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  • Mrs Nikos:Why hello there, you must be Pyrrha's friends. She told me so much about you in her letters and calls home while she was at Beacon.
  • Lie Ren:It's an honor to meet you.
  • Ruby:We thought it would be a nice idea to come visit you on our travels.
  • Nora:Pyrrha was such a great teammate and friend.
  • Jaune:We all really miss her.
  • Mrs Nikos:I miss her too. Not a day goes by when I don't think about her and miss her sweet caring voice. Tell me, I never received anything of hers after Beacon fell, do you happen to have Miló and Akoúo on you? Or her diadem? I helped make her those, you know? Such treasured memories...
  • *Jaune slowly hides his upgraded golden rimmed shield behind his back as Ren, Nora, and Ruby look awkwardly around*
  • Jaune:Nope, no, can't say we do.

Just a few highlights I picked up from the Volume 4 intro -

1. The four colours (as representing RWBY) indicate where there going/where they’ve ended up during the time skip: Ruby in Mistral, Weiss in Atlas, Blake in Menagerie and Yang in Patch.

2. Qrow is still watching over our new team, but he notices another bird - perhaps Raven?

3. Weiss at home, with her dad, Ironwood?, her (cake) butler and another person in the family - a younger brother or cousin?

4. Blake and Sun on a ship with maybe Blake’s parents? If it is, it would explain why the bigger man pushed Sun away - overprotective father doesn’t want just some new guy with his daughter…

5. Yang is still faced with the trauma of her battle with Adam. She’s training with Taiyang and she sees her prior self probably saying she’s weak now and can’t do anything.

6. Cinder is alive, but now scarred. Facing the power of silver eyes may have been a bit humiliating, considering she had planned so much of it and yet Ruby threw a spanner in the works. There are three other men, who appear to also work for Salem. One appears a lot like Tukson, another is a pirate (probs also Blake’s secondary antagonist) and a seriously funky businessman who may be the Atlas antagonist in this Arc (opposing the Schnee Company?)

7. Nothing much, but Weiss attempting to summon something BIG - most likely the White Knight as an attempt to defy her father.

8. Jaune’s new look is SEXY, plus Nora looks even more perky and Ren being just so DAMN AWESOME. I love how Jaune incorporates Pyrrha’s look to remember her - such with golden/metal outlines in his sword and shield and wearing a red sash like she did.

9. Our four girls are apart for now but their journey continues in the fourth Volume of RWBY.