S E R V A M P  #04                                                                                        『     “When it’s all over,                                                                                      I’ll definitely come                                                                                               to pick you up.”   


I found the excerpts of the SERVAMP Official Guide Book! :D This book looks AMAZING! Not only do we have the details of each character, we also have the breakdown of their strength! X3 My friend was generous enough to translate them - from top going clockwise: “stamina”, “fighting skills”, “cooperativeness”, “mental(ity)”, “looks”, and something that is unique for each character (“being caring” for Mahiru, “soothingness” for Kuro, and “charisma” for Tsubaki).

We also get each character’s descriptions, biodata, preferences, backstory, some early sketches (not the same as the sketches in Sleepy Life of SERVAMP doujinshis), and - most interestingly - comments from other characters regarding the person! XD

Not stopping there, the book also comes with color pages, exclusive manga-making tutorials/steps, 2013 character popularity voting result, drafts preview, a special recording(?) 4-panel manga, and even a curious entry called “SERVAMP #0”! Is it a prologue to the original manga? Buy this book and you’ll know! X3

P.S. Apparently….. based on the ranking by Tanaka-sensei, Tsubaki is the most good-looking among the three?? :’D Poor Mahi-Mahi only gets a 5….. OTL

P.S.S. What Tanaka-sensei meant by Kuro’s 10-point mark for “soothingness” is that his supposedly kitty form is so cute it will heal/soothe those who see him - is this breakdown made by himself?? :’D


So while I am glad they didn’t miss out in the Sakuya backstory (THE FEELS) what I am pissed about is that they didn’t include Uncle Tooru actually showing up!!

SO FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE MANGA- You’re missing out on Unlce Tooru’s actual debut (not in flashback he actually shows up lol) and then his meeting with Kuro is the same as Mahiru’s meeting with Kuro lol

Also he meets Tsubaki!!! I mean come on anime, now we’ll never see Uncle Tooru’s simple puns lol

(Though I do like how “tame” Tsubaki was with Mahiru, I wonder what people in the shop actually thought see those two weirdoes around each other XD)