Fem Shiro and Keith, because I do what I want.
I wanted femShiro to be strong soldier lady and tried to save that Space Dad Mom vibes so she’s still pretty feminine. And femKeith is just…Keith? hahah. I can imagine how Lance call her “flat-chested” instead of “mullet” and she’s like “Dude? Wh-What’s your problem?!”
It’d be interesting to think about femHunk and maleAllura, too. 



I have shared those sketches with just a few people AND THEN AN ASK ABOUT GENDERBENDER ROYAI APPEARED??? It might just be a coincidence

I have to say that I really love Male!Riza. 

BUT I also think the dynamic between them two would be A LOT more different than the one they held as Roy and Riza. Female!Roy would be like… Olivier? A women with a lot of power and male!Riza would be a lot more protective towards her.

Have a good day!!