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  • Courfeyrac: hey boi, are you a proton? Because my positive charge is very attracted to you right now
  • Combeferre: two protons actually repel each other, they both have positive electrical charges
  • Courfeyrac: don't be a nucle-anus right now

Can Courfeyrac be a rich guy who loves dogs and uses his money to build a shelter for these poor little doggies he finds on the streets? Also, can Feuilly work there every late afternoon because he believes that all of the dogs need love and a new home? Can Jehan bring dogs in when they find that the dogs were living in abusives households? Or Grantaire, even having a preference in cats, goes to the shelter whenever he can to draw them (realistic drawings to cartoon-ish doodles) and place the drawings in the reception? Can Combeferre be the full-time vet? And Enjolras be who searches new owners? Or Bahorel as their playmate? What of Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta already adopted three of this marvelous animals? I live for Les Amis and Dog shelter.

Non so cosa mi ha fatto diventare ciò che sono ma, qualunque cosa sia stata, mi ha lasciato un vuoto dentro. Le persone fingono molto, io fingo quasi tutto e fingo molto bene: è questo che mi pesa tanto.
—  Dexter

Something I find really fascinating about all these adaptations is the weirdly specific details that keep showing up in different movies.

One of the most specific ones is Monsieur Madeleine’s office having interior windows or even actual glass walls. And usually they’re literally looking down on the workers in the factory. I’m sure this is supposed to be ~*~Symbolic~*~ somehow but I have no idea what they’re actually trying to say. Or maybe they all just saw the 1935 movie doing it and liked how it looked?

I don’t know if this started with the ‘35 film (aka Red Scare Les Mis) but that’s the earliest example I know and in that one it was actually used for visual juxtaposition. The others are 1978, 1998 and 2012. All of these are English language movies.

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Hi, I read Les Mis a while ago and I absolutely loved it. I'm really interested in reading more from that era/ about similar things, but I'm finding it hard to figure out which books to read. I tried "A tale of two cities" due to several reasons, but I found I just couldn't finish it? I'm normally a pretty good reader, but I'd appreciate some advice on where to start with this type of book. Thanks, and I absolutely love your blog!!

Oh, this is SUCH a good question!  I’ve yet to find any book that’s struck me in quite the same way as Les Mis (probably obviously) but I’ll recommend a couple, and hopefully other people will chime in –I’d love some recs too!:D

-More Hugo: I’d check out Ninety Three, at least- it’s not about the 19th century, but the Great Revolution of the 1780s-1790s, and 1793 in particular. Much shorter than Les Mis, and with a somewhat different focus, but still Hugo in his top prose writing form 

-you may, or may not, want to check out George Sand’s Horace. It follows some students and workers (and not just guys) through the revolt of 1832, though it mostly doesn’t focus on that event. Warning for an abusive relationship portrayed in really uncomfortable detail. 

- Dumas! -I’m gonna skip rec’ing his more famous works and suggest The Last Vendee, a book I’ve been getting through a little slowly but really like so far! It’s about the Legitimist uprising in 1832. So right exactly in the same era!  You can read it here on Gutenberg!

- Weirdly, the book that’s probably come the closest to that Les Mis feel for me is Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan  Strange and Mr. Norrell, a fantasy novel set in the early 19C, covering the Napoleonic era and a bit after. It’s set in England, involves magic and fairies, and has a much different social focus than Les Mis–but it shares the focus on forgotten people as movers of the story, and the ways they move the world, and the trick of making several separate storylines pull together.

All right! Everyone , please share your recommendations too!:D

hi folks i’m still looking for les mis fic for my essay

[more info here]

looking specifically for E/R fanfic set in the canon era: can be one-sided grantaire pining, pre-barricades, post-barricades with them surviving or hanging out in heaven i don’t mind, as long as it’s set in the canon era and mentions grantaire’s feelings for enjolras, it’s good

if you’ve written anything like the above & identify as queer/lgbt+, please send me a message or reblog this with a link to your fic

alternatively if you’ve read any canon era E/R fics & know the author is queer then please feel free to recommend them

(also in case people are worried: i’m not gonna quote stuff without permission, once i’ve found fics i can use i’ll message the authors, they’ll be cited in the essay, etc etc)

please signal boost, thanks pals!~

Les Amis in Les Mis ‘34

I’ve been meaning to do this thing for a while. It’s kind of like @ellie-valsin‘s Every Ami Ever series but going at it the other way around. (Also I can’t do as many adaptations because I haven’t seen as many.) You get a different perspective when you look at them in context and secondly I thought it’d be worth it to talk about their depictions as a group. They do often have a sort of group identity in adaptations (and in the Brick too actually).

So the plan is to go through all the adaptations I’ve seen that have any named Amis other than Enjolras. Most of this will be subjective, but that’s the nature of these kinds of things.

(omg look at these nerds <3 they wrote their name on the wall)

Les Amis in Les Mis ‘34, the French movie trilogy thing:

These guys are adorable. They don’t really have very distinct personalities but they’re very passionate and excitable, they’re always laughing and they sing A LOT. (They might even give the musical Amis a run for their money in the singing front…) They’re also very obviously close and very affectionate with each other in that sort of 19th century way from before the masculinity police started hunting down men who dare to express their feelings openly.

Their military tactics could use some work though. Maybe don’t actually blow up your own barricade? And please, please, take some cover when you’re being shot at. It helps you stay alive.

Specific Amis: (In order of introduction)

Enjolras, Lesgle, Courfeyrac, Grantaire, Combeferre (mentioned), Feuilly (mentioned), Prouvaire

There’s a whole bunch of Amis in this (a lot more than nine) but only some of them get names and even fewer have significant lines or personalities. Combeferre and Feuilly are named while they’re off screen but you can kind of deduce which ones they are based on the seating when Enjolras addresses everyone by name. (Plus the guy I think is Combeferre sings the Caesar song, another clue.)

^ This Enjolras is very physically affectionate with everybody.

^ It took me a while to learn to tell Courf and Lesgle apart: they look SO similar to me.

^ Possibly!Combeferre singing (seen here clearly being played by the Tenth Doctor passing through 1930′s France.)

^ I think the one in the middle is Feuilly because Enjolras just said his name and still has his hand on his shoulder (because of course) but it’s impossible to tell really.

More about their personalities (those who have them) under the cut:

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Wow, ei la prima italiana che trovo nel fandom, una vera mosca bianca! È davvero confortante sapere che non sono l'unica in questo paese. Comunque sei davvero bravissima, i tuoi disegni mi piacciono un sacco! Se ti va, perché non provi a fare Fantine e Jean Valjean nel #53?

Oddio altri italianiii!!!! cominciamo a diventare un piccolo sciame di mosche bianche <3§
grazie davvero per i complimenti e per aver chiesto <3

Here they are!! 
This came out kind of sappy and sad? I really hope you’ll like it anyways
Thank you again for requesting <3

Musical Parallels

So in Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Les Miserable) Marius sings ‘There’s a grief that can’t be spoken’

In Hamilton, It’s Quiet Uptown, Angelica sings ‘There’s suffering to terrible to name’ which is basically ‘There’s a grief that can’t be spoken’ but worded differently. Also both lines sound like they could be from the same song. Lin-Manuel Miranda. What did you do?

(I just noticed this, idk)