Gintama Genderbend

I feel like the genderbend arc kind of shows each character’s true personality. Like Gintoki is this devious woman who looks like a conman (conwoman? - sorry Gintoki)
Kagura is a Yato, so deep inside she’s strong - like a man. But she’s hurt - by her dad and brother - so there’s a huge scar on her (his?) face.
Kondo might be a pervert, but he’s kind, nice and has a beautifully naive personality - hence the pretty girl.
Okita, well, he’s this attractive - but dangerous - woman. If you look closely, she looks kind of like the seductive devil that’ll kill mercilessly (just like the male version of him, basically - nothing change much)
Hijitaka is such a grumpy and grouchy man that inside, he’s like a fat, grumpy woman. Probably.
Shinpachi though - it’s all about his glasses, isn’t it?