genderbend stocking


Style Challenge Part 4 - Panty and Stocking & Professor Layton

Always loved the chibi pointed style so used P&S to experiment with that.

Professor Layton is my favourite game franchise next to portal so I HAD TO. Based heavily off Anthony from Pandoras Box since that was the first one I played

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A Year of Cosplay: 2013

So much has happened over the last year, both good and bad. But the one thing in my life that will always make me happy is cosplay. Even with all the hard work and time it is always worth it. I have met so many wonderful people at cons and because of cosplay and I adore all of them. I hope i can continue going to cons and cosplaying and enjoying the time I have with my friends. I really look forward to the new year and the new cosplays to come. Thank you everyone who helps support me and best wishes for the New Year!

anonymous asked:

can you list some characters you wanna cosplay? Doesn't have to be ones you plan on doing soon.

…I have a lot LOL

  • XMAS Aoba (DMMD)
  • Luxray Gijinka
  • Kimono Aoba (DMMD)
  • Hiccup HTTYD2
  • Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
  • Sailor Moon genderbend
  • Lavi from D Gray Man
  • Debitto (D Gray Man)
  • Koujaku (DMMD)
  • Level 1 Akuma (D Gray Man)
  • Stocking genderbend, date outfit (PSG)
  • Genderbend Rikku (FFX)
  • Genderbend Lulu (FFX)
  • Izumi wedding (LOVE STAGE!!)
  • Jack Spicer (Xiaolin SHowdown)
  • XMAS town Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Anti Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • LOZ Sora (Kingdom Hearts fan art)
  • Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Demyx (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Len, Synchronicity (VOCALOID)
  • Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)
  • Nezumi (No.6)
  • Vincent (Final Fantasy 7)
  • Reno (Final Fantasy 7)
  • Felix/Rail Tracer (BACCANO!)
  • Steampunk Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)
  • The Lich King (Adventure Time)
  • Genderbend Black Rock Shooter
  • Raiex (My UTAU design)
  • Inumuta NUDIST…BEEEEEACH (kill la Kill)

I got my last wig in the mail today >W< i happy. I’ve never had a two tone wig before. and I’ve always wanted to cosplay male stocking. also i can finally do my own tie XD. i love this so much and my pink contact go perfect with it. i know stockings eyes are green but i don’t have any green and i really want a chance to use the pink. i’ll probably wear this to the Otakon festival on Thursday before the con.