec hadn’t cared about that and now his feelings were hurt. He tried to calm the dark haired male down. “I am here,” he assured. He soon noticed how shaky and feverish Alec seemed, sickness and heartbreak wasn’t going to a good mix. “Don’t throw up on me. You will ruin my good looks,” Jace said smirking a bit. Not that he actually cared if Alec did, but was trying to tease him and cheer him up.