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(RiEre♀?)When Mike's Nose Does Something Well

This is a Japanese→Korean→English translation. Therefore there might be lots of errors. 

Please do not repost or use my translation in any way!!

Warning! Might contain genderbent Eren! If you do not like fem!Eren please leave.

Original by あまあまあまね@FOW2参加

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I haven’t rlly been able to fully participate in inktober this year but am trying to put out what I can
Topic: stargazing with the gf, and one of you is slick about checking the other out while the other makes no effort to conceal the fact that all she wants to look at is you


February01, 2015 | Spritual AU

Pairing: Fem!Eren x Levi

Collaboration AU: with inprensibilis fallenangel/grace here


Levi was once a human already promised the grace of an angel when he dies. But the world was cruel and corrupt and him being hit by reality and demons turned him away from the heavenly call at death. Humans gifted with grace are very powerful angels, but they can also turn into powerful demons if led astray. 


Eren is a powerful priestess gifted with grace since birth- as she was favored by the heavens and fate. She can see spiritual beings, and command them at will, and that makes her a powerful ally or enemy. Which is why Levi was back o earth, the devil at her shoulder, tasked with the important duty of turning her to the dark side.

Excerpts for the au under the cut

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Was doodling some fem!Jean in preparation for jeaneren week but now all I can think about now is fem!Jean x Eren (in an AU where only Jean is genderbent - yaoi isn’t my jam, but I might redraw any pairing until I ship it) and how her flirting tactic is basically Leslie Knope’s quote “Men enjoy it when a woman is better than them at something they love” (Jean’s game is hella week in both universes).

btw johannathemad’s design for fem!jean is the only fem!jean that my mind will accept :P



Au with Universe Traveler Levi. Kinda like subtle knife if you know it.

excerpt from this AU

And so Levi, tries still- tries very hard.

But one can only try so much, that he knew. Even with him stretching all possible limits, he was still human at heart, human by constitution. And Humans do not stay forever- they are frail, pitiful creatures who can only hold on as hard as they can before they are forced to let go.

Slowly, he becomes tired. There was just so much worlds and so little time, so many Eren found then lost, so many heartbreaks, so much pain. Levi was humanity’s strongest soldier, but he wasn’t the strongest human.

And when he was at his wit ends, already succumbing to the blankness where the worlds converges, eyes closed and willing himself to be suspended in time

-just a bit of rest, Eren, I promise…

He lets himself let go of his feelings, just for awhile- because his Eren was still out there, waiting patiently for him

-I’m just a bit tired. I’ll get up soon, brat…

Because there’s so many worlds, please understand, and there’s just so much grief one can acquire before one crumbles.

-Just a little bit…

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Christa, Ymir and Levi are all just genderbent versions of Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Levi and Mikasa are obvious, Christa and Armin have very similar physical appearances and know more than they are letting on to, as we say with Christa being a Reiss and Armin knowing shifter identities for a while before revealing them. Ymir and Eren have similar appearances, are both Titan shifters, and easily angered. Plus we see Christa and Ymir's freidnship is very similar to that of Eren and Armin.